Thankfully, everyone had survived Sara's detox. There had been a few harsh words said on Sara's part but she was ok now. That was all that mattered.

"I'm really proud of you Sara." Michael said. He was dropping her off at her dorm room.

"Thank you." She smiled. "Thank you for everything."

"No problem… Anytime. Well, I mean. I hope there won't be another time."

"I know what you mean Michael. I hope there won't be another time too." Sara paused outside her door. "Why did you do it Michael?"


"Why help me in the first place?"

"Because I care about you Sara." He replied honestly.

"Umm, do you want to come in?" She asked.

"I'd love too."

Sara opened the door. "Hey baby. I've been waiting for you."

"Paul? You're back early!" Sara exclaimed, shocked to see her boyfriend standing in her room.

"I came back early to see you sweetheart." He said, pulling her in for a hug, taking note of Michael standing behind them.

"Oh, baby… You shouldn't have."

"What is he doing here?" Paul asked, his eyebrows knitting closer together.

"He was just walking me to my room Paul. There have been a couple attacks and rapes in the area and I have been a little on edge so I asked Michael to walk me here. Would you have wanted me to walk alone Paul? Risk getting hurt?"

"No, no. Of course not. But I'm here now. You can leave now Scofield." He said.

"Just getting your girl home safe Kellerman. Thought you'd show me a little appreciation." He said before walking away. 'Don't know how safe she is now.' He said to himself.


She was wearing sunglasses. There was nothing but cloud around them and Sara was wearing sunglasses. He watched as she took a seat on the ground under a nearby tree.

He walked over to her. "Hey. The weatherman is expecting rain Tancredi. Do you know something they don't?"

"Michael. I'm trying to study here ok?"

"Hey…" He said, taking a seat next to her. "What's going on with you?"

"Just get out of here ok?"


"Look Michael… Thank you for helping me but… I don't need you anymore."

"Fine Sara, I'll go… Just; one more thing?"

She turned to him and he quickly took off her glasses, showing him the black and blue surrounding her eyes.

"Sara, what the hell?"

"Damnit Michael. What the hell is your problem?"

"My problem? Sara… Paul did this to you didn't he? Was it because of me Sara?"


"It was, wasn't it?"

"Paul love me Michael."

"Is that what he says when he's smacking you around? That he loves you?"

"Michael. Thank you for everything you've done for me but… I don't need you anymore ok? You need to leave me alone."

"Is that what he told you to say Sara?"

"Michael… If you care about me at all… You will leave me the hell alone!"

"Damnit Sara!" Michael said, becoming extremely frustrated. Then, calming himself down he spoke again. "Fine Sara. I'll leave you alone. Just know that I would never hurt you?" He spoke softly, getting up and leaving Sara alone.


"Paul, the only reason I was talking to Michael today was to tell him I didn't want to be his friend anymore. That I couldn't see him anymore. Ok?"

"You couldn't have had someone deliver the message?"

"Paul, please. Don't be like this. What do you have against Michael Scofield anyways?"

"Nothing ok? I just don't like other people touching my things!"

"Your things Paul? Is that all I am to you?"

"If your father wasn't guaranteeing me a top job in his company you could screw all the Michael Scofield's you wanted to!"

Sara was silent. Paul walked closer to her. "Sara baby… I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I love you ok?" He pulled her into a stiff hug.

"I just don't want to love you ok?" He pulled her shin up so he could look her in the eye. "Ok?" He asked again, his eyes darkening and his grip tightening.

"Ok." She whispered.

"That's my girl. Now, last night I never got a proper 'welcome back' because of what happened." He said, playing with the bottom of her shirt. Sara shuddered.

Paul leaned in to kiss her and Sara recoiled. He slapped her hard. "Don't you ever pull away from me again!" He said.

Throwing her onto the bed, Paul started unbuttoning his shirt.