Author's Note: My greatest foe is my laziness. I don't know about you guys, but most people have a little voice inside their heads, warning them of danger… The reason why they never talk about them is because people might think their crazy…

I, on the other hand, would gladly admit right now that I have plenty of voices in my head. The biggest of the lot seems to belong to my 'procrastination'. That little S.O.B is staging a coup in my brain! So while my 'determination' is still holding down the fort, I'll try to finish this story…

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ANYWAY, There's a slight change of plans for me, I decided to make this whole thing a three-part story, so this chapter marks the end of the first part…

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Title: Of S.M and Bondage

Pairing: Hayate x Chrono (Sort of)

Words: 4242 (Woohoo!)

Summary: - Knights with cable. Check!

- Chrono with Yuuichi's genes. Check! (The mother's either Nayuki or Mai (I like them both anyway)... Having blue hair and all...)

- And Hayate, who can make good things sound bad... Or is bad things sound good?

Disclaimer: If I had own the series, I would have done something about that accursed engagement, instead of writing this fic in defiance against it... Poor Chrono... (Yes, my true motive has been revealed!)

"What's the matter?" asked Shamal.

The pink-head in question blinked out of her thoughts, "Huh?" was all her brain could put together.

"You've been staring intensively at nothing," Shamal pointed out cheerfully, "At least nothing that I could tell…"

"Exacly,"Signum sighed, "It's nothing really…"

"...Just that…?" Shamal nudged her to continue.

"Don't you feel that something's off?" Signum finally said.

"About…?" Shamal asked curiously.

"Hayate," Signum answered as she picked up her tea cup, "Recently she's been going out a lot lately…"

"So? She's at a age wh-"

"I know, I know," Signum waved her off as she gulped down her drink. "That's okay by itself, but I've noticed that she's been leaving home at unholy hours in the morning, only to return back later and later each time…"

Shamal gave her a refill and sat down in a seat beside her.

"She's obviously hiding something from us," Signum frowned. "But whenever I asked her about it, she quickly denies it…"

"Maybe something happened in school?" Shamal suggested. "Kids these days-"

"It's not," Signum shook her head, cutting her off. "I've already discuss it with Nanoha and Testarossa… "


"For the last few days, she's been going to class late, falling asleep during lessons, forgetting to bring her books and even disappearing during lunch time…"

"And they know nothing about the cause?" Shamal asked with concern.

Signum sighed, "No, they have tried to ask her about it several times, but she always manage to find ways to avoid answering…"

The room became silent as the 2 woman ponders about the problem…

Then Shamal's eyes light up as she clap her hands together.

"What if…!"

"Huh?" Signum reached for her cup half-heartedly…


"Yeah…?" Signum picked up her cup slowly…


"Go on…" Signum took in another mouthful…

"Hayate's got a lover!" Shamal finished cheerfully.

… And Signum promptly spat out the contents in her mouth.

At the same time, Vita had just gotten up from a LONG and heavy sleep, and had overheard their conversion. But because she was still sleepy, the only words that registered in her brain were 'Hayate', and 'lover'.

It sounded the horn, and she charged into the kitchen.

"WHAT?!?!" both of them screamed with precise timing.

Shamal blinked.

"She has a boyfriend?! When ?! How?! Who?! What?! Why?!" Demanded Vita violently.

"Where did you hear this from?!!" Signum interrogated with righteous fury.


"What does he work as?! Is he even working?! Is he married?!?! He's married isn't he!!!" Vita was all ready to go on a warpath.

"This shouldn't be happening! She's too young for this! She's not ready yet!!" Signum was gearing up for a crusade.


"HOW DARE HE TRIES TO PLAY HAYATE!! By the time me and Graf Eisen are through with him…!!!"

"Well, it seems that I get to brush the dust off Laevatein sooner then I expect…"

"It was JUST A GUESS!!!" Shamal yelled.



"Yes, now calm down, the both of you…"

"Sheesh, don't scare me like that Shamal…" Said Vita.

"Vita's right, you should be careful with what you say…"Agreed Signum.

"Well it's not my fault that you two hot heads are so over-protective of her…" Shamal rolled her eyes. "Come on, I've made pancakes today…"

Shamal got up to get the plates.

Then stopped and turn around.

"Erm, and Vita?"


"Please put away down Graf Eisen already."

"Oh, right… Sorry."

"Anyway, I'm sure it's nothing…" Spoke Shamal, after things had settled down five minutes later.

"I doubt so," replied Signum. "Being alive for so long, I've seen enough to know that it's always something…"

"HBO doesn't count as life experience, Signum…" Shamal reminded her.

"Well I for one don't like this one bit!" Vita slammed her cup on the table for emphasis, "Hayate has never kept a secret from us before and there's no reason that she should now!"

"I guess you have a point… But what do you suggest we do?" Asked Shamal.

A few seconds of silence…

"It can't be helped then…" Signum stand up.

"Huh? What are you doing?"

"Hayate had just left only a few minutes ago," answered Signum. "She couldn't have gotten far…"

"Wait, are you intending to follow her?!" Shamal was shocked.

"I can't stop worrying for that girl ever since she said she's heading for school!" Signum replied frustrated.

"So? She's a student, it's what she's su-"

"It's a SUNDAY!" Signum retorted.

This time Vita got up.

"I'm with Signum on this, Hayate might be in trouble!" Shouted Vita, "I've seen these things before! They're ALWAYS in some kind of trouble which they can't tell anyone!"

"Again with the cable TV…" mumbled Shamal. "But this will be violating Hayate privacy! She would think that we don't tr- Are you two even listening to me?!"

"Less talk, more walk, come on!" The two of them dragged and push her out the door.

"At LEAST let me get changed first!!" Cried Shamal.

"Come on Shamal! We'll never catch up to her at this rate!" yelled Vita.

"Where are we going anyway?!" Shamal yelled, 10 feet behind.

"There's a café nearby that Hayate usually goes to…" Signum answered as she continues to power walk ahead. "She brought me there once, I'll say that's our best bet!"

"Okay, but can't you two slow d- HEY! WAIT FOR ME!!"

Fifteen minutes later…

"Did you get anything?" Signum asked.

Both Vita and Shamal were wheezing from all the running.

"N-No…" Vita manages to cough out.

Shamal's face was all red and her lungs were too occupied in respiration that it couldn't spare any breathe for speech. So she just shook her head.

"Damnit…" Cursed Signum.

When the three of them had reach the café, Vita proposed that the three of them split up and asked around. They asked the waiters and waitresses working there if they had seen a young teenage girl with short brown hair. Some of them politely denies seeing such a person, while others were slightly… ruder.

Which prompts Vita to be more… persuasive with her questions.

It took all that Shamal had just to pry her off her poor victim.

"What- are we- going- to do- now?" wheezed Vita as she gasps for air. "We- lost- our, only lead!"

"Signum, lets just go home…" Shamal manages to regain her ability to speak. "If Hayate doesn't want to let us know, I'm sure she has her reasons…"

"But Shamal!" protested Vita.

Signum herself was getting ready to throw in the towel herself. After searching the entire area, she had reasonably calmed down enough to see the foolishness of her act.


"Huh? What are you ladies doing here?" spoke a familiar voice from behind.

"Zaphira ?!"

Indeed, the giant size, blue wolf stood before them. Recently Zaphira had taken a leaf out of Arf books and had taken a smaller form as she had suggested. But when he goes out walking on his own, he still prefers his larger form… Gives him a sense of security... Manly pride and all that jazz.

"What are you doing here?" Signum asked.

"Yeah, I didn't see you around when I woke up…" Vita added.

"E-Er, me? Oh, it's nothing really… I'm just…Erm, hanging around here, that's all… " He answered but quickly tried to change the, "More importantly, what are YOU doing out here, I thought you always stay in on weekends to watch cartoon netw-"

"That's not important-" Vita quickly cut him out, then thought of something. "Wait, you have been here all this time?"

"Er, yeah…" answered Zaphira cautiously.

Signum caught on to what Vita was getting at. "Did you see her?"

Zaphira froze up, "W-Who?"

"Hayate! Did you see her?!" Signum yelled in frustration. "Who else could I be talking about!"

Zaphira visibly relaxed.

That was close! For I moment there I told they had found out abou-

"WELL?!" Shouted Vita and Signum.

"Huh? What?"

"Hayate, have you seen her?" Shamal asked calmly.

"Oh right! Yeah, just a few moments ag-"

Both orange and pink heads grabbed the poor beast by the collar.

"WHERE…" They hissed.

If looks could kill…

"I-I don't know! She didn't see me!" Zaphira answered in a panic. "So I never asked!"

But he knew that he'll be 6 feet under if he didn't produce more than that pathetic statement, so he quickly rack his brain and randomly grabbed words out of his vocabulary and hoped that they came out right…

"Overheard. Headquarters. Go. She!"

'hope' is overrated…

His captors raise their brows.

"I overheard her talking to someone on her phone that she'll be reaching headquarters soon!" Zaphira spat out his words properly now.

In return, Vita and Signum dropped him.

"Headquarters? Why would she be heading there?" Wondered Vita.

"Don't know, but we're about to find out, come on!" Said Signum.

"Try to catch up this time Shamal…" Vita ran after Signum.

Shamal Sighed.

"Er, what was that about?" Zaphira finally asked.

"Oh nothing you have to be worried about…" Replied Shamal as she runs after the two.

"What you mean nothing?! I almost wet myself back there! I want an ex-"

"Oh yeah, before I forgot," Said Shamal, "I've just bought a lot of pasta last night, be sure to come back early for dinner, k?"

Zaphira turned to stone.

"P-Pasta? As in Spaghetti pasta…?"

But Shamal was already out of hearing range…

It was a peaceful, boring day at the TSAB headquarters.


… Or maybe not.

Signum and Vita stormed through the entrance with the fury of a wounded beast.

The two of them scanned the room looking for prey. Everyone in the lobby quickly dodged out of their line of sight. Unfortunately, they're some who could do so, and was spotted by them.

They quickly covered the distance between the entrance and the receptionist's table. The poor woman was so terrified that her blood could have just froze up. Like predators closing in for the kill, the two knights slammed their hands down on the table from two sides, denying their victim of any escape route.

"WHERE IS SHE?!" they roared.

"W-Who?" squeaked the receptionist.



"NOT WHAT! 'SHE' !!"



"WOULD YOU TWO CRAZY WOMAN JUST CALM DOWN?! Nobody can understand a word you're saying!" Scolded Shamal, who had just caught up to them, didn't even stop to gasp for air. "They'll be calling in security to get you two dragged off in white jackets if you keep this up!"


"I SAID CALM DOWNNNNN!!!!!" exploded Shamal with the force of a small bomb. The two of them immediately swallowed whatever they were about to say.

Shamal took a deep breath before turning to face the cowering receptionist, who was now more afraid of her 'rescuer' than the 'two crazy ones'.

Applying on her sweetest smile, Shamal asked, "Excuse me, did Hayate come arrived here recently?"

The woman manages to regain enough nerve to speak, "Miss Yagami? She was just here like the other days…"

"Wait, 'other days'?!" Signum asked.

"As in she's been coming here a lot?" Vita inquired.

"Well, yes…" Blinked the receptionist, "For the last two weeks, Miss Ya-'

"TWO WEEKS?!" exclaimed Vita.

"That's around the time when she started acting funny…" Nodded Signum.

"What is she usually here for?" Questioned Shamal.

The receptionist shook her head, " I don't know, she never did say anything about it, and I was only informed by my superior to inform the Admiral when she arrives…."

"Which Admiral gave the order?" asked Signum.

She blinked, "Why, Admiral Haraoun of course!"


"Admiral Haraoun asked me to inform him when Miss Yagami arrives." She Continued, "He would then personally escort her away… "

The room became so quiet that the sound of a mite scurrying across the carpet could be heard…

The receptionist mistook this as a sign to continue, "If you asked me, the two of them seems pretty close, from the way he put his hand on her back as they walked off…"

The three women's eyes had grew to size of dinner plates.

The lone mite senses danger and quickly ran off in the opposite direction.

Sounds of footsteps and chatter could be heard apporoaching their way…

"…-or the last time Arf, NOTHING happened!"

"But Fate! I saw he trying to touch you! How can y- !?"

"That was just a harmless pat!!"

"I don't know Fate, that boy has…"

"Ohhhh, not you too Amy-san! Chrono-kun is a good man! He didn't try to do ANYTHING!"

"Hey I'm just saying! He's been holding a pretty shady record ever since he met the twi…"

"YOU SEE?!YOU SEE?! I knew there was something wrong! Just tell us what happened, you don't have to be afraid of him!!"


"Hey Fate! Wait up…!"

A blonde, an orange haired, and a brunette quickly zoomed pass the knights' back and went out the door.

"…-ill think that it's too early for the boy to be dating,. I mean, I know that he's very mature for his age but stuff like this is a lot mor-"

The muscles on Vita and Signum's forehead twitched. The creaking sound of the neck turning could be heard. The two of them gave her the death glare, Kill Bill style.

"Where are they now…" Their voices dripped with venom.

" –complicating than he woul- Tenth floor, right corner, last door on the end." She changed quickly.

Faster than a speeding bullet, the duo dashed towards the nearest elevator, with poor Shamal in tow.

"WWWWwwaaaaaiittt…!!" Shamal screamed as she whizzed through the air.

"Can't this thing go any faster?!"

"Alright, STOP! What's the problem with the two of you?!"

"Didn't you hear her? Hayate's with Chrono!!"

"SO?! It's just Chrono! It's not like it's a total stranger!!

"Are you mad?! It's Chrono!!"

"I don't see the problem!!!"

"You just don't get it…"

"Yeah! There's no time to explain it!!"


"No time!"

The soft humming for machines filled the enclosed space forthe next few seconds...

"Sigh, looks like there's no stopping you two… Fine whatever makes you happy, but at least stick to your original plan and find out what's going on FIRST before jumping the 'hammer and sword'…"


DING! Signals to the three knights that the elevator has brought them to its assigned level. Vita, Shamal and Signum exited.

The surrounding area that greeted them could easily be described as 'boring', the lighting was rather dim and there wasn't a single soul in sight. No light could be seen escaping from behind the other closed doors, indicating that they were devoted of life.

The only exception was the last door at the very end of the right side from the elevator, which not only has light, but the sound of voices as well.

It was the door the receptionist told them about.

"That must be the one…" Whispered Shamal as the three of them walked closer.

"Yeah…" nodded Signum.

"Wait," Shamal grabbed her arm.


"Let me try something first…" Shamal whispered to her rings, soon after a light bluish-green barrier surrounded the three of them.

"What did you do?" Asked Vita.

"A little trick that I picked up from the special operatives," answered Shamal, "This is a sound proof barrier, it's allows outside sounds from entering, but prevents inside sounds from escaping. It works by-"

"Wait wait wait!" Stopped Vita, "Special ops?! So you… Hang out with Special Ops?"

"I don't 'hang out', it just so happens that I know someone fro-" Shamal defended.

"You know someone?" Signum looked incugled, then realized what this means. "You've been dating?!"

"What?! NO!" Shamal snapped, but it's unsure whether the tint of red on her cheeks is from anger, or embarrassment.

"It's about time too," nodded Vita, "You're not getting any younger you know…"

"Shhh! I think I can hear something…" Shamal quickly changed the subject, annoyed.

"Fine," Signum rolled her eyes, "But you're going to have to come clean about this sooner or later caus-"


With the in-fighting over for now, the knights realized that they indeed could make out voices coming from behind the closed door. In fact, one of the voice sounds awfully like…

"N-No, please no…!"

"HAYATE!" exclaimed Vita in recognition. Shamal was thankfully that she remembered about the barrier before they tried this. Another familiar voice could also be heard; this one obviously belonged to a young male…

"You had this coming…"

"That voice… That's-!" Shamal's eyes widen.

(Do I even need to say who?)

"B-But, please no-not here…!"

"You're not given a choice."

The temperature from the surrounding dropped drastically. For the countless time today, the three of them grew 'goldfish' eyes.

"W-Wait, Stop! What are you doing! No!"

"Sorry, but you left me with no other option …"

"No... He wouldn't !!" Was what the three knights whispered in horror at the same time.

"I knew it! Hayate's in trouble!" exclaimed Vita.

"H-Huh?" Shamal tried to gather herself.

"Don't you see?! THAT'S WHY HAYATE WAS ACTING STRANGE! That monster must have taken advantage of her! Hayate didn't want to tell us because she must be afraid of him!!"

"Vita, I don't know what you've been doing, but I clearly remembered telling you not to eat wild mushrooms..."

"I'm not crazy! Damnit!!"

"No please! I'm sorry! I won't do it again…!"

"I can't take that chance, not when we're so close to getting caught…"


"There're countless other possibilities for this...!"

"No! Please! A-AH!!"

"HAYATE!" yelled Vita as she tried to leap out of the barrier.

"Vita, no!" Shamal manages to catch her in time.


"This must be a misunderstanding...!!" she tried to reason with the orange head.


"Be still..."

"... A VERY BIG misunderstanding...!"

"Meister Hayate! Meister Hayate! Let her go!"

"Dear Reinforce, please be silence. You're just lucky that yours wouldn't… How should I say this, 'work' with this. However if you really want to, I can 'make' it work…"


"THAT MONSTER!! HE'S EVEN-! HE-! REINFORCE-!!" Vita traded speech skills for raw strength as Shamal was hard press trying to hold back something 1/3 of her own body size.

"Like I said...!" Shamal shot a look at Signum, hoping that she'll help defuse the situation...

Only to realize that Signum pupils had shrunk, her body's shaking like a kettle ready to let out a crap-load of steam... And despite Vita's constant yelling, she could make out the words Signum was uttering... Which turns out to be every single german swear word she had picked up in her life-time.

"And in case you've forgotten, you're the main cause for this… Do you really want me to-"

"NO! P-Please, not Reinforce! I-I'll accept full responsibility for what happened!"

"Meister Hayate! You can't…!"

"Hush hush… It's alright…"


"You're a good girl, Reinforce But it's okay, I'll be fine…"

Things aren't looking so good for Shamal. Vita's getting out of control, and Signum's a ticking time bomb. The 'It' looks like it's about to hit the fan...

And to prove that point...

"That's very brave of you Hayate, But that doesn't mean that I would go easy on you…"

"I-I understand… P-Please do as you wish!"


"NNNOOOOOoooooooo!!!!" Vita roared breaking free from Shamal's grasp.

"I'm going to-!! I'm going to-!!" threatened Signum, all that built up pressure would exploded any second now.

"KILL!!" The two of the yelled as they were getting ready to run out of the barrier. Shamal, quick to react, threw herself forward and grabbed their collar in a final attempt to stop them.

"NO !STOP! There's must a reasonable explaination for this!!" Cried Shamal in desperation, both Signum and Vita were already half-way out of the barrier. However, the two of them are out to kill, and nothing short of world destruction is going to stop them.

"The price for this sin will be paid in blood!!!" Still even when she's about to commit murder, Signum has a cool 'badass' aura around her.

"EAT HAMMER, BASTARD!" Vita... Not so much.

Even less for Shamal, who was screaming bloody murder.


The struggling went on for two whole minutes... During that time, none of them had paid attention to what else was being said behind the door...

"DIE!!" The two demons broke free from Shamal and charged forward.




Suddenly, the door opened before them...

A short while ago...

"Honestly, did you have to make that sound so wrong?" Chrono asked flabbergasted.

Hayate sat in a chair, her arms and legs were covered in band aids to treat the injuries she had from sparring, sticking out her tongue at him as she , "Well, you're the one being rough… having your way around a lady like that…"

"That's because you wouldn't stay still,"

"You still shouldn't-" pouted Hayate.

"I clearly remembered offering to go easy on you, but you insisted that I fight seriously... And then you ended up getting caught in your own explosion..." Chrono pointed out.

"Which would be fine by itself, but you made me swear NOT to tell a single soul about what it is you're doing here," Chrono raised his eye brows, "Which leads to me to having to carry you from the training room myself to bring you back here, and ordering my people to leave us alone... For reasons I cannot disclose."

"Okay okay! I got it…" Hayate surrendered.

Beside her, little Reinforce pats her head sympathetically.

"You know... A few days ago, when you came to me asking me to help tutor you to become a commander, I wouldn't have suspected that it would be THIS difficult to keep that promise…" Chrono mused.

"I DID warn you that I might lose sight of it half-way through…" argued Hayate.

"You're too playful for your own good you know…" Chrono scolded her lightly, "And you too Reinforce, you should know better than to support her for something like that…"

Like a little child being disciplined, Reinforce bowed down her head, "... Sorry…."

"Don't pick on Reinforce!" Defended Hayate.

"I'm not 'picking' on her…" Chrono answered sternly, "And you Hayate, are just too reckless with you're abilities! A commander cannot be too hot-headed!"

Chrono's words had hit home, Hayate said quietly, "I-I'm sorry… For being unreasonable…"

Tears were beginning to form, and Chrono knew he had touched a soft spot. "Sigh, I guess it's okay really... Nothing was permanently harm..."

I'm so not cut out for teaching... OR little girls...

Hayate's eyes lights up, "Chrono-kun...!"

"...Except my reputation", He ended.

"...IS SO MEAN!"

"But seriously, you've been doing this straight through the whole week," Chrono said half smiling, "Are you sure you'll be fine with this?"

"Yes yes, you don't have to worry about me..." Hayate replied.

"But I am," Chrono said firmly, "The last thing I want is your knights out for my blood because I didn't take care of you."

Hayate laughed at that thought. "Yeah, that would be amusing..."

"For you maybe...I'll tell you what" Chrono smiled, "When you're done studying for today, I'll take you out for dinner... You've been pretty stressed these few days..."

"You mean like a date?" Hayate teased.

"Yes, like a date..." Chrono rolled his eyes,"Anyway, You really should be careful with your own health, you're still young you know…"

"Haha, Chrono-kun is really like an older brother! You've been around Fate-chan for too long!"

"If that's the case, then you can call me 'Oni-chan'..."

"Hai, Oni-chan!"

"On second thought, maybe it's better if I take that back…ahah"

"Y-Yes please, I just realize how embarrassing it sounded when I said it…"

The two of them looked at each other and laughed.

"But Fate-chan is very lucky to have an Oni-chan like you, Chrono-kun."

"Fate huh… I guess… " Smiled Chrono, who's face turn light red, but then remembered something and let out a sigh, amused. " But sometimes that girl can really be troublesome sometimes, unintentionally of course, I've been getting abit of problem from other people about us and-"

"Eh?! Really ?! Nani Nani? What happened between the two of you?" Squeaked Hayate with delight.

" Huh what? No, it's nothing like that-" Chrono quickly replied.

"Don't tell me it's some forbidden love affair between siblings!" Hayate has a dreamy look on her face, "Something like 'A-little-sister-not-related-by-blood-moe!', or- Ouch!"

Chrono pat her head hard with his hand and spoke to young girl with a deadpan voice, "It's nothing like that… Don't think so much…"

" Ouch... That was unnecessary…" moaned Hayate as she blushes lightly while Chrono rubbed her head.

"I'm going to get some tea for us…" Smiled Chrono, turn walked towards the door. "Reinforce, look after her would you?"

"Yes sir, commander!" The little AI saluted happily.

"At ease," grinned Chrono as he turned to address Hayate, "Hayate, be a good girl and study, okay?"

"Hai hai…" Then she remember something that Fate told her and Nanoha once, "… Oni-channn !!" She said with the sweetest voice she could muster.

The effect was immediate.

"Wow! That was amazing Meister Hayate!"

"I know! Hahaha! But I didn't think it would work so well!" giggled Hayate.

"Very funny…" Chrono's face was red with embarrassment as he picked himself up from tripping.

"S-Sorry Chrono-kun! I couldn't resist!" Hayate laughed so loudly that they couldn't hear anything else, both inside and outside the room for the moment.

"Well try to resist harder next time…" grumbled Chrono as he walked to open the door.


"Huh, what are you guys d-"

The last thing Chrono remembered was the sound of two small metallic objects bouncing off the floor…

Author's Note: I just realized, since I started this, a number of 'dead' fics suddenly got resurrected, as well as a whole lot of Nanoha/Fate fics... Weird huh?

Sorry for the lateness, I got side tracked along the way… Man, I didn't expect myself to come up with this much… I hope it's a fitting 'last chapter' ) Talk about ending things with a 'bang' huh. (Please point out any mistakes you may find...)

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Oh yeah, for 'volume' 2, I'm going to be writing about the not so popular pairings like Kyoya/ Shinobu (Nanoha's older brother and Suzuka's older sister) and maybe Arf/ Zaphira if I can pull it off…

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