Three Gundams collide and a new battle begins

It all started with a dimensional hole. A very annoying and TROUBLESOME hole! The Gundam known as Captain wasn't paying attention to the gateway. That was the worst mistake he made before he and his teammates were thrown into an alternate world!

Meanwhile, in another world similar to theirs, another Gundam faced the same predicament, but with very different results. Instead of not paying attention to the hole, Wing Zero and its pilot were closely monitoring it. Heero Yuy, a young Gundam Pilot was a tad annoyed at the appearance of the hole. He was supposed to escort his crush, Relena Peacecraft, to the meeting in an hour. He would never make it and nether would she.

Heero and the other pilots face the same fate as Captain and his team. But they went through the gateway by choice. They ended up in a new world not to different from their own. Relena was with them, only because she stowed away on Wing Zero. The other Gundam pilots, Dou, Quatre, Trowa, and Wu Fei were very shocked at the fact that there were worlds other than their own.

Whilst the two Gundam worlds converged, a battle between two other mechas raged. The fight was between Neo-Japan and the Dark Gundam, piloted by his own brother. Domon, the fighter for Neo-Japan, had no idea of the twists that fate had in store for him that day. Rain, his mechanic and partner, was worried because she did notice the arrival of the Gundams!

"Heero where the hell are we?!" griped Dou, pilot of the Gundam Deathscythe.

"We're in an alternate dimension you baka!" growled Heero in response.

"How do we get back home?" asked Quatre, pilot of the Gundam Sandrock.

"I'll take us back after we find out what that dimensional hole was doing here!" replied Heero.

"Where are we Shute?" asked Captain.

"I don't know Captain. It definitely isn't Neotopia!"

"Wherever we are, it doesn't appear to be peaceful," commented the Winged Knight known as Zero.

The samurai Gundam of Ark made no comments.

"Domon! There's something strange a few miles off from here!" yelled Rain after Domon had managed to escape from his enemy the Dark Gundam.

"What do you mean strange?"
"I mean that several strange Gundams just showed up out of nowhere!"

"Gundams showed up out of nowhere?! I'll go check it out now."

Domon Kasshu went to investigate the strange arrivals. He was astonished to find several boys his near his age and a mile away there were chibi-sized Gundam next to a young boy.

"What the hell is going on here? I better go see who the teens are first!" Domon headed towards the group of normal looking Gundams first.

"Who are you?" asked Domon and Heero in unison.

"My name is Heero Yuy. And you areā€¦?"

"Domon Kasshu, fighter for Neo-Japan. What are you kids doing here anyway? Are you participating in the Gundam fight as well?"