Title: D is for Drabble

Rated K+

Summary: Consists of various pairings including Zutara, Kataang, Tokka, Taang, Longerbee, Sukka, Maiko, Sokkla and more. Also includes some non-romantic shorts. Requests are closed; please do not leave a request in reviews.

Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar: The Last Airbender

A/N: Okay, I'm not lying this time. This will be the last drabble for today. I hope it's enjoyed.

SW06: Erased

He felt hollow inside; he felt unwell.

He felt nothing for a moment, then he felt as if he was floating on air.

Had he passed out? He felt light now, as if a burden had been lifted off his shoulders. It was only then did she hear her call his maneā€¦

"What?" He muttered. Suki rolled her eyes at him as she helped him sit up. "Wait, did you just say that you were pregnant?" Sokka stuttered.

"At least you didn't lose your memory when you hit the ground." Suki grinned.

As quickly as the unease came, it was replaced by joy as Sokka kissed his wife passionately. Nothing would be able to erase this feeling and he'd never forget it as long as he'd live.


A/N: Short and sweet Sukka fluff. Okay, I'm done for today, I'll update a few more soon. Thanks for reading and until next time guys!