The first time he had asked her to come, she had flat-out refused, saying that she had some other plans.

Daisuke didn't really mind. Mimi had never been a fan of soccer, anyway, and he was perfectly aware that she'd prefer shopping over watching him play anytime. Besides, some of his friends would always be there to cheer him on.

Ken would definitely be there, as they were playing on the same team. Taichi, too, would put away all his other plans simply to watch him in action. Takeru and Miyako also ended up being there every time, more than willing to give him the support that he needed. The latter also wasn't embarrassed on shouting her heads off, despite gaining stares from all the people around her.

During the final match, though, he was fairly disappointed to find that none of them could actually make it.

As much as Ken wanted to come, his mother had insisted that he stayed at home. He had gotten hurt in the previous match. Leg injury – couldn't have played even if he forced himself to.

As for Taichi, his endless piles of homework finally got to him, and he couldn't possibly ignore them any longer. Not that he didn't try… but both Mrs. Yagami and Hikari promptly disallowed him to leave the house.

Takeru had expressed his deepest apologies. Yamato's band was holding a concert, and he felt obligated to come along and watch.

Miyako had called to tell him the bad news, cursing her family for being insensitive. Apparently, it was her shift to attend to her family store.

She knew he wasn't happy about it, so she treated him to a cup of coffee. He considered asking her to come again, but the idea dispersed from his mind when she mentioned how excited she was to attend the yearly reunion organized by her old junior high school friends. It was held on that day; he thought it would be mean to stop her from going.

So, when the match started, Daisuke was fairly down. He knew his friends couldn't be blamed, but it was slightly depressing not to have them around for the big finale.

His fighting spirit was revived, though, when he heard a violent cheer of "You can do it, Daisuke!!!"

He turned; and there she was, rooting for him amongst the crowds.

He gave her a questioning look, but she simply smiled and shrugged. She never did go to that reunion.

Instead, she cheered for him even more shamelessly than Miyako did.