I'm so sorry this took so long! I wrote myself into a big hole this time, smut is so hard to write. Seriously. Anyway, since people kept adding this to their story alert, and everyone begged for more in their reviews I did eventually finish this chapter. Although it still makes me cringe whenever I read it…

Zelos started by removing Lloyd's shirt as well, leaving their chests exposed to the frigid air. Lloyd shivered, though whether it was from anticipation or the cold was hard to tell.

He then gave Lloyds' chest a treatment similar to the one his own had received just moments ago, and all the little moans and cries Lloyd gave only drove him to trail his tongue lower and lower. As he reached the band of Lloyd's pants he suddenly crawled back up, resulting in a surprised and slightly alarmed look from his soon-to-be lover.

He merely grinned and bit down lightly on Lloyd's neck, feeling a sudden need to mark the boy as being his. Said boy yelped as Zelos gave a long, hard suck, which would almost certainly still be visible the morning.

Lloyd didn't have time to ask about this unfamiliar behavior as Zelos quickly ducked down again to tug at Lloyd's pants who lifted his hips to make it easier for the redhead to slide them off, once more revealing his hard member, although it was though to see anything down in the sleeping bag.

Zelos decided that he would need at least some visibility to do this kind of close-up work, so he unzipped the sleeping bag.

"Ah! Zelos, that's too cold!"

"Ahw, don't worry my hunnie, things'll get plenty hot soon enough."

Zelos snatched one of the condoms from the box, making a mental note to never forget them again. He slowly began licking Lloyd's dick, trying to elect even more noises from him. As he started sucking, Lloyd became silent, much to his dismay, and as he glanced up he saw Lloyd trying to hold back the cries this new sensation evoked in him.

Zelos smirked around the flesh in his mouth and increased his efforts, set on finding out how much Lloyd could take before he would cry out again. As he pushed the boy further and further, teasing all those little spots he knew would drive him crazy, he began slowly sliding his hands around Lloyd's hips to his bottom. He felt his own need grow as he felt Lloyd's claw in his hair and his hips grinding into his face.

Eventually he had to give up on making the boy get loud again, after all, he would be wasting so much potential fun if he allowed him to come now. He grinned as his fingers slid deeper between Lloyd's buttocks and was finally rewarded a cry again as he prodded his entrance.

He reached for the lube as Lloyd looked at him nervously. "Zelos- what are you…?"

Zelos grinned. "I'm educating you, Lloyd, what does it look like?"

"Err… I don't know what it looks like but it sure feels very weird."

"You're killing the mood here, bud. Are you comfy enough for me to continue?" He casually trailed his tongue up Lloyd's length again, earning him a surprised gasp.

"Yeah, I'm good."

He grinned and popped the lube open. "Then all I want to hear from you from now on is 'harder' and 'oh, yeah, Zelos, you're so great!"

Lloyd was about to make a sarcastic remark, but was quickly silenced as Zelos pierced him. He closed his eyes and arched his back, attempting to adjust to this new feeling.

Zelos used the brief interlude to slip his own pants off. He slowly pushed his finger in deeper before adding another and slowly stretched the boy below him, preparing him for the next step.

Meanwhile in the next tent, Raine was plotting. In their passion her research subjects had pushed away the bag obscuring her view, so she was now once more enjoying the show.

"I guess I'll let them be for now… It will be so much more interesting when they know what they're missing! Genis, more coffee! It's going to be a long night! Ahahaha!"

Genis sighed and crawled out of the tent and into the frigid night air to fetch his sister some more coffee. A long night indeed.

The boys' tent was heating up quite nicely as Zelos attempted to squeeze the last of the lube from the bottle. He ecentually gave up, figuring almost an entire bottle should really be enough. Getting the sleeping bag too dirty would only lead to annoying, hard-to-answer questions anyway.

He pulled his fingers out and grabbed Lloyd's legs, draping them over his shoulders, then leaning down and nipping at the red spot he'd left earlier on his neck. "You ready, bud?"

Lloyd pressed his lips to Zelos' briefly and nodded, wrapping his arms around his neck. Zelos grinned and leaned down, ripping open a condom and slipping it on, before pushing into Lloyd.

After letting Lloyd adjust a little more they began moving together, Zelos not bothering to hold back as Lloyd wouldn't last very long anyway, being so inexperienced. He sensed no discomfort in the boy so he picked up the pace, thrilled as Lloyd began making those wonderful little noises again.

True enough, Lloyd was soon clinging onto him and rocking along with his thrusts. He slipped his hands between their bodies and pumped Lloyd, who moaned loudly and finally came, throwing his head back and allowed Zelos to push into him even harder. Zelos soon felt his own orgasm approaching and shuddered as he came, letting out a moan of his own.

As they lay panting in the afterglow, Lloyd wrapped himself around Zelos and buried his face in Zelos' hair, sighing contently.

"That was amazing."

Zelos chuckled. "Glad you liked it. Next time you can show me how well I've thaught you." Lloyd grinned at the suggestion of next time and nuzzled Zelos' neck who wrapped his arms around Lloyd and pressed a kiss on top of his head.

He did some quick wiping while Lloyd dozed off against his chest; it hadn't been the lube that had created this biggest mess. He disposed of the towels and the condom in a corner and pulled the sleeping bag around their shoulders, before alowing himself to slip into a peaceful slumber as well.

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