Chapter 8: Hatching Plans

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Inside Hurtful Eyes

Chapter 8: Hatching Plans

It was night, the darkness descended quickly on Malidaor bringing with it an almost paralysing sense of fear and desperation from the natives. Siri sighed softly, she rested her head against the cold transparisteel window of their safe house, an inn that had been fortified against attack. She could feel her Master's strong and calming presence behind her, she turned to look as her Master entered the dark quarters they would be sharing.

"Siri how are you feeling?" Adi asked, as she slipped off her outer robe and pulled a chair up to join her padawan at the window.

"Master, there is so much unhappiness here, I can feel it, can't you?" She asked, sullen eyes fixed on a point in the horizon.

"Padawan, there is war going on here, the people are frightened and the people they would turn to for help have been killed or driven away by the mere thought of being a target for the next assassination. I know it must be hard for you, you feel the emotions of people much clearly through the Force, it's a gift that I will help you control. How about something to eat padawan, while we discuss with Master Windu what the plan of action is?" Adi replied, pulling out a covered plastic dish with some kind of warm, sweet smelling stew in it.

"Thank you Master, when will Master Windu return?"

"Shortly, he is checking the local area, making sure we know what we are facing."

"More like looking for an escape route!" Siri remarked, sounding more like her usual witty self.

They sat in a comfortable silence, sipping regularly at their warm stew. Siri played with hers a bit, unsure of what the floating chunks of 'meat' were but deemed them safe to eat after her Master didn't die eating hers.

"Are you trying to poison me Master?" She said jokingly, the food wasn't that great.

"Be grateful padawan, there is little food around at the moment, it was kind of Naomi to make us something."

"Yes Master." Siri replied, blushing at the slightly abrasive tone her master used towards her. She didn't mean to be ungrateful, it was meant as a joke. I guess the tension is getting to all of us!

Naomi was a humanoid native with long grey hair and pale skin, similar looking to all the natives on the planet. She had volunteered to care for the needs of the Jedi in what used to be her well cared for inn. They had travelled to the inn straight from visiting what was left of the Palace. They had met a few of the remaining government members at the Palace, they were all busy packing up their belongs into their spacecruisers. The Jedi had however gained information on the latest happenings on the planet.

They turned towards the door simultaneously, hearing the lock click and the door slide open to reveal Mace Windu standing there.

"Here you go Mace!" Adi said as she hovered over his own warm tub of stew, "I'm sure you can stomach it!"

Even though it was already dark outside, it was still not late by the time they had finished eating their stew. Where they were at the moment it was the planets winter, although the weather was not that cold, it was rather pleasant to them, it did however mean that the nights were long. Malidaor did not have a circular orbit, it meant that the planet was in its winter season for longer than the others, so it had grown accustomed to being in semi-darkness for long parts of the day. The buildings were once all made of glistening, pristine, white stones that reflected the minimal light that was around and gave them a glowing image so that they could be seen on the darkest of nights. The people themselves, their pale, almost white, skin was suited for this kind of environment, the paleness allowed them to absorb the sunlight every humanoid needs, while also giving off a soft, easily visible glow at night.

The three companions were sitting on a threadbare set of couches. Datapads and flimsiplasts scattered unceremoniously across a scratched and weatherworn table in the middle.

"What's the plan Mace?" Asked Adi, looking him directly into the dark eyes of the tall Jedi.

"Well clearly we need to talk to the gang leaders involved in all of this. There has been years of peace between the gangs, nothing more than just small disputes that resolved without violence. As has already been stated it was someone from inside the Palace who bribed the assassination of Empress Taliqui, what we do know is that it was members of one of the gangs that are behind the assassination and the following murders to the other descendants to the throne and people interfering with the lineage decision."

"Why are the gangs still fighting so much though? Surely if the Empress has been assassinated there job is done?" Asked Siri, her youthful innocence still showing through in her questions.

"Young one, that is what we do not know, it may just be that there is pride in the royalty and so the gang not guilty of the murders is executing their revenge on the killing of the Empress or another thing altogether." Adi answered, remembering that Siri was still a child and hadn't seen much of the world yet.

"First things first, we must find out where the gangs are, try and get the whole picture. Once we find them we should set up a meeting between the leaders to negotiate a ceasefire and end the fighting and bombing, too many innocent people have died here. Maybe we will uncover the cause of the unrest." Finished Mace, and with that they all began their nightly routine, not one of them dared be tired for the morning to come.

As Siri made her way into her bunk, she couldn't help but feel a little overwhelmed, there's was just too much going on at the moment. Her thoughts drifted to the Temple. There was a longing in her heart for the calmness that the Temple provides, and those that she knew were there at the moment. As much as she tried to hide it, she feared that she had feelings that could only be described as improper for a Jedi about Obi-Wan and that frightened her. That only added to the worry she had about the fellow padawan.

She sighed, glad that they had all been given separate rooms and didn't have to add her fear of keeping her Master awake all night with her restlessness to the growing ball of fear. She settled into a kneeling position on her sleep couch and began to meditate and release all her fear and worrying emotions and thoughts to the Force, she needed a clear head and a refreshing evening of sleep before the true start of their mission in the morning.