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Radar Stood outside Father Mulchay's tent, mentally shocked as the full impact of what he had heard hit him. The MASH unit was not purely Muggle, but rather a mixture of that and Magical personnel. He personally knew of three others with magic, well, four now. Margaret Houlihan, though she pretended she was just like everyone else, was a Beauxbaton's educated witch. BJ Hunnicut had gone to Salem. Colonel Potter to Michigan's magic school. And Hawkeye. Who'd have thought? Hawkeye, one of the most famous wizards ever to exist. Yet, perversely it made sense for him to be a healer, helping normal people whenever he could, as though to make up for another's sins. He had never told anyone, not even BJ or Margaret, about his double life. That seemed sad, somehow, to him, as though a page of history was missing, yet, out of friendship and loyalty he could never tell anyone.

The next day, a lone military transport drew up to the MASH, in it were seven people, Korean all. However, instead of guns, they held wands. The battle for the MASH unit had begun.

When Hawkeye left the post-op theatre, it was to chaos.

Flashes of light were everywhere, screaming, and blood. Overwhelmed, he sprinted for the Swamp, grabbing his own wand from the footlocker, and running back into the fray. The first person he saw was Margaret, bleeding heavily from a wound in her side. Carefully, he helped her from the battle field, mumbling healing spells he had learned, by necessity, under Voldemort's attack. Shouting at her to stay, he turned and tripped, and in front of Margaret's eyes, two shards of blue glass fell from his eyes. When he looked up again, they were a fierce Emerald green, leaving her to brokenly whisper one word. 'Hawkeye'.