Title: A Little Help

Rating: PG-13 for suggestiveness

Fandom: Yami no Matsuei

Pairing: Hisoka/ Tatsumi implied

Summary: Tatsumi has a problem, and Hisoka is willing to give a hand, to Tsuzuki's utter shock.

Tatsumi looked up from the desk at which he was sitting. Hisoka stood in the doorway, hands in his jacket pockets, and a very strange look in his green eyes. The secretary shifted in his seat uneasily, at the implications implicit in that look. "Hello Kurosaki-kun," he said in his usual clear voice, though it seemed strangely loud to his ears.

"Hello Tatsumi-san," was the reply, and Hisoka ventured a step into the room. "Anything I can help you with there?" he purred.

Tatsumi rustled papers in an attempt to look busy. "N-nothing," he stuttered slightly, moving the newspaper on his desk to cover the evidence of his little problem.

Unfortunately nothing escaped Hisoka's eagle eyes. "Are you absolutely sure about that Tatsumi-san?" he asked, and with one sinuous step advanced deeper into the office. "It looks like you've got quite a big problem there if you ask me. And you know I'm more than willing to help you. All you have to do is ask me. I have some very specialized skills."

Tatsumi pushed his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose, as though not sure that this was happening. "It's rather embarrassing you have to admit," he answered.

"Of course not. We all have difficulties doing things by ourselves. A helping hand comes in useful sometimes, especially when you are tired." Sultry green eyes, locked with ice blue. "You aren't too proud are you Tatsumi-san? I've accepted your help before after all. And very satisfactory it was as well."

Tatsumi gave way with a sigh. "Very well, since you are so insistent. I shall show you."

At this moment, Tsuzuki entered, having overheard the entire conversation, and deciding to intervene at this point, yet still shocked at what he saw. "What on earth are you doi-."

"Oh hello Tsuzuki-san," said Hisoka pleasantly. "I'm just helping Tatsumi with the accounts. Watari really screwed up the expenditure calculation form."

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