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Title: "Sleeping on the job"
Pairing: Yuuno x Nanoha (sort of) , Chrono x Nanoha (sort of)
Word count: 2188 (Not including author's notes)
Summary: Yuuno learns why doing your work could possibly save your 'future'…

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Yuuno is visibly pissed.

For god knows how long had he been searching through the TSAB's massive 'hard copy' library for that damn tome. Surrounding him laid opened books whose origins come from all corners of the galaxy, none of them fits the one that he requires.

Just 50 more shelves to go.

Ah great, I'm never going to get this done at this rate! he thought. Damn that Chrono for this stupid assignment! He just HAD to need the original copy, AND it just HAD to be in the one place where I can't use magic to look for! I outta take one of these and shov-….

His thoughts were interrupted when the sound of footsteps reached his ears.

Oh, joy...

"What's with that look?" came a voice behind a stack of files that had just walked in with a pair of legs.

"What look?" was the innocent reply from the librarian.

"The look that one gives when he's cursing someone in his head," asked Chrono, whose face appeared from behind the stack of paperwork.

"Must be your imagination…Or maybe it's your guilt talking," Yuuno attempts to hide one of the larger books behind his back.

"Surely you jest," Chrono answered half-heartedly.

"Ahaha, don't be so mean Chrono-kun, I'm sure Yuuno-kun doesn't mean it, right?"

Such a sweet and beautiful voice that must have belonged to an angel from above have descended upon Yuuno's unworthy ears, it's owner is none or then…

"Sigh, you're always taking his side Nanoha,"

Appearing behind the merciless slave-driver of a boss was none other than Takamachi Nanoha. Who is also carrying another pile similar to Chrono's, though noticeably smaller.

The effect was instantaneous.

In Yuuno's mind, a bright and beautiful sun had replaced the dark and stormy typhoon. Golden rays of light banished the accursed monster clouds to oblivion. Forest creature big and small returned to the world once again.

"Ohaiyo, Nanoha!" smiled Yuuno.

"Ohaiyo, Yunno-kun! I haven't seen you all day, so this is where you've been hiding…!" said Nanoha.

"Haha, well I didn't really have a choice," Yuuno threw an acidic-based look at Chrono. "Since some big-shot captain decided to dump this on me at the last possible moment, instead of two weeks ago when he first got the news about it…!"

"I sense a distinct difference in attitude…" Chrono walked passed them and place the heavy stack on an empty table, ignoring the unknown large object Yuuno was holding behind him.

"Can it."

"Now now," said Nanoha gently, as she tried to defused the situation before they declared war (Not like they haven't already…). "Chrono-kun, be nice. We're here for something remember?" she reminded him sweetly.

"Huh? How can I help you?" Yuuno asked Nanoha.

"Ahem, sorry to disappoint you, but that question should be directed at me." coughed Chrono.

"What? What do you want?!" Yuuno shot an annoyed look at him.

Chrono rolled his eyes again, and Nanoha just let out a small laugh as she sweat-dropped.

"I've came here to return these documents I asked for about a week ago. Problem is, I've never been here often-"

Yeah, I'll bet…

"…And since the lady in charge is on lea-… You have that look on your face again," Chrono pointed out.

"What look?"

"That look, you're doing it again, "

"It's just you," Yuuno waved him off. "So what does this have to do with me?"

"I'm getting there…" Chrono sighed. "I've got a meeting with the head of the engineering department later about the new upgrades to the Asura, so I don't have time to go through the-"

"Whoa! Whoa! Stop! Stop!" Yuuno interupted him by suddenly standing up. "I've must still be drowsy, but are you actually intending to give me MORE work?!"

"Is there a problem?" Chrono asked calmly.

"Well there sure is, cause in case you haven't notice, I'M STILL LOOKING FOR THAT DAMN TOME FOR THE LAST FEW HOURS!!"

"Can't you just-"

"Hell no. Full stop."

"Sigh, looks like I'll have to look for it myself," Chrono picked up the stack. "What a bother…"

Would it kill you to-…

"…I was hoping my life would be easier with a tsukaima, oh well…"

…I'm going to kill that man.

Yuuno's hand starts looking for a bigger book…

"Eh-haha," Nanoha sweat dropped. "I'll guess I'll help you then, Chrono-kun."

"Sigh, Nanoha, you should let Chrono know what physical labor is like once in awhile…" said Yuuno.

"Haha, don't take him too serious, Yuuno-kun!" She smiled back. "Chrono is really a nice guy!"

"Sure fooled me…"

"Ahaha…" Nanoha laughed softly as she carried her stack after the older boy. However, she stop right before the corner.

"…and I'm pretty sure Chrono's really good at physical work…"

"Huh, what?" Yuuno looked up from his work.

"Oh, nothing! See you later, Yuuno!" and she vanished behind the huge shelf.

"Em, yeah…You too!" He shouted.

That was weird… But he shrugged it off.

10 minutes later….

Yuuno fell down on the floor, arms and leg spread-eagle, like a prey who's exhausted after tangoing the dance of death with a relentless predator.

That's it! I give up, there's no way I'm going to find that bloody book today!! Why the hell does Chrono even needs a book about the history of different magical clans?!

But just as he was about to pick himself off the ground…

"…ono-kun, What are you doing?!"

"Huh?" he stopped in his tracks.

"B-But wait, y-you mean h-here?"

Wait, that sounds like Nanoha! Yuuno thought to himself.

Yuuno quietly transform into his ferret form and sneaked off to the direction of the voice. The further he goes, the clear it becomes, by then he was sure it was Nanoha doing the talking….

"B-But Chrono-kun! I'm not prepared for this! It's too sudden! I've never done anything like this before!"

Yuuno's blood turned to ice, his blood pressure hit rock bottom and his brain turns to mush.

No freaking way…

"Hush, Nanoha…"


Hell no, there's no possible way, he wouldn't!!

Brought back to life by sheer willpower, Yuuno commanded his body to approach the voices. As he turned pass another shelf, and was greeted with a sight borned from the deepest and darkest nightmare.

Nanoha was pinned against a shelf as Chrono held her right hand with his left and is slowly pressing his body against hers. He whispered words into her ear, which obviously has to be some kind of spell, causing what little and futile resistance she had put up to be destroyed.

Her body became relaxed and her blushing intensified.

"C-Chrono-kun…" she moaned.

HOLY SHI-!!! What the hell is this!!! T-This can't be happening!!! Not him!!!

With every intention to mutilate the older boy, Yuuno charged at him at full speed, completely forgotten that he was still in ferret mode. Well, not that it matters anyway, cause right before he can get within 10feet of his target, several blue chains erupted from the floor and wrapped themselves around him, pinning the boy to the ground.

What the hell?! T-This is one of Chrono's binding spells! That sonova-!!!

Whatever Yuuno was about to say/think was completely forgotten as the amazing/horrific (author's note: Depends on whose side you're on ) sight unfolds before him.

Chrono then leans in and bit Nanoha's earlobes lightly, causing her to let out a brain-melting moan. Her mind is in a mess now, it was all she could do to 'try' to slow his hand from going up the space between her skirt and shirt as he shift his mouth from her ears to her neck. The moans become more stronger.

And Yuuno is slowly dying a painful death.

NNNNOOOOO!!! Nanoha! NANOHA! Snap out of it! Nanoha!

Chrono must have cast a small area silencing field along with the bindings, causing Yuuno's desperate screaming to fall to deaf ears.

It was uncertain whether a not Chrono realize the ferret/boy was there, but if he does he now going to finish him off.

Chrono once again shift his mouth from her neck to her lips.

As he closes in, time froze for the trapped ferret/boy.

3 centimeters…

No, please no…

2 centimeters…

This can't be happening…

1 centimeters… And he exploded.



"OUCH!! What the heck….?!"

Yuuno rubbed his tired eyes, and looked around him.

He was back behind the desk, covered with opened books in his search for that one stupid tome.

Five seconds passed…

What the hell was that dream!? It was the most realistic one ever!! Wait, why the hell was I having that kind of dream?! Or is it better to call it a nightmare? Argh! I can't think straight!!

Yuuno rubbed his head to lessen out the pain. He looked around to find out what had knock him out of his sleep. Twisting his waist to get a look behind, he saw a pile of books on the floor. He must have accidentally pushed he chair back during his nightmare and bumped into the shelf, causing the books to fall on top of him.

After calming down and taking several deep breath, he pull himself together and realize the most likely reason for having such a dream was…

"Okay, that's the last time I'm reading one of Hayate's romance novels again…." Grumbled Yuuno.

"Really? I thought you were trying to gather 'information' out of them…." A voice could be heard from behind one of the shelves

Yuuno recognized that voice anywhere, "You again?!"

Chrono walked towards him with a confused look, "Again?"

"Erm, nothing…."


Chrono observed the mess on the table before looking at Yuuno before shaking his head.

What the hell was with that look?!

More footsteps could be heard coming towards them.

"Haha, Chrono-kun is so mean!" giggled Nanoha

"He'll get over it…" was the calm replied

"Nanoha? What are you doing here?'

"She's here to help me," Chrono replied, " I need to look up on past documents for the recent piracy case…"

"The one where a group of pirates overpowered a TSAB warship?" Yuuno asked.

"Yup!" smiled Nanoha, "Chrono-kun here thinks that the tactics they used seem familiar to him somehow, so we're checking it out and comparing it with some of the old records here…"

Yuuno nodded, but then realized what this means, "So, in other words… You want ME to do it…."

"Well I have a meeting with the head of the engineering dep-"


"…Would you reconsider?"

"Hell no. Full stop."

"It's just one b-"

"Chrono, are you seriously unable to comprehend the meaning of all this mess on the table?"

Yuuno's still angry, this was all Chrono's fault. For giving him this ridiculous assignment, for playing a part in that horrible nightmare, and somehow even if he can't prove it, responsible for the throbbing pain in his head.

"Fine fine, I'll leave you to your work then" sighed Chrono, "Come on Nanoha, it might've been awhile but I still can remember roughly where it is…"

"Coming! Well, see you later then Yuuno-kun!" Nanoha waved at him as she follows Chrono,

"Yup, later. Maybe we can meet up for lunch or something…"

"I'll look forward to it ! "

Such a sweet girl… Now where was I again…?

Just then, Yuuno sighted a book with a blood-red cover among the piles on the floor, it fits the physical description Chrono gave him.

"Hmm, could it be…?"

He picked it up, and flips through some pages.

"AH HA!!" he exclaimed, before remembering he was still in a library and calmed himself down.

YES! Finally, this book is my ticket out of this hell hole!

"Wow, on another note, this tome has quite a large collection of history from the different clans… I wonder what they know about the Scryas…ah, here it is…." Yuuno stopped on a page…

20 seconds into the book later, he dropped it in horror and ran towards the direction where he saw Chrono and Nanoha had left.

"WAIT! WAIT! CHRONO! I changed my mind, I'll help!!" he yelled as he ran like his life depends on it.

The book that he dropped had been covered by some of the other books he accidentally knocked over in his haste, but a small portion of it could still be seen…

-ensive spells and most notably, the ability to transform perfectly into creatures that inhabit their world.

However, there is also a rumor that certain members of the Scrya clan have the amazing gift of Divination, or also commonly known as the ability to 'foresee' future events. It is uncertain how it the ability actually works or why it only happens to a few rare members of the clan as there was no real scientific study being done on it.

However, there are some personal accounts from people who claim to possess this gift. According to them, the first signs starts to happen as they approach puberty. 'Visions' ,as they call it, would most of the time appear distorted or inconsistent. But as the dreams continue, the dreamer would always be able to interpret the true purpose of the dream.

Members of the clan believe that such dreams only happen with something was threatening the stability of they're future, although this was all merely speculation as….

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