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Things were never the same around the bathhouse again, but the change was definitely for the better. Not long after her return, Chihiro and Haku were married, or spiritually linked, as the spirits did it, creating an eternal bond between the two. It was a wonderful feeling, to be connected to someone in such a way, and Chihiro couldn't be happier. They left the bathhouse for their honeymoon, spending it at the legendary castle in the sky, Laputa. After their return, lots of things began changing while others remained the same.

After a few more years of servitude, Lin finally got on the train and left the bathhouse to explore the spirit world. She returned 8 years later saying that this was the only place she belonged, with her friends and family.

Sadly, Yubaba and Zeniba never worked out their differences and most likely never would. Bôh still visited Zeniba every chance he got, only now he was normally accompanied by Chihiro and Haku.

According to Yubaba, one thing useful came out of Chihiro's 'running away'. The spirits she ran into on the way became regular customers. Chihiro squealed with joy when the storm spirit and forest spirit showed up one day with an infant. And speaking of infants, Bôh and the hill spirit, Ju-Ju, did indeed become very good friends, just as Chihiro predicted. Neither one of them wanted to ever grow up and most likely never would. Chihiro was a little nervous about meeting with the hill spirit again since they didn't exactly part on the best of terms, but Ju-Ju had already forgiven her.

The once polluted lake spirit came to the bathhouse quite often. However, his visits did decrease a little after Rita developed a crush on him and began following him all over the bathhouse for a majority of his visits.

Yuteela also came to the bathhouse. She no longer held a grudge against Chihiro and considered her somewhat of a friend. Yuteela did seem depressed a lot, but at least she wasn't such an angry person anymore. Chihiro knew that the forest spirit was on the road to recovery and just needed time.

Even Lord Okaia became a regular customer of the bathhouse, much to Yubaba's delight. Whenever the sorcerer came, she made the staff work extra hard so Lord Okaia would leave a big tip behind; he was very rich after all.

Kamajii was still Kamajii. He and his soot balls continued to work in the boiler room. He stopped being so grouchy all the time and became a much more cheerful person, although he would snap at the soot balls every now and then.

Clam was never seen or heard from again. The others were shocked when they discovered that he had been the one they had been searching for. Lin kept saying how Lord Okaia had been too easy on him while Haku would say how he wished he could have gotten to the toad first. As for Lord Okaia himself, he never spoke of what had happened and no one ever brought it up.

Unfortunately, this story doesn't have an entirely happy ending, not for some people. As Lord Okaia had predicted, Chihiro's human friends and family were deeply upset by her disappearance. After several days of not seeing her friend, Mimi had called Chihiro's parents. Chihiro became a missing person and after being searched for, for years, was eventually presumed dead. A funeral was even held for her. Chihiro's parents mourned their daughter's 'death', never once suspecting that rather than dying she had received eternal life. Mimi was upset as well, but at the same time, for some reason, she felt a little happy, because somehow she knew that Chihiro was in a better place, one where she belonged.

As for Chihiro and Haku, well, things couldn't have been better. Chihiro never, except for once, regretted her decision of staying. The only time she did was when the result of losing her parents finally hit her. She had cried, but Haku had been there to take care of her. They worked through it together and Chihiro eventually became her normal cheerful self again.

After a few years of marriage, Haku and Chihiro had their first child, a baby girl. Bôh suggested naming their daughter Sen. Both Chihiro and Haku had to admit that they liked the idea and did just that. Four years later, they had twins, one boy and one girl. Haku suggested naming them Akio and Yuuko, after Chihiro's parents, and Chihiro agreed. They decided to put off having anymore children, and, thanks to Zeniba, they found a spell that would prevent pregnancy. After all, they did have eternal youth, if you know what I mean, and they still acted like newlyweds, even after many years of being together. Still, Chihiro wondered if Yubaba knew about the spell back when she had her one-night-stand, which Bôh was the result of, but she decided it would be best not to ask.

Time went on and life was good for Chihiro and her family. I cannot tell you what their future holds for I am mortal and they will live on long after I am gone. However, I will say this; Lord Okaia took one last look into Chihiro and Haku's future, and saw an eternity of happiness and love.


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