The Beacon

Summary: Sam finally discovers the demon's plans. In the end, will Dean save him or hunt him?

Disclaimer: If I actually got sued over this story, then something is very wrong with the world. It's Kripke's sandbox; I'm just borrowing some of the toys. I'll put them right back, I promise.


Chapter Three: History Repeats Itself


He barked out a laugh. "That's a good one, Sam. But I think it's time you know what is so special about you. The suspense is killing me. I can't wait to see your reaction."

The demon stopped, facing Sam head on. It's eyes burned yellow once more. "You know, I am very happy I know how to describe you, Sam. For most of my children, they don't get a position, not even a name. But you are different. You are my lieutenant. You, Sam, are my beacon.


Dean leaped out of the bed, ignoring the glass sticking out of the carpet. Immediately, Dean registered a few things. First, there was no blood. That could mean several things; that Sam wasn't physically injured, at least not in a way that could lead to him bleeding out. Or that Sam hadn't been able to get in enough of a fight to even draw blood from his attacker. Second, nothing was touched. Well, other than the complete wreck that the room was now. But the bag of weapons they always had stashed between the beds, Dean's knife under his pillow, or the .45 Sam had recently gotten into the habit of putting in the bedside table.

Guess they weren't after the big guns. Just Sam. Dean ran to the bathroom, knowing the chances of Sam being in there were less than 0. But still he had to check. Nothing. Damn it.

Dean paused, running his hands over his face. Okay Dean. Just think. Sam's been gone before. I just need to think. I can figure this out. Dean froze. How could I miss that? Dean closed his eyes, knowing how much worse the situation was now. The smell of sulfur twisted in the air, taunting the hunter.


The demon's smile grew wider, it's teeth shining. "You found my children for me, Sam. Just when they were turning, you would have a vision of them, yes?" The demon wasn't asking.

"No." Sam muttered. He gave a small shake of his head, refusing to accept it. I did not do that. "No, I wouldn't. You couldn't have known what I saw. They are my visions."

"Oh, Sam. Did you ever wonder why your vision always hurt you so much? Why Max didn't feel any pain? How Andy and Webber wouldn't get headaches unless they over used their mind control?" The demon wagged his finger back and forth, like he was scolding a young child. "Shame on you for not figuring it out. That pain you have been so kind to endure has been the link. Your mind was linking itself to me, letting me see what you saw."

The demon gave a chuckle. "Can you believe how pleased I was? How amazed I was to see Max as you saw him? I honestly did not think you would have been able to link up to me on your second vision. Very unexpected. And just in time too. Just was I was needed to intervene."

Sam sat, slowing shaking his head. His eyes were wide, almost in shock. "I… I helped you?! I told you when they were…"

"Ready, Sammy. When they were ready for me to… well, pick them up, for lack of a better phrase. But let me tell you, I was not happy to find you took it upon yourself to go to my children. And try to save them from their passage. You stole a few good soldiers from me, Sam. Max. Webber."

"They were killing people" Sam spat out.

"And now their souls are burning in hell instead of being alive, here on earth. Fulfilling their destiny." The demon sighed. "And it's all thanks to you."

Sam turned his head away, or at least as far as he could while tied to the chair.

"But enough chit chat. I think it's time for you to make a few acquaintances. I'll start with someone you might remember."

The demon stopped next to the young hunter, reaching out its hand to someone beyond Sam's vision. A figure walked in front of Sam, giggling into her hand as Sam gasped in surprise.


"Hey Sam. Nice to see you again." The girl smiled, showing her trademark goofiness.

"Ava, we have to get out of here. We aren't safe…" Sam's voice trailed off as he stared into her eyes and her smile registered. He let out a sigh, his head dropping slightly. "He already got to you, didn't he?"

Ava grin grew wider. "He? He who?"

"That fucking demon!" Sam shouted, practically lunging out of the chair. He could feel the energy of the room hum, almost like it was responding to his outburst.

A flicker of fear passed across Ava's face. She immediately stepped back into the shadows, other people placing themselves between her and Sam.

"Now now, Sam. Be nice to Ava." The demon stepped back in front of Sam, leaning in. "She was kind enough to show me where you were tonight. All ready to be picked up and brought into the family." The demon smiled slyly. "She's quickly becoming my new favorite."

"Oh, I hurt." Sam rolled his eyes, the sarcasm practically dripping. "I thought we had something special."

The demon barked out a laugh. The room filled with slight laugher from the others in the room. "Oh Sam. I forgot. You haven't been processed yet." He slid down, placing its hands on Sam's knees. Sam tensed himself, willing his legs not to tremble at the cold touch.

"You remember my boy, don't you? My son, who had the misfortune of being quite jealous of you, if I recall. It was his ultimate downfall, I'm afraid."

"If I recall, Dean was his downfall. Killed him pretty easily too." Sam smiled. "It must have been hard, sitting in my dad's body, watching Dean shoot him in the head. And you, unable to do anything without revealing who you really were."

The demon brought its face closer to Sam's, stopping barely an inch from his nose. It lowered its voice to a whisper. "Actually, it wasn't hard. Not hard at all. Watch!"

Without warning, the demon grasped Sam's head with both its hands. Pain instantly flared across Sam's head, light blinding his eyes. Opening his mouth in a silent scream, the hunter squeezed his eyes shut against the pain, willing himself to pass out if only to make the pain stop.

And then, it was gone. With as gasp, Sam opened his eyes. He wasn't sitting anymore. In fact, he wasn't in the room anymore. Now he was standing on a street corner, the sun shinning brightly on his face. He gave a laugh of disbelief.

"Now this can't be real." Sam muttered. Quickly, he scanned the area, checking for anyone who could have seen him appear. He frowned, looking again at the buildings around him. "This seems familiar."

Suddenly, he heard a grunt of someone being hit. Quickly, Sam turned the corner, but stopped short at the sight in front of him. "No way."

Sam's eyes grew wide as he watched himself being beaten in the face, the demon's son sitting on top of him. Sam saw Dean and John in the corner of his eye crouching in front of the building all three had just climbed down from.

Sam's jaw went slack as he recognized the scene in front of him. It had only been a year after all. "Talk about déjà vu" Sam whispered.

The young hunter stared at himself, wincing at the memory of the pain caused by the punches. But he frowned. There was something different this time. Now he could hear someone shouting.

You bastard! I was here first. It was suppose to be me. He wants me to lead.

It wasn't loud, but more like it was coming from far away, or under a heavy blanket. Even though Sam had never heard the man's voice, he knew without a doubt he was hearing the thoughts of the Demon's Son.

Why are you so special? You are only a boy. Not even fully human! I am his favorite! I will stay with him! You will never-

The voice cut off. A feeling of surprise and pain flowed over Sam. His ears rang with the after affects of the gunshot. Sam watched the body as it fell, a wisp of smoke escaping the boy's mouth with a small cry of pain as the demon felt itself die.

Everything began to fade and blur. Sam let out a gasp, sucking in air as he was pulled back into the room. When he finally caught his breath, the young hunter looked up, finding the yellow-eyed demon smiling down.

"You understand now, Sam? The boy of mine was quite a pistol. Very jealous of you and how you played in my plans."

"To be honest." Sam wheezed, "I wouldn't mind handing the position over."

The room rippled with laughter. "Nope. Sorry Sam-boy. This position has been yours for millennia. No getting out of it. John knew it, too. And Dean." Sam froze, his breathing all but stopping. The Demon grinned, enjoying Sam's reaction. "Oh yes, Sam. Your brother, who you are so sure will save you from me, knows that you can't be. It was written and who am I deny fate?"

Someone behind Sam coughed, followed by a quiet shuffling. The demon glanced up and nodded. "And now Sam, it is time for you to join my family. For you to finally gain your inheritance."

Sam's mouth dropped open, giving a small laugh of disbelief. "Wait, what? You can't… what the hell are you talking about? What the fuck was written? And no offence, but what the hell kind of transition was that?! You can't say I have a fate and then just-"

"Shut up, Sam."

The demon's eyes flashed, the yellow spreading across the calm brown. Faster than Sam would have thought, the demon reached around behind him. All Sam saw was a flash of metal before a sharp pain flooded his arm. Sam's eyes widened, his voice catching in his throat as blood slowly seeped out of the cut running the length of his arm. He let out a short hiss, fighting the urge to show any other reaction to the pain.

Sam turned his eyes up at the Yellow Eyed Demon, shooting defiance out of his hazel ones. "Is that… all you got? Sam let out a laugh, biting back a scream as the pain suddenly increased.

"I said, stop talking, Sam." The demon stared intently at Sam's arm, watching the skin slowly pull apart, the blood flowing out of the wound.

Sam let out a gasp of pain, watching his lap turn red. "Stop… please stop…"

The Demon lifted his eyes, staring into Sam's, which were beginning to glaze over with pain.

"Don't worry Sam." The Demon took a step forward, kneeling down in front of the young hunter. "It will be over soon." With a flash of yellow, the Demon leaned forward, putting his lips to the cut and began to suck. Between his pulsing lips, black smoke slowly trickled over Sam's arm before thrusting itself into the open wound.

The room filled with Sam's scream.


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