AN: This is the Flame of Recca version of my YGO fanfic! ENJOY! (due to Gianne's request!) Okay, time to write again… And it's estimated to kill only… 1 minute…or less! Enjoy!

Author: Lorraine Kristine P.


One sunny day in summer, the gang have visited their respective doctor, all at the same time. They saw each other, 10 years after, married…and happy.(?)

Tokiya, still remaining single, grumpily led them inside his office.

"Great. The monkeys are here after 10 short years. Maybe I should make the sign "No ANIMALS ALLOWED" at the front door and emphasize the word psychiatrist to stop people from mistaking me as a vet." He thought.

"So what's wrong anyway?" He asked the 3 couples.

"Recca's hiding something from me!" Yanagi replied.

"Kaoru too!" Ganko added.

"Domon too!" Fuuko included.

"Do you have any idea on what that could be?" Tokiya confirmed.

"Maybe it's some stupid obsession! Domon's been locking himself up in random rooms already!" Fuuko bawled out.

All of a sudden, the three children of the couples barged into the office.

"Oh yeah…Mikagami-san, these are our children…" Ganko pointed out.

"Children?" Tokiya thought.

"Maybe the children have something to do with this…" Tokiya concluded,

"The obsessions of your husbands lie on the names of your children." he remarked.

He approached Yanagi and said, "Look, your daughter's name is Princess…he's still addicted to the era of ninjas."

Tokiya went to Ganko and said, "Nothing major, Ganko…Your daughter's name is Candy. It just means that Kaoru's just addicted to food."

"Gluttony…" Tokiya thought grimly.

While Tokiya was busy with his thoughts, Domon drew near to his son and said, "…Dick, I think we'd better go…"

AN: Not that funny, but worth a grin isn't it:)