Training Camp… Or Not

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Summary: What do you get when you mix the eclectic Hyoutei princes with the downright strange Rikkai boys? That's right: total crack. Hyoutei Gakuen has invited Rikkai Fuzoku over to one of Atobe's giant mansions to hold a week long training camp. Just imagine two buchous who really didn't need to know so much about their respective teams, an aspirin dependant fukubuchou and a strangely happy Jackal. Add to that mix some frogs, two boys who won't admit their feelings and the Trickster, not mentioning a smirking tensai and a pouting little demon. The insanity is just about to start…

Warnings: Crack, OOC and shounen ai.

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Chapter One: The Beginning






"But /Haru/...!"


Ah, another day in the life of Niou Masaharu. Wonderful.

It was just past eleven am, and the mini-bus containing the Rikkai Daigaku tennis team had just arrived outside of…

"Well, it /says/ cottage," said Kirihara Akaya dubiously, over the sounds of Niou and Marui bickering again. "But if you ask me, it's a bloody mansion."

"Language!" snapped Sanada, cuffing Akaya neatly over the head.

"Watch your tongue. You're representing Rikkaidai and I will /not/ tolerate you letting our standards down." So saying, the imposing vice-captain started to head down the narrow gangway out of the mini-bus, Akaya following sulkily behind.

Niou and Marui started to make their way out too, still arguing loudly. "If you'd just let me…!" started Marui.

"No!! Stop asking me, piyo!" growled the Trickster, glaring crossly at his teammate.

"What are you two arguing about?" The voice came from the very back of the bus, where Yagyuu Hiroshi was waiting patiently for the others to get out so that he could follow.

Marui immediately spun to face Yagyuu, sensing a potential ally.

"Haru won't let me swap with him!" he whined. He thrust a crumpled piece of paper into Yagyuu's face. "See? See? See? I'm paired up with Akutagawa! I'll be mush by the end of the day!"

"Why the hell would I swap with you?" Niou asked crossly. "Name /one/ altruistic thing I've ever done. Go ask Jackal or 'Mura if they'll swap."

Marui shook his head vigorously. "Jackal's paired up with that weird Mukahi guy, and 'Mura's got Atobe. You're the only one who's got someone relatively normal," he pleaded, trying his best to produce the puppy-eyes that always worked on Jackal, but rarely worked on anyone else. "Please, Haru? I'll make it up to you, I promise!"

"No. You already owe me three favours," said Niou firmly.





"But /Haru/...!"


The pair continued to argue for the entire duration of the short walk, ignored by the rest of their teammates. It was such a common occurrence that they would be more surprised if the two weren't having some sort of little verbal spar.

"Lets see…" Yukimura said, scanning a copy of the paper Marui had.

"We're supposed to meet up with Hyoutei first, and then later in the day we'll find out which rooms we've been given."

"Speaking of Hyoutei," Yanagi Renji said, nodding towards the small group standing by the front doors, "isn't that them?"

Gakuto sat bored on the sofa in the first living room. It was located on the first floor, closest to the hallway of Atobe's 'cottage'.

"Cottage…" he sniffed disdainfully. Gakuto, as well as the rest of the team, were well used to the splendor (and purpleness) of the usual Atobe but still...

"It's alright Gakuto… There are no frogs here…" Oshitari's drawl lifted the gloom. At least for his short, red haired double's partner.

Hiyoshi barely looked up, since he was so intent on his book.

Shishido was too busy pretending to be interested in the scenery the window offered, but was in reality trying to use the reflection to watch his double's partner, Ohtori Choutarou.

Choutarou was trying to stare at his 'Shishido-senpai' without being obvious about it and failing miserably. At least to everyone but Shishido, who was oblivious.

Jirou, Kabaji and Atobe himself were no where to be seen.

Atobe would be preparing to dazzle the impending arrivals from Rikkai. Whether the dazzling would be done with his personality or his purpleness was still a point of worry. At least for Gakuto.

"Damned Atobe… He'll make our whole team look like pansies if he turns up in what he bought yesterday."

A shudder and a whimper accompanied the visual memory.

Oshitari walked into the room fully and slung a casual arm over his 'partner' knowing perfectly what the other was thinking about. "There, there. I'm sure Atobe won't do anything like that…"

At that point, Jirou bounced his way into the room. "OMG!!!!!!!!!!"

Everyone looked up because no matter what was happening, Jirou was too cute to ignore.

"What?" The entire team who were present asked at the same time.

Jirou's eyes opened to their widest extent and he bounced, literally, around the room. "I'm getting to room with MARUI BUNTA!!!!!!! He's like the most totally awesome, cool, wonderful person in the world! I'm so lucky that Atobe decided to let me room with him!"

At that point, Hiyoshi dropped his book and spoke, "That reminds me. Why on earth do we have to room with someone from Rikkai? There are more than enough rooms available to have one person to a room."

Everyone stared at the 2nd year for a brief moment. No one had ever heard him utter more words in one sitting. Ever.

The silent staring was interrupted by the sound of choking. It appeared to be coming from Shishido.

"…WHAT!? How come no one told me we were rooming with the Rikkai team??!" He demanded as Choutarou patted his back and asked anxiously after his well being.

Getting slightly distracted by the closeness of his doubles partner (and secret crush), Shishido fell silent for a brief moment, allowing himself to be warmed by Choutarou's gaze.

This got interrupted by the entrance of their majestic buchou, Atobe Keigo.

"Ore-sama does not allow himself to be questioned by commoners." He smirkingly announced to the room in general. To their general relief, he was in the Hyotei uniform like the rest of them. No purple, no lace.

Kabaji, obviously, followed the grey haired captain like a faithful servant and nodded in agreement to Atobe's statement.

The diva continued on, "However, since it's you, Shishido, ore-sama will make an exception and tell you once more since it was obvious that you had your mind on other things the last time."

Atobe trailed his eyes from the blue capped boy to his silver haired doubles partner in an obvious message.

Shishido blushed furiously, much to the amusement of everyone else apart from him and Choutarou, and scowled.

Choutarou looked at his senpai in concern, "Are you alright Shishido-senpai? You look a bit red. Is the heat getting to you? Maybe you should go out for a walk to cool down."

Behind his back, Gakuto silently mimicked his attentions to an amused Oshitari and a close-to-smirking Hiyoshi.

Atobe interrupted what looked like a promising start to a new cat fight between the acrobatics specialist and Hyoutei's resident drama queen by cutting between them.

"Now, listen up, ore-sama will not repeat this a third time."

Silence fell in the room. Atobe dropped the royal 'we'. It usually wasn't applicable around his teammates. He used it only when he wanted to make a point or when he was seriously annoyed with them.

"I know perfectly well that there are more than enough rooms available to go around. But I don't want this to just be a training camp; I want you to learn how the other players tick. Find out what drives them to become National Champions two years and counting. Learn from them. That is why I assigned you each a roommate. Kabaji?"

The tall, hulking 2nd year pulled a list out from his pocket and handed it reverentially to Atobe, who in turn held it out for his team's inspection.

The Hyotei team crept up and examined it carefully.

Atobe – Yukimura

Hiyoshi – Sanada

Oshitari – Kirihara

Mukahi – Jackal

Shishido – Yagyuu

Ohtori – Niou

Akutagawa – Marui

Kabaji – Yanagi

As the team fully understood the roomings for the first time, chaos broke out.

"Who the hell is Jackal?!" Gakuto shrieked.

Choutarou blinked and scratched his head, "Umm… I'm rooming with Niou-san?"

Oshitari looked at Atobe thoughtfully, "Why Kirihara? Really, Atobe, Yanagi would have been more interesting."

"I have my reasons," was the short reply. He opened his mouth to continue. It was then that Hiyoshi finally cracked it after a full minute of silently opening and closing his mouth.


Everyone else fell silent and stared at him for the second time that morning. They had never heard Hiyoshi lose it so bad or so loud.

Oshitari was the first to crack a smirk, "Well… At least you can communicate in 'brickenese' to each other. I'm sure you'll get along just fine."

Shishido tried to muffle his laughter but to no avail. "Haha! So true, Hiyoshi. You can't seriously say that you have much more personality than Sanada."

"Shishido-senpai!" Choutarou murmured with a shocked look.

"Enough!" Atobe clicked his fingers and the whole room fell to silence once more.

"Our guests are here." He turned. "Kabaji, the door."


As Kabaji went to get the door, the remainder of the regulars trooped out behind Atobe and spread themselves out in the entrance hallway in different impressive poses.

They were an imposing sight to anyone who beheld them.

Unless, of course, the anyone happened to be the Rikkai tennis team. In that case, they just looked plain silly.

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