Owen wasn't sure when things first started getting awkward between him and Gwen. It just sort of happened. A few days after Toshiko had found out about them, Gwen just suddenly went cold. She'd avoid Owen at all costs; even if that meant she got Jack to change her shifts, claiming that Rhys was getting suspicious.

Owen didn't push it. He assumed Gwen was having second thoughts about their affair. He still made small gestures like bringing her coffee Ianto had made to show he was interested, but Gwen kept her head down and only spoke him when it was absolutely necessary.

As the months progressed Owen noticed more and more that Gwen was closing herself off from the whole group and not just him. He talked to Toshiko about it, but she just said that Gwen was probably stressed and Owen should try to think about something else.

It was Christmas Eve when things finally came to a head. Jack had this tradition that every Christmas they had to have a party in the hub; keep things normal. So this year the whole team had decorated the hub with tinsel and baulbauls. They were going to put some fairy lights up, but Ianto thought it might bother their pterodactyl.

Jack had somehow managed to get hold of a black bag full of mistletoe and after putting it all round the hub was hovering underneath it hopefully. It was a bit cheeky since he'd managed to get one kiss off everyone already.

Toshiko was in her element trying to get Owen to dance to the Christmas music playing. Owen was trying hard not to look like he was enjoying himself, but it was obvious he was. Ianto was stood in the middle, trying to keep away from the mistletoe, a pair of light up boppers on his head. Jack had threatened to feed Ianto to the Weevil if he didn't wear them.

Gwen was huddled at her desk, putting up tinsel as slowly as she could so she could avoid getting involved. Jack frowned, noticing this and wandered over to her. She looked pale and like she was about to throw up.

"Alright, Gwen?" He asked, leaning on her desk and looking at her carefully.

"Yeah," Gwen smiled weakly. "Just don't feel well, that's all. Probably flu."

Jack could tell she was lying, but he didn't press the matter further. He squeezed her shoulder gently and left her to her thoughts, spotting Ianto in the process of taking off his boppers.

"Back on, Jones!" He called, running over.

Gwen felt even worse lying to Jack, but how could she tell him the truth? How could she tell anyone the truth? In reality it was her own stupid fault that she was even in this mess.

Toshiko had stopped dancing and was talking to Jack who was attempting to turn Ianto into a Christmas tree. Owen took his chance and walked up to Gwen, drink in hand.

"Ok, enough's enough," He said, pulling a chair towards her and sitting next to her, handing Gwen the drink he had.

"What?" She asked, taking the drink and avoiding his gaze.

"I've stepped back for months now and not asked questions," Owen continued. "But I think I deserve to know what's wrong?"

Gwen finally looked up at him, and for the first time in months Owen was able to see that he wasn't the problem.

"I've been really stupid," Gwen said quietly.

"Nothing new," Owen said smiling slightly. Gwen whacked him, but wasn't able to smile properly. "Sorry, carry on."

"I've got us into the worst situation possible," Gwen said, running her hand through her hair. "And when Rhys finds out…"

"Finds out what?" Owen asked worriedly.

"Come on you two!" Jack called, as he and Tosh attacked Ianto with tinsel.

"Go on, go have fun," Gwen said, resting her chin on her arms on top of the desk. "I don't feel well."

Owen opened his mouth to protest but Jack called him again. He sighed, promising himself that he'd catch Gwen before she left.

"What are you doing to the poor guy?" Owen asked as Ianto tried desperately to get away. This was made difficult by the fact that tinsel was now preventing Ianto from seeing where he was going.

The evening flew by and it was past midnight before Jack finally let them return home. As Toshiko and Owen were packing up Jack was still helping Ianto untangle himself.

Owen almost missed Gwen slipping out before the rest of them noticed, but, just in time, he spotted her running up the corridor.

I'll see you later, yeah?" Owen said quickly to Tosh.

"Bye, merry Christmas!" Tosh called after Owen. He turned and waved shouting merry Christmas over his shoulder.

Owen hurtled up the corridors finding it infuriating the way Gwen was so fast considering she was meant to be ill.

"Gwen, wait!" Owen shouted finally catching up with her outside the hub, next to the waterfall.

Gwen finally stopped, turning back to Owen who could see her face was streaked with fresh tears. She pulled her coat tighter around her and Owen frowned. Gwen was really worried about something.

"What's wrong? You're really freaking me out now," Owen said standing in front of her.

"I've…" Gwen paused and sobbed. Owen put his arm round her.

"Tell me," he said soothingly.

"I'm pregnant! With your child!" Gwen said, gripping Owen tightly.