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Riku Showron better known as Darkness to the fans was watching the Stacy Keibler Torrie Wilson match from backstage. Growling as Torrie lost to his now ex-wife. Stacy flipped off the camera wearing a face that said. Riku Showron's a jerk. Riku shook his head and ran his hand through his spiked black hair as a voice rang from behind him.

"Dad, what's wrong." He turned around to see his 5 year old daughter.

"Nothing baby don't worry." He stepped out kid in tow to his best friend's locker room. Midnight as he was known to the fans. His real name Andy. "Hey, you ready." Andy nodded and they walked to their other friends locker room and dropped off the kid. After Chris Benoit reluctantly agreed to watch her tonight they ran to Gorilla Position. Smiling as Enemy by Godsmack hit they stepped out. Listening to Lillian Garcia.

"The following contest is set for one fall and is for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Introducing first at a combined weight of 465 pounds. Representing the UNHOLY ALLIANCE. Darkness and Midnight. And their opponents at a combined weight of 354 pounds. Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero."

Riku grinned as he and Andy played rock paper scissors to determine who would start the match out. A dropkick from Riku on Rey started the match off. A few minutes in while Darkness was chasing after Chavo Guerrero. Midnight got hit with the West Coast Pop and the match ended.

Stepping out of the car in their hometown of Collinsville Illinois. (They are dubbed from St. Louis Missouri.) they walked towards Riku's mom's house. "Mom, Can you watch Tara for me the next few weeks." She said she would and they left to go to Lambert Airport for the next plane to Arizona. They were running late and Riku knew they would miss the plane. Also having a gut feeling there wouldn't be another one till Friday due to the plane delays in Arizona. He walked in alone and ran head first into a blonde woman. Unluckily for him it was Stacy. She started yelling at him. Something about his affair with Torrie Wilson about how far did they go. Despite Riku had swore on his life that they had not gone past talking to her. They usually didn't see each other but then Riku walked away and ran into another blonde this time it was Torrie.

"You'll be fighting a losing cause there Plane left us here. I take it Andy is with you." She smiled as he helped her up.

"Yeah. How are things going." He replied full heartedly.

"Fine Peter and I recently got divorced as well. Oh and Stacy's a bitch."

"Really I'm sorry for that I feel as if its my fault. I do agree with that."

"Riku don't it's every bit my fault as it is yours. We were both caught by our now former spouses. But oh well. I'll be seeing you in Arizona okay."

"Alright how you getting to there"

"I'm taking a cab to Kansas City then I guess Me and Chloe will take a plane to Arizona."

"Why don't you just ride with me and Andy and Trish."

"Alright I will." Riku took out his cell phone and called Andy telling him to take the car to his house and drop off his Mom and Tara. Truthfully He still had feelings for Torrie but they decided to stop while they were still happy with their spouses. He wasn't sure if she felt the same.


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