"So Michael, you ready for our third year of University?" Veronica asked, excitement clearly evident in her voice.

"I'm just glad to be going back to a dorm room. I can't take living with Lincoln much longer."

Veronica's face fell, "how is Lincoln doing?"

"He loves you V, he really does… its just that-"

"He loves getting himself and others high a little bit more." She cut in bitterly.

Michael wrapped his arm around Veronica's shoulder as they walked, "I know you miss him, he'll come around."

"Stop trying to make me feel better Mikey. I've seen those girls that leave his apartment… Why did I agree to come with you to help move your crap again?"

Michael pulled Veronica closer to him, "because I almost killed myself moving your stupid couch into your new apartment."

Veronica groaned, "lets just get this over with." She said, walking into the seedy downtown Chicago apartment building.

The first thing noticed was the alcohol bottles all over the place, then the lighters and syringes, and then finally a flash of auburn hair hanging off the side of the couch.

"This is getting ridiculous," Veronica said, picking up a few bottles on her way to the kitchen, "I'm going to make some coffee."

Michael didn't saw anything back, he was too busy staring at the young girl passed out on his brothers couch. She didn't look like the type that would even be in this neighbourhood. She was wearing a baby blue sweater and a short white skirt with matching blue and white tennis shows. She was beautiful.

As he stared at the young girls gorgeously long legs, he was interrupted by this brothers bedroom door opening.

Veronica and Michael both turned, staring at the extremely hung over Lincoln. "Morning sunshine." Veronica called from the kitchen, in a voice she knew would make a hung over Lincoln cringe, but also, a voice that woke up the red-head.

Her eyes fluttered open, first focusing on Michael. He eyes then darted around, finding Lincolns. She sat up and smoothed out her skirt and then spoke, "thanks for letting me crash here Lincoln. My father would have killed me if he caught me when I got home."

"No problem Sara, you're free to crash here anytime." Lincoln said, watching Veronica's eyes narrow at him.

Sara got up and began searching her apartment for her bag, "what time is it?" She asked.

"Noon." Michael answered.

"Shit! I have my orientation in an hour." She said, finally finding her bag. She totally ignored both Michael and Veronica as she made her way to the door, "Lincoln? Are you going to have my stuff by tonight?"

"Tomorrow night." He confirmed.

She pouted. Michael thought it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. "Good thing you're cute Linc." She said before walking out of the apartment.

Michael stared at the now closed door, completely ignoring the fight that had now started between Lincoln and Veronica. 'Sara' he thought to himself, 'what a beautiful name.' Then his subconscious chimed in, 'for a drug addict.'