I closed my locker and made my way down the hallway to Sadie's locker. She wasn't there, so I looked around to see if I could find Margaret or Rain. I found Margaret working on her combination or her locker. I walked over.

"Hey Margaret" I said when I got to her.

"Oh hey Ben! How was your was your weekend?"

"Good, good." I said hurriedly. "Do you know where Sadie is? I've been looking all over for her and I cant find her…"

"Sadie? Um… I have no idea! She isn't at her locker?"

"Nope." I said with an exasperated sigh. "Where could she be?"

"Who?" A voice said from behind me. I turned around to see Rain's eager face staring at me.

"Sadie. You haven't seen her Rain, have you?" I asked.

"Why wouldn't I have seen her?" he asked. "You don't think I'm good enough friends with Sadie to know where she is?"

"Rain no. I—"

"Because as a matter of fact I have seen her…"

"Where?" I asked eagerly.

"Why should I tell you? I mean, you are questioning my friendship with her…" Rain seemed to be getting a rise out of this, but I sure as hell wasn't.

"Rain! Your being stupid. Just tell me where she is!" I was starting to lose my patience.

"Why do you want to know so bad?" Margaret asked. I almost forgot she was standing next to me… meanwhile a light seemed to go off in Rain's head

"Yeah, why Ben?" He asked with a huge smile.

"Well if you must know…" I sighed. I mine as well tell them. "I have to ask her something." They both smiled.

"You mean you have to ask her somewhere?" Rain asked with a school boy grin. I felt myself getting pink.

"Maybe…" I smiled. "Can you just tell me where you saw her?"

'Yeah, she's in the library." He laughed.

"Thanks man." I said, slapping him in the back. I began to walk away.

"See you later!" They said.


I said, before turning around and heading in the direction of the library.



What is russification? That's the question that was currently staring me in the face. GOD this is annoying. Who cares what russification is! I really hate world history.

Okay Sadie, concentrate. Clear your mind. You know this! Just think…

Why didn't I just do this for homework last night like I was supposed to? Whatever.

I began eagerly tapping my pen.

Tap Tap Tap.

Tap Tap Tap.

Tap Tap

I stopped tapping my pen, not wanting to get in trouble with the librarian… again.

"Okay I've had enough!" I exclaimed in a whisper. "I'm a scientist! Not a historian! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT RUSSIFICATION IS!"

"Russification is when the Russian empire tried to make all the non Russians in their empire turn Russian." Said a voice.

"Thank you!" I began writing that down. But then I realized. Someone had to be standing behind be! I eagerly turned around.

"Ben! Hey! How did you know what russification was?" I asked. Ben sat in the chair next to me.

"What? I can't know something you don't?" I hope he was joking.

"No! What I meant was—" He cut me off.

"Red. I was only joking." He started laughing.

"Oh…" I said embarrassed. He started laughing harder.

"Its not funny!" I said defensively.

"It kinda is Red." He smiled. We started laughing.

There was a small pause.

"So I'm sure you didn't come to the library just to tell me the meaning of the word russification…" I said.

"No…" Ben said. Suddenly he looked afraid. Does Ben get afraid? Maybe it was just me…

"Then why are you here?" I asked, getting more and more eager by the second.

"Well… I kinda wanted to ask you something…" Suddenly he looked up from his hands which he was staring at and up at me, with those beautiful brown eyes of his. I couldn't help but smile. Unfortunately he noticed.

"What are you smiling about?" He asked.

"Nothing. Nothing." I said.

"Come on Red." He said in a soothing voice. "Tell me." He reached out and grabbed my hand. It was incredibly warm.

"Nothing, I'll tell you later." I said, hoping he would drop it. There was no possible way I was going to tell him his eyes were what made me smile.

"Okay then…" He sighed. He was still holding my hand. He didn't seem to notice, which was fine with me.

"So… what did you come here to ask?" I said, changing the subject.

"What?" He looked confused. He's so cute when he's confused.

"You said you had to ask me something?" I said.

"Oh, yeah." He looked nervous again. "I was kinda wondering… do you want to maybe hangout sometime? Maybe this Friday?" My insides started doing somersaults.

"Yeah, sounds great Ben!" I smiled. His eyes lit up. Oh those eyes…

"Really? Awesome!" Suddenly the bell sounded, indicating the end of free period. Ben and I stood up, and he grabbed my books I had been working on at the table. "Here, I'll walk you to class…" He smiled and began walking towards the door. I nearly melted, and followed.