Hello, all.

I know it has been ages and ages since I have updated, and I apologize. Life has well and truly sucked, this year. Along with the relatives cancer and that whole business, I've also had massive computer problems and have ended up losing three different drafts of the next chapter of Rules. At this point, I'm really just fed up and don't know if I can rewrite it again. However, I do not want to give up on this story, because I really do love it, and I know a lot of people have written reviews about how much they miss it and want an update and such.

So. Here's what we'll do. We're going to have some sort of strange contest. If you want to write the next chapter of Rules and email it to me, I'll try to pick the best one and then, hopefully my writers block will be cured and the story will continue. I even know how Year Three will end and how Year Four begins, and I want to get there. You can do whatever you want--Peter captured, Peter escapes, Peter killed, Peter turned into an English muffin, it's all up to you. Hopefully this will give me the push I need to move on. I may even be able to finish this summer, since I am home and working part time. So, my email is below, and send me your best! If it is you, I'll give you all the credit and massive hugs and I'll, I don't know, write you a special something. So. Let's see if people still care about this story anymore.

My email is incarceratedllamaATmugglenetDOTcom. Spam will be sent along to the Shubert Theater.

Regarding Just After Midnight--I think we'll try the same thing. I do not feel the same longing in my heart to rejuvenate it as I do Rules, but I get a fair amount of reviews begging for that too, so lets try it. Take it from the loud bang and give me what you've got! If I really like yours and it does NOT spur me into writing it full time again, I think I will give you the fic to finish or do with as you will.

I love writing, so I want to get back into doing this. I just need a little help.