A/N: I write this trying to get out of a writer's block so they are not really good but it helps me a lot. The three drabbles are written involving the same idea: he feeling guilty for loving her. Thanks for reading it.


Never take anything for granted. I don't remember who said it to me but it's as true as the sun shines everyday. As I see her walking down the aisle I can't help but to think how innocent I have been. An idealistic fool taken away from reality by undying loves and romances written on paper or seen on tv.

True love is real. Only a few get the chance to feel it but I'm not that fortunate. I'm always late. As hard as I try, I always fail at my purposes. There has to be something I do wrong or maybe it's me who is wrong. But now, nothing really matters as I've just lost my final battle in love.

Deep friendships are always a great start for romantic relationships. Liar!. Whoever said that was a big fool like I'm now. With him, I've shared a great friendship and I cherish our moments together. I've been a good friend, he's been a good one too and we could have been good together but our romantic involvement would only bring bad memories about Claire to him. I'm too much involved in his past to start a love story.

That's why he's with her. Because she's smart, beautiful, funny, has strong beliefs…. A copy of Claire yet different…. And when he looks into her eyes, he doesn't see bits of a painful past. I want so hard to be her… I envy her so much that it sounds childish. But I've never been so sure in my life of wanting to be with someone.

She's past my seat now, so, I take a good look on him. This will be my last memory and I won't share it with anyone. He looks gorgeous dressed in a tux and his blue eyes glow as I've never seen them do so bright. He sees me gazing at him and mouths "Wish me luck". I smile widely and put my two thumbs up to let him now everything is going to be alright.

I want to move on. Truth is I may never get past over him.