Training Camp… Or Not

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Chapter summary: Things start snowballing. Shishido and Choutarou's friendship is tested to the limits when one goes missing. -gaspu- What's the Silver Pair without the other? Meanwhile, the wondering intensifies over whether Yagyuu is more evil than Niou.

Warnings: Crack, OOC and shounen ai.

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Chapter Twenty: Another Day on the Courts

Everything settled down a little during breakfast, since both captains had arrived.

Choutarou had stopped crying and now hung off Shishido happily. If you watched them carefully enough, you might see Choutarou feeding Shishido a piece of toast or a bit of bacon every now and again.

However, no one wanted to watch. It was scarring enough just to sit at the same table as them with the immense happy vibes floating around, so the two were left well alone.

Niou was sore but didn't bother Yagyuu again. They sat at opposite ends of the table and proceeded to ignore each other.

Sanada had finished his breakfast before anyone else and was now sitting in a corner giggling quietly to himself. Renji made a note to himself to slap his vice captain out of it later.

Jackal had saved what he could from the dessert section for Marui and was now creeping up on Jirou, who had fallen asleep in a corner.

Kabaji was waiting on Atobe again whilst the Hyoutei captain chatted amiably with Yukimura. Neither captain seemed to be overly bothered by the disorganized chaos that was both of their teams.

Hiyoshi was crouched behind his chair, spying on Jackal. He still hadn't forgiven the Rikkai third year for playing him for a fool yesterday. His hands tightened on the 'Jackal doll' that he had managed to make last night.

"Hehehehehe…" His sinister giggle ran out.

Everyone in the room stilled before staring at him like he had lost his mind.

"Hohohohoho…" Trying to muffle the sounds with his shirt wasn't working for Hiyoshi.

Everyone in the room turned away resolutely and continued to mind their own business.

"Hahahahaha…" He gave up trying to mute his laughter and throttled the doll he was holding.

Jackal looked over at him once before turning his attention back to the slumbering Jirou once more. The bald defense specialist reached out a hand and prodded Jirou. When he got no response, he continued to do it.

Jirou snored and turned around, slapping Jackal on the cheek in the process.

Hiyoshi giggled again and began stabbing the 'Jackal doll', "Hehehehehe…"

The Rikkai third year didn't look too amused. His placid expression cracked and grabbing a pillow with one hand whilst holding down Jirou with the other, he proceeded to try to suffocate the narcoleptic, Hyoutei player.

Try being the key word.

Instead of choking, the still sleeping Jirou merely slapped one hand firmly onto the wrist holding the pillow and used his other to grab it.

Jackal, losing his momentum, fell forward right onto the floor. Jirou rolled and the Rikkai boy found himself as a makeshift bed.

Hiyoshi snickered and swung the doll around his head, "Serves you right… Oh great evil."

Brushing his hands off, the second year crouched by his still sleeping senpai and tucked the bald doll under his senpai's arm.

"Ge…ko…ku…jou…" Hiyoshi hummed as he wandered back to the buffet table.

Akaya wasn't sure what he wanted to feel at this particular moment in time. He eyed Marui who was still in his full frilly, pink laced glory, standing across the net from him.

Yukimura, whether from sheer boredom or sheer evilness, had decided Marui didn't need a change of outfit to participate in training. No matter how much the bubble blowing tensai complained or whined, the Rikkai captain hadn't been moved.

However, their captain had by some miracle, managed to partner Marui up with Akaya instead of Jirou again. This also gave the Rikkai second year a well need reprise from interference from any of the Hyoutei players.

Akaya could swear that someone was staring at him. He sent a glance over his shoulder; Yagyuu and Shishido were playing against Niou and Ohtori whilst Mukahi and Oshitari had a nice volley going.

That left…

Akaya turned and glared at Hiyoshi. The Hyoutei second year whipped his head around to face his own partner, Yanagi Renji. But not before sending Kirihara a look that told him that the reckoning was coming.

Akaya gulped. Maybe it was better not to know. He'd only have to avoid the other boy for the next five or so days. Why was time going so slowly?

"Nuuuu!" A loud yell sounded.

Everyone turned to look. Kabaji and Jirou stood together across the net from a fuming Jackal and a blank looking Sanada. The game count stood at three games all. Jirou danced a little dance as Kabaji's shot knocked the racquet clean out of Jackal's hand. Sanada just continued to stand like a statue.

"Are you sure your vice-captain is alright?" Atobe asked Yukimura quite lazily. The two captains were taking it easy again, 'discussing training'.

Yukimura didn't even need to look in Sanada's direction. He merely waved a hand casually, "It's no big problem. Renji will smack him out of it later."


Jackal had finally given up as the two Hyoutei boys scored another game against him. The Latin defense specialist threw his racquet on his partner before narrowing his eyes and calling for backup, "Yanagi!"

Renji dropped his game with Hiyoshi immediately. The Hyoutei boy glared, not very effectively, but swore revenge anyway.

The two Rikkai players grinned at each other before advancing on the unsuspecting Sanada quietly.

Loud smacks and bangs sounded. Then a scream or two followed. The entire side of the court that Jackal and Sanada had occupied was flying with dust, making it hard to see anything. However, a stray arm or leg could be seen writhing about occasionally.

There was silence on the courts. Atobe rolled his eyes and continued with his conversation with the Rikkai captain.

Yukimura hadn't even looked up at the screams. It was a daily part of life if you went to Rikkai.

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the courts…

Shishido stormed up to the net where he and Yagyuu were playing a game against Niou and Choutarou.


The Trickster looked up from where he carefully brushing the hair out of Choutarou's eyes after a serve, "Hmm?"

Shishido's teeth were on the edge, "Come here…"

The silver haired Rikkai boy sauntered over to the net, "What did you want… Shishido?"

The blue capped boy grabbed Niou by the collar and started shaking him, "KEEP YOUR DIRTY PAWS OFF CHOUTAROU!"

Another scream sounded.

Shishido's head whipped around. That was Choutarou's voice.

His gaze was fast enough to lock onto the rapidly disappearing figure of Yagyuu who had Choutarou tucked neatly under his arm.

"Shishido-san…!" Choutarou's distraught voice could be heard calling in the distance.

"Choutarou…!" Shishido watched, wide eyed, as his doubles partner and erm… 'best friend', was forcibly dragged away into the distance, legs flailing in the midday sun. "Nuoooooh…!"

"Shishido-san…!" The younger boy's cries were still there, ringing the warm noon air. Shishido bowed his head like a tragic hero and vowed to take revenge.

His determined visage was a sight to behold, "I shall revenge you Choutarou! I SHALL AVENGE YOU!"

With that final parting sentence, Shishido climbed to his feet and stomped away.

As he moved off, a clap sounded, then two before the entire tennis courts burst into applause.

Gakuto let loose a wolf-whistle, "Well done Shishido! I think that was your best performance yet!"

Oshitari had that knowing smirk on his face as he clapped politely. The remainder of the Hyoutei crowd was well used to the dramatics of being in the same team as Shishido. They gave the customary applause before settling back into training.

The Rikkai boys, sans Yukimura, were gaping at the scene they had just witnessed.

Akaya's eyes were darting around as he looked for some form of escape. It was then that he noticed that the court next to his was /fully/ empty.

Yagyuu had removed Ohtori and Shishido had chased after the two…

That left….

The Rikkai second year looked from left to right, "Hey… Where's Niou-senpai?"

Niou, at this precise moment, sniffled a little as his nose itched unbearably. He rubbed it irritably and growled, "That brat… He's talking about me behind my back again." Niou had used the chaos that his doubles partner had caused to sneak out of training. Doubtless he was going to get it from Yukimura later, but Niou wasn't really concerned with that. Yet.

Shrugging his shoulders, the silver-haired Trickster took another bite of the pie he had gotten from the kitchen. He eyed his haul and decided it wasn't a bad day or a bad camp, once you got over the occupants. The food was really excellent. Niou had another pie and three freshly made dumplings sitting on his plate still.

At that moment, Shishido chose to make his grand entrance. Or it would have been if he had merely opened the door. Instead, he shoved it so hard, thinking that it was locked, that it slammed against the wall and swung back to connect solidly with his face.

Niou looked up from his food just in time to see Shishido get the door knob in a sensitive place. Even the Trickster winced. "Ouch…"

Shishido gasped in pain and clutched his pained place. "Owwwwwwwww…!"

The Rikkai boy, after another couple of moments of observing Shishido in agony, decided that his food was more interesting. He turned back to it.

"Niou…" Shishido gasped from his position crouched on the floor, still obviously in some pain.

Niou didn't bother to respond. Maybe if he ignored the blue-capped boy, he'd leave and let him eat in peace.

"Niou!" The Hyoutei boy's voice grew a little stronger.

Again, Niou pretended not to hear.

"NIOU. MASAHARU!" Shishido's voice practically thundered. Pity that his voice cracked and went up about two octaves on the last note.

Interested, Niou turned and grinned, "Why, you know my name! How pleased I am…" He patted his chest, on the area right above his heart. "I can hear my heart all aflutter. Tell me kind sir, what are you?"

Shishido choked and grabbed Niou by the Rikkai boy's lapels. "Your. Partner. Has. Choutarou."

Shrugging off the hold, Niou took a bite of a dumpling. "I'm single, so I have no idea what type of partner you're talking about." He put the food item back down onto the plate and gave Shishido a lecherous look, "Unless you're offering to be my 'partner'?"

Niou smirked at the horrified expression on Shishido's face. "… WHAT?!..."

Recovering, Shishido stood up tall as he recalled his purpose. "Yagyuu Hiroshi. Your doubles partner."

Niou gave him a politely puzzled look, "Yes. Of course I know him. He's my 'partner'."

Breathing in and out, forcing it to be in a rhythm, Shishido attempted to ignore that and continue, "He kidnapped /my/ double's partner."

Niou continued to give him that puzzled look, "And?"

"I want him back!"

A sudden look of 'realisation' dawned on Niou's face. Really, if one didn't know him really well, one would actually think he was innocent. "Ah. Well…" He pushed back his chair and gestured for the Hyoutei boy to follow him.

"I know exactly what to do to help you get him back."

At these words, the blue-capped boy perked up. "Really?"

Niou nodded and led the way out of the room.

Shishido never saw that sinister smirk that the Trickster wore.

It was… frightening.

Choutarou sat a little awkwardly next to the Gentleman. He wasn't entirely sure what to make of Yagyuu Hiroshi, but one thing was certain, he was just as sane as the remainder of his team. Which wasn't very.

The dining room was filled with soft chatter as almost all of the players from both teams had their lunch before a two hour break and then another two hours worth of training. After that session, they were free to pursue their own interests until dinner. Of course, after their dinner, everyone was free until 'curfew'.

Yagyuu handed him an apple and the second year Hyoutei boy took it with a murmured 'thanks'. After that horrific 'kidnapping' he had found out that Yagyuu wanted nothing more than to chat about the weather, cute kittens, knitting and the basics of doubles playing.

He had achieved nothing damaging from the session except to learn that Yagyuu was utterly brilliant at making small talk. However, Choutarou decided that Yagyuu was a worthy opponent and probably will be a good friend in the long run. Probably being the key word.

Choutarou brushed a hand casually through his hair, distracted. He hadn't seen Shishido since Yagyuu had 'removed' him from practice this afternoon. Listening to the talk being passed around the lunch table, the silver-haired Hyoutei player decided that Shishido-san was in mourning over him.

Being the kind person he was, Choutarou decided to go and cheer Shishido up. After all, they were 'best friends' weren't they? Just as he nodded to himself and proceeded to push his chair back, the dining room door swung open.

Silence fell amongst the players when they turned and saw nothing in the doorway. Marui gulped nervously and Akaya could be seen sending Oshitari furtive glances as if the Hyoutei tensai was somehow responsible for this.

However, everyone's wonderings were stopped with the /thing/ that jumped into their view.

Everyone, including both captains, blinked twice and a couple of players choked. Akaya whimpered and Sanada seriously considered climbing under the table. However all of the Hyoutei boys, apart from Atobe, sighed and gave Choutarou a glance as if this was all the second year's fault.

Atobe merely turned to Yukimura, "Don't worry… As long as you block your ears and close your eyes, our pact still holds."

The Rikkai captain sent the object in the doorway another slightly suspicious look before nodding and doing just that.

Choutarou was probably the only one in the room who actually looked happy, "Shishido-san!"

Indeed, it was none other than Shishido who stood at the entrance. That was nothing strange in itself. It was what he was wearing that had Yagyuu coughing up his tea through his nose and Marui considering taking out a contract on the Hyoutei player.

A tight vinyl, otherwise known as plastic, leotard covered Shishido from shoulders to knees before giving way to a pair of shiny boots. A large 'S' dominated his chest. All of this was in bright yellow, orange and green. Highlighter version. And the mask shouldn't be forgotten. It was feathery. That is all that is going to be said on the subject.

His hat seemed somewhat normal amongst the horrid ensemble.

"Gekokujou." Hiyoshi muttered and decided that Akaya was going to tell everything tonight whether he liked it or not. Shishido-senpai was just getting too scary.

Niou couldn't be seen, but his voice was heard yelling something. Most of the boys present thought it sounded quite similar to, "I CHOOSE YOU SHISHIDO!"

Shishido stood trying to look impressive.

"YOU!" An imperious finger pointed at Yagyuu. The effect was somewhat ruined by the squeaking due to the movement.

Yagyuu looked up calmly before resuming his current activity of snorting tea up from his nose.

Shishido's blue eyes narrowed impressively, "YAGYUU HIROSHI! I command thee, by the name of SHISHIDO…" Here he gestured marvelously at the shiny green 'S' on his chest.

"…to give back my doubles partner!"

Shishido's eyes wandered to the seat next to the Gentleman and saw a smiling Choutarou waving at him cheerfully.

"Choutarou!" Shishido exclaimed. His chest puffed out and he placed his hands on his hips, "Have no fear! SHISHIDO IS HERE!"

Choutarou gave Shishido a warm smile and Marui swore he could see stars spinning around in the Hyoutei boy's eyes. "Shishido-san! You came to rescue me!"

Shishido trailed off as he realized that he must look like quite a fool at the moment. Choutarou was neither bound nor gagged. "Erm…"

Niou popped in behind him and tapped on his shoulder.

With a barely suppressed snarl, Shishido spun around, "What?!"

He didn't even get the entire word out before a flash blinded him. When the Hyoutei boy was able to see again, Niou had skipped back a couple of places waving a camera in front of him.

"Tricked you!"

The camera flashed again, capturing the dumbfounded look on poor Shishido's face. Then Niou proceeded to laugh loudly and fairly obnoxiously.

Shishido could seriously feel the eyes boring into his back. Without another word, he swept out majestically. Except that he almost tripped over his cape and went crashing to the floor.

Choutarou jumped up and ran after him. "Shishido-san! You look great… You really should wear it more often…!"

More tea went up the wrong pipe as Yagyuu choked for the second time. Once he was able to look up, his glasses glinted with annoyance. Niou grinned. //Looks like Hiroshi has a new target. //

Choutarou's voice grew smaller as he moved further and further away.

Marui shuddered and shared a look with Jackal, "If he /ever/ attempts to put that thing back on I swear I'll shoot him."

Jackal smiled genially and patted the pink-haired boy's hair. "Sure. Just don't forget that buchou has your rifle though."


Renji scribbled furiously, his pen dancing over the page. "Ii data…"

Niou merely continued smirking as he swung the camera around lazily, "Now… Who wants to resuscitate fukubuchou?"

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