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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The wedding was beautiful. The palm trees swayed lightly with the wind on the island they had played on as children. The priest held a pao pau fruit identical to the one that they had shared when they had first started dating. He stood in the center, looking amazing. Her eyes began to tear and her breath caught in her throat.

They had been dating since they were fifteen. Images shot through her head. Images of him as he looked when she promised that she would never forget, and the man that she had temporarily forgotten. Kairi looked up, the same tears falling down her cheeks. He hadn't changed much in appearance, little pieces of the Sora she had first fallen in love with still poked through, yet he was different, more serious. He was still humorous, yet he always remembered the struggles he had been through.

She loved him, always had. She was still ashamed that she had forgotten him for a year. Yes she had had some visions, like ghosts of the past, shadows of his memory. Once she had remembered, she set off to find him, to apologize for forgetting. She had finally found him, and had tried to stay by him, no matter what. She had taken a vow and was concreting that vow now. Riku held a hand out to her, and she tightened her grip on her oldest friends arm. He looked amazing as the best man, and her best friend, Lyerea, looked equally as beautiful as maid of honor.

Riku kissed her cheek as they reached the alter, and clapped Sora's shoulder, whispering something in his ear. She held her breath, and the ceremony began.

Sora looked at his bride. He felt his stomach drop. She was beautiful. Riku walked her up the aisle and kissed her cheek. He clapped Sora on the back, and whispered into his ear. "Take good care of her, she deserves it." Sora nodded and took her by the arm. They turned to face the priest, the ring burning white-hot in his pocket.

After listening to a long rant, Sora liked at Kairi, who whispered softly, "I do." His heart leapt into his throat. How am I so lucky?

The priest continued and Sora listened closely to every word. "…til' death do you part?"

"I do."

"Then you may kiss the bride." The priest declared.

They kissed lightly and waited for the priest to continue. "Sora, take your ring, slip it onto her left hand, and say, "With this ring, I thee wed."

He recited and slipped the silver ring onto her finger. The diamond sparkled in the tropical sunlight.

Kairi repeated the action and slipped her own ring onto his finger, the engraving on the band hidden. He knew what was engraved. It was the same thing she had said to him when he finally returned home. "My hero."