Neji and Naruto have managed to keep their relationship secret for about a year, but now, Naruto wants to let Konoha know who he loves. Read on to find out what happens when lovers clash. Is Neji willing to expose the secret that they guarded so well? Or will their disagreement drive them to seek kinder arms?

Pairings:Neji x Naruto, Kakashi x Iruka, Implied Neji x Sasuke, Naruto x Iruka

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Ch. 1 Are You Mad?!

"Are you mad?! We'll get caught" Despite the obvious resistance the boy would not release the pale hand he held in his. They continued to rush through the green trees away from Konoha. On to a secret place that only he knew of. Very soon he'd share this slice of heaven with the person he loved the most.

"Come on… don't, I know a place I want to show you."

A smile spread on his face as he caressed the boy's long black hair to move him along. His eyes promised something exciting was to come.

"Look, we can't. I mean we shouldn't. They saw us leave together." Neji rubbed his thumb against his forefinger this was an action Naruto had learned to recognize. When Naruto was away for a long time and even after being relieved by his safe arrival Neji's fingers would caress each other if only to pass the time. Every time it rained Neji's fingers began their habit. He hated the rain especially the thunder and Naruto knew that too.

"Are you nervous my little Hyuuga?" A smile spread on Naruto's face. He couldn't help but find it cute when Neji worried. It made it even more kawaii when he also pouted slightly from all the worry.

Realizing what his fingers were doing he knew he couldn't lie. Naruto knew him well. After so much time he had Neji's patterns down to perfection. There wasn't a rainy night he passed without Naruto's arms around him. That was the only thing that could make his fingers stop. Now not even Naruto's firm grasp on his hand could do that. For a whole year they had kept their relationship a secret. He didn't want them to be exposed. Even if they were the top ninja in Konoha now, prejudice would reach them.

"Yes I am and with good reason. What if the girls see? You know Ten-ten and Sakura have been on to us. What if they follow?"

"Well, then they are lucky now aren't they?" Naruto's eyes closed and his prankster smirk spread across his face.

This made Neji even more nervous. The thought of the truth of this bud of a relationship to be exposed to the world made him feel a sickness he usually felt only during mission when they knowingly walked into an ambush.

"Where are we going anyways? You haven't told me you just came up to me and grabbed me by the hand."

"Well it's a special day. I have a special thing for you." Naruto was proud of what he had to show Neji.

"And what's so special about today?" Neji had never been good with dates even if it were the most important moment of his life his memory never did him any good.

"Just wait and try to keep up… you'll see" Naruto had planned this out days before. Well not actually planned in fact it was by accident that he found this certain place in time for their big day.

"You know if you want to touch or kiss me my house is empty." Neji knew Naruto's uncontrollable heat of desire. Ever since that first night he realized how much Naruto could love him. Hours could pass and Naruto wouldn't be satisfied. He still looked upon Neji's body, even after months of knowing him fully, as if it were the very first time. The shyness always took over and his face blushed deeply before his inner self took over. He loved Neji and Neji loved him. It was perfection.

"No, I mean yes, you know I always do, but not now just wait please it's worth it." Naruto picked up the speed he couldn't wait to show this to Neji. It might not have been as good as he made it seem but Naruto fell in love with the sight and couldn't wait for his lover to see it too.

"Close your eyes Nene." Naruto blushed at the nickname he only used at home. Finally they were there. Neji's eyes began to peek. "Not yet." Naruto led him to the middle of this beautiful field. Cherry blossoms in bloom were everywhere. A gentle wind blew as Neji opened his eyes. His first view of this perfect little piece of heaven was unforgettable. A gentle rain of pink and white sakura petals flowed down on to the green grass. Small clear springs filled the air with sounds of bubbling beauty.

"Naruto, where are we?"

"Does it matter? I'm here with you and you are here with me. We are together in this beautiful place. So, does anything else matter?"

Neji just smiled he still couldn't believe where they were standing.

"Naruto what's today?" Neji still hadn't figured it out. It's not as if he couldn't have guessed correctly even if given clues. For a genius Neji was very forgetful.

"Well, I would like to have us play a stripping-guess game but I don't want anyone to see your body. I'll tell you then. Today is a very special day. The best day I have ever lived. It was today that I first held your hand and the first time you ate ramen with me. Do you remember that?"

Neji sighed "How can I forget? That's the day my other half accepted me." Neji leaned in for a kiss. Naruto took him greedly into his arms and their lips melted together. Once their locked lips parted Naruto's hands explored that body he loved the most. He let his hands wander down Neji's back, his favorite place to be. Neji remembering where they were gently pushed Naruto away.

"So you do remember?"

"Of course. I may not remember the date but I sure do remember the day."

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