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NOTE- This will contain SEASON 2 spoilers. I.e. the roadhouse crew. But Dean will not be getting with Jo. This Is before no exit, and anything after that is AU.

Summary- Dean and Sam head to the roadhouse, after finding out that Ash has some info on the demon, while there things take a drastic change, John comes back from the dead, but is that a good thing, and who actually is the mystery hunter that brought him back.

Beneath my skin

Ellen looked over at her daughter as she hustled one of the hunters that were in the roadhouse. She could hear her laughter and shook her head, surveying her as she made her way back over to the bar, counting the money in her hand.

"Ash said that Dean and Sam will be arriving tonight" Jo looked up at her mother's slight smirk and stuck out her tongue. Sure Jo thought he was hot, but she was never going to take the relationship past the occasional flirting, she knew that he had too much on his mind with his dad's death, and she had to admit she didn't want to add to his emotional stress.

Dean turned to face his brother and shook his head slightly, ever since Andy had killed his brother Sam had been quite and withdrawn, almost never talking to Dean and when he did it was usually only a few words, and sometimes Dean didn't even get then out of him.

Dean leant over the seat and gently shook his brother awake; Sam stirred slightly and looked over at his brother, who had a concern on his face that he was trying to mask.

"We there?" Sam questioned sitting up in his seat and stretching in a cat like manner, Dean surveyed his brother with another look of concern before nodding his head, and exiting the car.

Dean couldn't help the nagging fear that kept creeping up on him, every time he thought about the demon or Sams abilities, truth be told after seeing what Andy had done, no matter under what circumstances, he had killed someone, just like the demon wanted him to. And that scared Dean more then he was willing to admit, because that meant if Andy could do it then so could Sam, and Dean knew with Sam shutting himself of, he was going to head down a path that Dean couldn't follow, he just hoped he could reach him before that happened.

The door to the roadhouse opened letting a blizzard of cold air in, and Ellen looked up from wiping down one of the tables. She smiled warmly when she saw that it was Sam and Dean, but the smile soon turned into a frown, when she saw the youngest boy.

To say that Sam looked tired would have been an underestimate, he looked exhausted, his eyes were drawn, and his face was pale, and he seemed to almost shy away from Dean.

"What took you guys so long? Never mind, you better see this" Both Dean and Sam looked over at Ash, and frowned every time they had seen him he was bouncing with energy but now he seemed as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

"So Ash what ya got for us" Dean asked while sitting back into his chair, lounging his legs out in front of him, while Sam hunched himself over the table, and placed his head into his hands, and surveyed Ash with a look of curiosity.

Ash surveyed the two brothers before turning the lap top around allowing the two men to see the screen. Dean was the first one to look up at Ash, anger in his eyes, but Sam looked up at him, with a mixture of hurt and understanding at what he was seeing.

"What the hell Ash, I thought you said you would be able to track it" Ash looked over at Dean and nodded his head. The Screen showed police and newspaper reports, telling how two houses burned to the ground killing everyone inside, including there six-month old babies. The police report saying that it was an electrical fault but they couldn't find anything wrong with the wiring.

"He knows we know" Dean turned to Sam he wasn't sure he was hearing things, because he had spoke so quietly. Dean did a double take at the look on Sams face and shook his head; if it was possible Sam seemed to have drawn into himself even more.

"Sam what the fuck?" Ellen rushed over to them, clipping Dean round the head.

"You guys mind keeping it down" Dean nodded his head, his cheeks burning red slightly, and he turned back to Sam.

"Sam" He said it quieter this time and Ellen walked of back to the bar.

"He knows that we know how to track him, so he's obviously changed his mo" Dean stared at Sam as if he had grown to heads, and then turned to face Ash, hopeing beyond hope that Sam was lying, but a quick nod from Ash let him know he wasn't lying.

"Shit" Dean bowed his head, and turned sheepishly in Ellen's direction, smiling innocently when he saw her hands on her hips.

The roadhouse door opened once again and all three occupants turned to look who was entering, they were shocked when they saw a small, somewhat timid looking women enter the roadhouse, her head held low against the wind.

The girl pulled her bag closer to her body and closed the door behind her, her eyes taking in the room from behind a curtain of hair. She stopped just in front of the door, more then aware that all eyes were on her, and her hand came up slowly to move the hair out of her face.

Once the hair was removed, a kind face with rosy cheeks looked back, her eyes darting around the room, obviously searching for someone, or something. Her eyes finally landed onto Ash, and she smiled slightly removing the bag from her shoulders.

"Max" The girl now known as Max allowed her bag to fall to the floor, and She Bridge the gap between herself and Ash, her arms wrapping around his body tightly.

Both Sam and Dean watched the scene with a mild curiosity, Dean shook his head, but Sam eyed the knew comer with interest, and his mind pulled out to her, as if it recognized her.

Sam didn't take his eyes of her while Ellen came from behind the bar and pulled her into her chest before holding her at arms length as if to check if she was real, before hugging her tightly once again. But what shocked Sam even more was when this Max turned to Jo. Sam winced when Jo's hand connected with the women's face. Her head snapped to the side, and when she turned to face her she was pulled into a tight embrace.

Both Dean and Sam were left sitting alone, while the others busied themselves around the women. Dean turned to face Sam, but continued to listen to the conversation that the others were having, and by the looks of concentration on his Sams face, so was he.

"Three years, no calls, no nothing…..we had given up………..we thought you were dead" Max nodded guiltily and turned to Jo, I gave her im sorry look.

"But you got why I had to do it, I mean it wasn't safe, hell it still isn't safe for me to be hear" Ellen placed her hand on her hip and surveyed the women in front of her.

"Then why are you?" Max looked up, before her gaze wondered over to Dean and Sam, she dropped her gaze before locking eyes with Sam.

"To bring John back"

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