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Destined: The Charmed Sons

Episode 1.1, Pilot: The Crucible

Chapter Seven

Chris, with his brother's arm hooked over his shoulder, materialized from shimmering white orbs between two buildings that were across the building from the courthouse. The younger witch looked at his brother, "You okay?"

"Took you long enough," Wyatt muttered softly, placing a hand on the alley wall to keep him up once he let go of his little brother. His head was still pounding and his body ached, both from the tumble down the stairs and the electric shocks that had pulsed through it.

"Yeah, well, you didn't exactly wait around to hear the rest of my plan," Chris admonished, "I'm just glad that it worked."

The air behind them rippled in a shimmer that produced D.J. and Andrea. D.J. still had on the red robe from his masquerade inside. Andrea let go of him, sticking her little finger in her ear and wriggling it around, trying to clear the ringing that continued.

"What language were they speaking?" D.J. asked.

"Italian," Chris answered, looking out of the alley towards the building they had fled from. The police squad car still sat idling in the parking lot outside.

"Why does it not surprise me that you would know that?" Wyatt asked.

Andrea was frowning, "I have no idea what any of you are saying. I can't hear a damn thing." When she spoke it was a little too loudly and all three of the boys shushed her.

D.J. looked apologetic though, "Sorry about that."

Wyatt pushed himself away from the wall and held his hands over the sides of Andrea's head. The golden glow appeared a second later. "Better?"

"Much," the Detective said. She moved up beside Chris and frowned at the sight of the squad car and its unalarmed occupants, "The place must have some sort of ward of silence spell on it keeping sound from escaping, because my brothers in blue are just sitting there having a coffee break."

"How's the head?" Chris asked Wyatt.

"Still attached," the older brother said with a ghost of a smile. Chris turned around with a 'not funny' expression.

"No, smartass, I meant from being knocked out," Chris said.

"Tolerable, I've suffered from worse," Wyatt answered honestly, "Where did you two get the robes and masks from?"

"After you decided to run out and fly solo, two of those guys 'blinked' into the room, definitely Warlocks, just not very powerful ones," D.J. said, "Chris and I took care of them."

Chris raised his eyebrows at D.J.

"Okay, Chris took care of them. I screamed like a girl. For the second time today."

"Nothing ever changes with you boys, does it?" Andrea asked wryly.

All three glance at each other and shrug at the same time. Chris finished up for D.J. "After they were down for the count, we took their costumes. That's what I had in mind for doing any way. They just made the work a little easier for us by coming to us instead of us having to go to them."

"We're going back in to stop those guys, right?" Andrea asked.

Wyatt nodded, "Of course we are."

"I don't think so Wyatt," Chris said, adamantly, "There is no possible way I am letting you go back in there. Those guys want to kill you."

"You can't tell me what to do Chris," Wyatt said.

"I hate to say it Wyatt, but I agree with him," D.J. said.

"I third that opinion," Andrea said.

"No way!" Wyatt said, "No. They may want to kill me, but who has the real firepower here? There are way too many of them in there for you three to take them alone."

"If anything," Chris said, looking at D.J. and Andrea, "You two should stay here."

"Excuse me?" Andrea asked, looking at Chris sharply.

"Beg your pardon?" D.J. raised his eyebrows too. Chris and Wyatt were his best friends, the thought of letting them go back in there with a bunch of nut jobs that wanted to kill them alone was ludicrous. Even with D.J.'s self-preservation instinct, the Halliwells were as much family to him as his own father.

"You heard me," Chris said to them, "You two go in there and we'll be worried about keeping you safe rather than doing what needs to be done and vanquishing the warlocks that are in there. I think some of those people in there may be human, but the warlocks are the real threat."

"Yeah, exactly, the warlocks that are trying to kill you both," Andrea said, "And like Wyatt pointed out there are too many of them. You'll need all the help you can get. D.J. and I are not children to be coddled and kept safely at home."

The Detective looked towards Wyatt, expecting the blonde witch to agree with her.

Wyatt had other ideas, "Actually… Chris has a point. He and I should do this and you two should stay here."

D.J.'s jaw dropped, "Hold up! What happened to you dragging me along behind you earlier into this? You're not going to get rid of me now T.B."

Chris fought down a small smile as the three of them got into a heated argument about who should go in there, how to go about it, and the fact that they were all quite capable. If anyone should stay out it should be Wyatt, power or not. Andrea argued that was what the guys were after anyway: Wyatt's power. D.J. was practically jumping up and down arguing with Wyatt. Andrea had her hands on her hips, jabbing her finger against Wyatt's chest and glaring at him. They didn't even notice when Chris gradually eased back from the argument and slipped out of the alley.

---------------------------Fade to Black------------------------

Chris Halliwell orbed into the hallway. He blew out a breath. Okay, step one had worked, he'd distracted his brother, D.J. and Andy so that he could take care of this without any of them risking their necks too. Now he just had to work out the rest of his plan in his head. If he could draw another one of those masked guys out… No, that gimmick was way too obvious at this point. He'd ruined the element of surprise for that one. They'd see through the ruse if he tried that one again. He could go with the direct approach? That would certainly suit his mood, but might also get him killed.

Chris heard something behind him and flinched as an axe came swinging towards his head. The axe slammed into the wall where he had been and Chris turned around. His tongue darted out to moisten his lips as he backed up. There were more guys in the hallway than just the one with the axe. He waved his arm at the masked figures and sent them flying into the hallway's walls. Another blinked in.

He was ready to orb out when someone grabbed his arms from behind, grounding him back in place. Chris jerked, bringing his elbow back into the guy's gut and then lifting his palm towards the guy's face. The man's mask went flying to the floor, the porcelain thing cracking when it hit. A fist connected with Chris's stomach and his arms were twisted painfully behind him again. If he couldn't move his arms, he couldn't use his telekinesis. Aw, crap… Chris thought with a wince as he was drug back into the room that he'd just rescued Wyatt and Andrea from only moments ago.

"Personally, I think you guys owe me an apology for trying to kill my brother," Chris said sarcastically as he was led forcefully into the room.

All those creepy masked heads were turning towards Chris. He tried to elbow the guy again, struggling against the hold and yelped as the guy twisted his arms harder behind his back.

"Nothing personal, you understand," the man said behind him as he was led towards the pentagram on the floor that Wyatt had been bound upon, "But we need someone to complete the circle, unite the elements, and release the power to the entire coven. Then we will bring real trials to the witches."

"Your blood will do just as well as your brother's. If we can't get the elder, the younger will do. Power is power and you're as much a son of the Power of Three as your brother. So long as Halliwell blood is spilled tonight, even the Power of Three will be useless in the coming trials," the large man with the axe said as he got into his position.

"Why is it that bad guys feel the need to detail out their plots?" Chris asked. He grunted as he was flung forcefully to the ground within the circle of the pentagram. Rolling over onto his back, Chris looked glaringly up at them. There was a tense anticipation within the crowd gathered. Okay, this had been a miscalculation on Chris's part. He'd sort of failed to take into account that they had asked where he was too. The axe was raised and Chris lifted his head to look up at it. Okay, crap. He waved his hand now that they were free, trying to send the axe flying out of the guy's grip, but as it started to slip the guy held onto it tighter. Wyatt. Chris sent mentally, tapping into the empathic link that they shared, but hadn't really used in a good two years. Not for communication anyway.

The axe swung and Chris tried to roll out of the way. The edge of the pentagram-circle shocked him like an electric fence. He had moved enough out of the way though. Instead of removing anything important the sharp blade just sliced along his back, ripping through the younger Halliwell's shirt.

"Hey! This is a new shirt!" Chris yelped. There were a few claps from the gathered coven. It had just barely cut against his back, leaving a thin line of blood trickling down. He turned and waved his right hand towards the guy with the axe again, this time he managed to cause the man to back up a few steps and then nothing. It had worked on him earlier! Chris looked at his right hand in accusation for not working. Then he tried his left, waving that to the same effect. It must have something to do with being inside the circle. Chris tried to orb out of the circle and yelled shrilly as the blue pulse of electricity sent him laying, panting on his stomach.

He was definitely in over his head… and as the man swung the axe at him again he sent out a panicked mental scream towards his brother: Wyatt! Chris tried to ignore the little voice that questioned whether Wyatt would even hear that, since it had been so long since they'd exercised the brotherly link between them. He didn't want to call for his brother out loud and trust the Whitelighter senses, that would give the fact that he was calling in the cavalry away and they would be ready for Wyatt. This way they wouldn't know until it was too late. So long as Wyatt actually heard him that was.

This time when Chris rolled out of the way, the axe struck the floor, taking a chunk out of the concrete.

"You should be careful with that thing," Chris said, panting, "you could put an eye out."

---------------------------Fade to Black------------------------

"That is the most ridiculous and sexist thing I have ever heard come out of your mouth Wyatt!" Andrea said incredulously, "I think you ought to apologize!"

"Apologize? You called me a brainless jock that just wanted to go in there and smash stuff!" Wyatt said, throwing his hands up in exasperation, "I simply retaliated in kind!"

"It's still no reason not to let me go with you, Wyatt," Andrea reminded him, "You're just being pigheaded stubborn! Just like I remember you!"

"I am when it comes to protecting my friends and family! I suppose next you're going to bring back the argument that you've 'been to a vanquish before'?" Wyatt asked her. Wyatt. It was a very soft voice and barely heard. Actually Wyatt thought he heard something, but then passed it off as nothing, glaring at Andrea.

"Remember what I said earlier to you about you taking the Reckless Witch award this year, Wyatt?" D.J. asked suddenly.

Wyatt raised an eyebrow, closing his mouth to look at his friend. He'd just been ready to give Andrea another reason why she shouldn't go back in there and why she should just let them handle it. He gave D.J. a 'yeah, well?' look.

"I take it back, you're out of the running again," D.J. made a face, hating to be the one to break the news, "While we were arguing, I think your neurotic, impulsive, gung-ho-demon-fighter little brother just decided to go back in there alone."

"What?!" Wyatt asked sharply. Chris hadn't used their empathic link to call for him since before the younger witch left for college. So when the forceful and panicked sounding yell blared in Wyatt's skull, he jumped. Wyatt! This time Wyatt knew he had heard his brother's voice inside his head. It sounded urgent. Either that, or it was simply because he had realized that it was the empathic link between the two brothers. "Damn it! He got us arguing on purpose. I'm gonna kill him. First I'm going to save him, and then I'm going to kill him. Come on."

Wyatt grabbed Andrea's hand and orbed immediately. D.J. stared at the spot that his two friends had been in a second ago and sighed melodramatically, "Never a dull moment." He shimmered out after them. They were going to need all the help they could get.

Wyatt rematerialized in the ritual courtroom and flicked his hands forward just as the axe was swinging towards Chris again. The big man didn't explode, but went sailing across the room. At least he was away from Wyatt's little brother now. He then turned and flicked his hands at one of masked figures that was starting towards them. The figure exploded into flames and a satisfied smile spread over Wyatt's face. Then chaos broke lose. D.J. and Andrea started fighting off those that were blinking behind them and furiously tried to provide back up for Wyatt.

"You messed with the wrong witch's baby brother," Wyatt said, flinging several more of the coven members away. Never mind that they had tried to decapitate him earlier. Nobody messed with Chris without answering to him.

Chris stood up and tried to run to the edge of the circle again, crying out and sitting down hard, "Damn it! Get me out of here!"

"I should leave you in there for being so stupid!"

"Help now. Lecture later!" Chris snapped back, "Although I don't want to hear it from someone who was spread eagle himself earlier! So save it Wyatt!"

Wyatt moved through the crowd of masked figures, flinging them aside where he could to get to Chris. He grabbed his brother's hand and pulled him out of the circle. D.J. punched a guy in the face and shook his hand, "Ow!"

The guy with the axe was still laying on the ground where Wyatt had sent him sailing. One of the robed figures, a shorter one was moving towards him rather than towards the Halliwells and their friends. Everyone else seemed bent on bringing the four 'intruders' down. As she drew closer to the fallen Leader of this gathering she threw her mask to the ground, not caring that it broke.

One of the warlocks conjured an athame and charged towards Andrea. She spun around in time to see him and threw her hands up, but the blade struck her chest - plunging into her heart - only for blade and Warlock all to go completely through her, leaving her without a scratch. The warlock staggered and turned around to stare in bewilderment. Completely solid, the woman kicked the guy in the groin. "Wyatt!"

Wyatt had already been watching and flicked his wrists, blowing the warlock up in flames. "You know. It still freaks me out when you do that."

"Behind you Halliwell!" Andrea shouted.

Wyatt turned and slammed his fist into the approaching masked figure's face. The porcelain mask shattered and the man collapsed to the floor. He looked behind him at his brother, who was holding his own using his telekinesis to throw, choke, and defend himself, not letting anyone get near him. Wyatt could tell that his little brother was getting tired though. He knew Chris had to be, considering this was slowly beginning to wear on Wyatt too.

The Leader was moving to get back up now and he lifted his head, looking up at the approaching woman. His wife. Her eyes were narrowed as she bent and picked his axe up from the floor. It was obviously heavy for her, but she was bent on revenge for her murdered child. "You killed her…" she hissed, "…you killed our daughter in the name of power." The woman raised the axe above her head. She gasped, dropping the heavy weapon on the ground in front of the large man without getting the chance to swing it. A choking gurgle sounded from her lips and she dropped backwards, staring in disbelief at the athame that had been thrown into her chest.

"She must have inherited her loyalty from you," the man said as he got up. He picked his axe up from the floor and stepped over her corpse, "This belongs to me." He was marching straight towards the younger Halliwell now.

"A spell would be nice!" Andy shouted as she was thrown backwards by one of the masked men into one of the benches. Instead of hitting it, she phased through it and landed on the floor. As many as they managed to get rid of, more seemed to replace them.

Chris flung his hands forward again, sending black robed figures toppling. Then the dark-haired witch kicked one into the pentagram-circle. The warlock tried to charge towards him, only to get shocked. Chris smirked, "Hurts doesn't it?"

"Quit with the witty banter and come up with a spell," D.J. accused Chris as he shimmered out of the way of two figures that ended up stabbing each other.

"Some time today!" Wyatt said, presently surrounded.

Chris wracked his brain to come up with something. His eyes went wide and he ducked out of the way as the guy with the axe swung at him. The axe cleaved into one of the alter tables. "Thanks, but I had a haircut last week!" he said.

"Chris! Spell!" Wyatt shouted.

"Spell, spell, spell…" Chris rolled away from the guy, flinging his arm at him again.

"Remove the evil from within this hall…"

The axe swung at him again and Chris ducked it. The guy just kept coming back!

"Under protection mortals, manticore and witches fall,
Safeguard our allies within this brawl…"

Chris jerked himself out of the way of the axe-wielding maniac again. The guy had a crazed look in his eyes now, more so even than before. The younger Halliwell witch tripped, sprawling across the floor.

"Vanquish our antagonists, please hear our call!" Chris finished with a shout.

The warlocks in the room burst into flame simultaneously, including the large man with the axe now standing over Chris. All at once they exploded, leaving only the mortals who finally gave up and raised their hands into the air. The axe dropped, imbedding in the floor right next to Chris's head, causing him to flinch.

Chris lifted his eyes to see Wyatt glaring at him. The younger boy grinned, "What? I work best under pressure."

---------------------------Fade to Black------------------------

The parking lot outside of the historic courthouse was filled with police vehicles, crime scene tape ready to keep news crews that would be soon to arrive at bay, lit by the flashing lights of the squad cars, and milling with officers securing the area. Tattered and ragged looking members of the twisted coven were being led out of the building in handcuffs. Standing off towards the edge of the action were three young men and one young woman.

"I guess that's that," Wyatt said quietly, watching them lead the last handcuffed figure from the building and load them into a police vehicle.

"I should get over there. Matt's probably ready to tear his hair out," Andrea started to walk off. She stopped, comes back over and gave Wyatt a kiss on the cheek, then gently punched his arm. "Don't be a stranger, Halliwell."

D.J. pouted with exaggerated hurt, "No kiss for me this time? I was the one that untied you and got you out of there… I see how it is. You've gotta be six-foot-one clean-shaven and blonde with blue eyes to get any attention. That's it; I'm bleaching my hair and trading my glasses for colored contacts when I get back home. Watch out Paul Walker! I can see it now, D.J. Anderson, People Magazine's Sexiest Man for 2025!"

Andrea smiled and rolled her eyes, giving D.J. a kiss too, "Your glasses make you look dignified. And don't you dare dye your hair or lose that cute little goatee."

D.J. grinned broadly, raising his eyebrows up and down at Wyatt, "Did ya hear that? She thinks my goatee is cute."

Wyatt just stood there in dumbstruck bewilderment, looking at her. Baffled he lifted his hand to his cheek. Chris smirked with his arms crossed over his chest. Wyatt opened his mouth, and then closed it again. Then the blonde witch's face spread into a brilliant grin. "I guess I'm off the hook for not keeping in touch?"

"If you think getting me kidnapped, nearly getting your head eighty-sixed from your body, busting my ear-drums, and solving my murder case is going to get you off the hook… you don't know me very well," she teased him. Then she gave Chris a kiss on the cheek and ruffled his hair. Andrea leaned in close to the younger man and whispered in his ear, "Keep him out of trouble, will ya?"

Chris smiled, and then sarcastically offered, "I'll do my best. But I'm not a miracle worker. You see what I'm working with here…"

"I forgot what it was like to be around you boys," Andrea let out a cheerful chiming laugh. The three young men watched her as she walked off and returned to the mix with her fellow officers. Ducking under the crime-scene tape, Andrea flashed her badge to the younger officers. Then she was out of sight.

Once Andrea is out of sight, Wyatt slugged his little brother in the arm, "I heard that."

"That was the point," Chris said.

"Hey… what time is it?" Wyatt asked, tapping his watch, which had been broken during the fighting at some point.

Chris's emerald eyes went wide, then he shouted in realization, "Oh crap! Mom and Dad!"

Wyatt's eyes went wide too and he looked down at his battle weary clothes, "I'd better get changed before they get there. Don't want Mom to see me like this…"

"I've got a hurricane to clean up before they get there, if they aren't there already waiting outside the apartment door," Chris said. He'd have to use a spell, but he rationalized that it wasn't personal gain. He was doing it for his Mom to save her from having a heart attack.

D.J. put up his hands, "Don't look at me. You two are on your own with that. I've had enough 'fun' for one day." That said the half-manticore shimmered out of sight.

Exchanging worried looks with each other, the Halliwell brothers glanced towards the crime scene to make sure no one was looking and vanished in a cloud of orbs.

---------------------------Fade to Black------------------------

Evening images of the city roll through. People enjoying the nightlife as they stroll along. Cars driving on the streets. Flashes of the architecture of the city lit with evening lights. Finally the images settle upon a taxi cab pulling up in front of the apartment complex over the nightclub that Chris and Wyatt live in.

Song: "Boston" - Augustana

Piper closed her cell phone again as the Taxi pulled up outside of the building that her two sons were living in. "They still aren't answering, Leo." The woman was on pins and needles at this point. She had been ever since Chris had hung up on her while they were still trapped in Chicago. This was at least the twelfth time she had tried to call them since landing in Boston.

There was music coming from the club that was run out of the bottom floor of the building and young people lined up waiting to get in. Piper, a club owner herself, barely even glanced at the place in her concern for her children. Usually she paid more attention to other successful clubs for ideas of how to improve her own. Not as much attention as she paid restaurants, but neither would have caught her focus right then. She climbed out of the cab as it pulled over.

Leo frowned at his wife, still thinking that she was worrying too much. Granted, the man was concerned too when their children hadn't picked them up at the airport, but something probably just came up. They were both adults now; it wasn't illogical that they'd had some event or other to get caught up in. It didn't always have to be something demonic.

Leo pulled some money from his wallet and handed it to the driver. He looked towards the nightclub as he went to the trunk to get their bags. 'Avalon'. The man had to smile at the irony that his two sons were living over a club that went by the name of 'Avalon'.

Piper was at the side door that was a separate entrance into the building up to the apartment complex above. She was pushing the buzzer repeatedly for her son's apartment. "Something is seriously wrong, Leo…"

"I'm sure you're worrying over nothing," Leo said for the millionth time. He grunted as he hefted the heavy suitcases and carried them towards the door.

"We need someone to buzz us in," Piper said, trying the door. The woman hit the buzzer for the boy's apartment again, "I don't like this Leo. I don't like it one bit."

As she was hitting the buzzer again the door opened. A young woman, about five-feet seven give-or-take an inch, with sandy, shoulder length hair and eyes the color of warm honey walked out. Seeing Piper and Leo standing there, Samara held the door open for them. Leo's forehead creased when he looked at her and a hint of recognition lit the man's sea green eyes before he shook it off. He'd thought for a second that he had seen her before, but it was possibly just that she had one of those familiar faces. It was nothing.

"Thank you," he said, carrying the bags inside.

Piper entered a moment after him, while the young woman closed the door and headed off on her way down the street. Hefting her oversized shoulder bag that was weighed down with the large tome she had taken from the family's attic, she poked her husband in the ribs, teasing, "Don't think I didn't see that, Mister. I saw you give that young blonde co-ed the once over."

Leo laughed and smiled at his wife, leaning down to kiss her, "You should know by now that you're the only woman in my life."

"I'd better be," Piper smiled, knowingly, "Because I could blow you up into itty-bitty pieces if I found out otherwise." Growing more serious again the woman started up the stairwell with Leo following her, "Our sons had better be in their apartment and have a very good excuse for giving me more gray hairs."

They got to the third floor and Leo put the bags down outside the door of apartment 3A, while Piper proceeded to knock on the door as loudly as possible.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" they heard their youngest son's voice call from inside before he opened the door, smiling. Chris gave his mother a warm embrace and then did the same for his father, "Hey guys!"

"See, I told you there wasn't anything for you to worry about," Leo said, "Hey, Buddy."

"Where have you been, young man? I don't know how many messages I've left you," Piper asked, walking into the apartment after her relieved hugging of Chris. The apartment was spotless and she smiled rather proudly, without knowledge of what it had looked like literally seconds before she had knocked on the door. The smile only lasted so long before she narrowed her eyes suspiciously at Chris while he helped his father bring the bags inside, "Where's your brother?"

As if in answer to that question, the door handle to Wyatt's room began to rattle and a fist could be heard pounding on it from the other side, "CHRIS!"

Piper raised her eyebrows, taking note of the crime scene tape stretched over the door in question and a little knowing and crooked smile quirked the mother's lips upwards, "I see…"

"Chris this isn't funny! CHRIS!" Wyatt shouted again.

Chris coughed innocently, fighting down his own smile, "So, you two want to leave your things here and we go to the club downstairs? They've got a Valley of Silence cover band playing that's supposed to be pretty good…"

The doorknob to Wyatt's room continued to jerk. The sound of jingling orbs on the other side could be heard and were followed by a heavy thud. The doorknob started twisting again with more pounding, "Chris! This is me: not laughing! You just wait 'til I get out of here!"

Chris did grin then, holding the door open for his parents. Piper ruffled her youngest son's hair and kissed his cheek as she stepped into the hallway. Leo just shook his head, eyes twinkling in amusement and followed his wife.

"Have fun cleaning your room Wy!" Chris said, "And no magic!"

Chris shut the door to their apartment behind him.


--------------------------End Credits Roll------------------------------

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