Beneath my skin

Max started down at the letter In her hands and sighed she knew this was the end had felt it for the past couple of days, ever since Dean had told her about the demons real plans for her. She knew it would be her the demon would come for knew it would end with her.

She placed the letter addressed to Dean in the back of her pocket knowing that JO would give it to him if anything happened to go wrong to day. She quickly grabbed hold of the other piece of paper that was placed in front of her and quickly read over it making sure she had everything she was going to need.

She knew Dean would blame himself and maybe Sam to, she also knew JO would blame herself for not doing anything more, not that she knew what was happening, what Max truly had in mind and that's the way it was going to stay, but she knew the letter she had just written to Dean would put most of his worries to rest, and when the time was right he would allow the others to see it to.

Quickly grabbing hold of her gun she exited the bed room and headed in the direction of the room two doors down from her own, she knocked quickly and urgently, everything she was doing to was fast and urgent and she just hoped she wasn't going to make a mistake because a mistake meant this war would continue even further then it already had.

"Max hey" Jo greeted a nervous glint in her eyes as she twiddled a gun between her hands. This would be the first time she was actually in a hunt that meant a damn, a hunt that would bring about the destruction of the demon, the thing that had taken away her brother, Jos boyfriend.

Max shut the door with a soft click and her eyes wondered around the room, she hadn't really been around JO for the last couple of years and the guilt was beginning to rear its head. She should have been there, but the guilt of what she had done had eaten away at her, she had been selfish, it wasn't just her who had lost Tommy.

"You ok?" Max questioned with concern as Jo clicked out the chamber of her gun and re clicked it back into the chamber. She stopped her movements and turned her head to the one person she classed as a friend, she nodded her head with only a slight hesitation.

"You taught me well" Jo replied with only a hint of humor, Max nodded her head and once again the guilt crept through her veins, Jo shouldn't have to be here shouldn't have to feel the same hate filled revenge that every one else did, she should have protected her better.

"I know I haven't been there as much as I should have been" Max started only to have Jo raise her head, her eyes widening with shock and slight understanding and Max had to wonder whether she was that transparent.

"You had just lost your brother I understand Max" Jo replied removing herself from the edge of the bed and stood up her arms folded across her chest in defiance a stance Max had perfected while hunting with her father.

"That's no excuse Jo, you lost him to, I took him away from you and for that im sorry" Max said doing everything she could to hold the tears in, she couldn't give into them yet not if she was going to do what she needed to do.

"No the demon took him away from us, Max I understand I do" Max nodded her head, she was glad someone understood because she sure as hell didn't, she would never be able to get rid of the haunted look in her brothers eyes before she shot him and one small thing she was thankful for was JO had not witnessed what she had.

"Just remember your training and you'll be fine" Max stated firmly straightening her back as she rid herself of the memories, she would call them up later when she was having second thoughts about what she was going to do.

Jo nodded her head and straightened her own back as she wiped away at the tears that had escaped her eyes when she thought back to the one person she had ever truly loved.

"You didn't just come here for that did you" Jo accused and Max winced slightly it was just another point that her and Jo were no longer as close as they had once been and Max knew they would never be that close again.

"No….. I need to ask you something…you're the only person I can trust" Jo nodded her head not quite understanding where Max was going but by the look on her face she knew she would not like what ever she had to say.

She watched Max with a close eye and she pulled out a whit envelope from the back of her jeans and she began to fit everything into place.

"I want you to give this to Dean in case something happens out there" Jo hesitantly took the envelope from Max's hands and looked down at it the reality of what they were about to do hitting her for the first time.

"Max" Jo started and Max shook her head.

"Jo please if something happens and I don't make it back give him that and tell him I love him, if nothing happens then burn it." Max stated firmly her eyes locking with Jo telling her that she had made her mind up in its entirety and that nothing was going to change it.

Jo looked down at the envelope again wondering what it gods name it could contain she turned it over and saw that it held nothing but Deans name, she sighed and hoped that she would never have to pass this on. She placed it on top of her table and when she looked up Max was gone.

Dean weighed the silver bullet in his hand and smiled, if this really worked then it was over and they were free. His and Max's amulet had been melted down into a liquid and with a carefully read Latin spell and added salt and holly water the liquid had been made in to a perfect bullet. They had one chance if they screwed it up then they were all screwed.

His dad walked into the room and dropped a bag onto the floor his eyes wondering over to his eldest son. He nodded his head not quite believing that everything could finally be ended that by the end of the night the demon could be dead. No not could would be dead, John would be damned if he let the demon go after all this time.

"What do we do about Sammy" Dean questioned lifting himself of the floor where he had been sitting for the last hour going over every thing in his head, every course of action that could be taken, every option that the opposite team could make and their own move if things didn't go to plan. All in all Dean thought they were pretty set nothing could go wrong, well plenty of things could but he had all that worked out.

"Transference he sees you touches you then he should revert back to normal, you're his strongest link Dean even the demon can't break that" Max stated entering the room. Dean turned around and nodded his head; he would do anything if it meant getting his brother out of the demons grips.

"You sure it will work" John questioned turning his own eyes onto the women responsible for bringing him back. Max sighed and placed a battered book onto the table in front of them.

"If not the incantation on the first page will but I would rather use Dean"

John looked around the room at the hunters who were going to be coming with them; he nodded his head and took a breath this was ending to night.

"You ready?" He questioned and was more then pleased to hear a round of yes sirs

"Then let's end this"

"Shit" Max cursed causing Dean to turn around and raise his brow as they made there way to the cars.

"I left my amulet at the house" Dean roamed his eyes back to the woods and groaned this wasn't a detour they could take, he bit his lip knowing that she would never leave for a hunt with out it, it wad bad enough the one her father gave her was now melted down into a bullet.

"Look just go ahead ill take my car and ill meet you there" Max said after seeing his hesitation, Dean hesitated again he didn't want to leave her behind but he really didn't see a choice in the matter. He nodded his head slowly.

"Ok just be quick" Max nodded and smiled walking over to him and wrapping her arms around her neck.

"Ill be right behind you, you want even no im gone" Max replied before kissing him, her hands slipping down to his trousers her hands removing the gun from the waist band of his jeans and replaced it with her own.

She pulled away and leant her head against his she smiled and kissed the tip of his nose before turning on to her heal and making the trek back in to the woods.

The cars squealed to a stop and doors banged open and closed as a dozen hunters removed themselves from various cars there's guns drawn the only one not holding a gun was Dean, that would come later when his brother was safe.

Dean relay didn't want to do this without Max about but he knew it would be a good ten minuets before she turned up and he wanted his brother safe. He turned his head and watched as John nodded his head; Dean returned the gesture and walked up to the door that was being kicked open by a hunter whose name he didn't know.

He walked into the main room in time to see Sam grab hold of Mike by the throat and lift him to his feet a knife pushed so close to his neck that a trickle of blood was leaking away from under the knife.

Dean saw the hunters raise the guns taking aim but he raised his hand slowly and shake his head.

"Tut Tut Tut you should just let them shoot, little Sammy here is to far gone, in fact he didn't even fight me when I finally was able to posses him, in fact I didn't know why I didn't think of taking everything that he cares about away from him before, it would have saved me a hell of a lot more time and effort"

The demon laughed his eyes turning yellow with a evil smirk placed across Sammy's features and Dean was slightly unnerved because that look didn't belong his baby brothers face.

Dean went to step forward Max's earlier words running through his head, he had to get to his brother, get him to remember and then he would fight like hell that he was sure of. But Dean hesitated there was something in Sams eyes that was causing him concern, the demon was in pain.

"Aah" He moaned his grip on Mike weakening ever so slightly.

"What are you doing?" He questioned and Dean turned his head wondering whether his father was doing something but when he shook his head he became instantly confused the only thought he could think of was that Sammy wasn't as gone as he thought.

Another pain filled moan filtered through the room and Dean winced because it was his brother's voice and face that was contorted in pain. He watched as if in slow motion his baby brothers body convulse before letting go of Mike and fall forward the demon expelling from his mouth.

Dean didn't even remembered moving didn't remember leaping forward to grab hold of Sam as he fell, and he didn't remember grabbing his gun, but two things made themselves painfully aware, his brother knew who he was, and the gun in his hand wasn't his but Max's.

"Dean" Dean lowered his gaze to Sams pain filled voice and he grabbed hold of his hand letting him know he was there and wasn't going any where while he tried to think of a reason he had Max's gun.

"Max" Sam wheezed out and Dean lowered his gaze again to see Sams panic stricken gaze looking at him.

"She summoned him"

Max moved herself from the summoning equipment on the floor and brushed down her trousers she wasn't far from the house that Dean and the others had just raided in fact she was in the back yard, she didn't want to be close to Dean when she didn't what she was about to do, but she had to make sure that Sam was ok she had to know he was ok before she did anything else.

She knew that shooting the demon the second he was expelled from Sam's mouth was risky and wouldn't work, knew that the only way to kill the demon is if he was in a human host who died killing the demon while it was at it. She also knew that she couldn't tell Dean that little fact because he would have just gone looking for someone innocent person to kill and she couldn't let that happen, this was the only way.

The demon materialized in front of her and she smiled even though her heart was beating two to a dozen she took a breath and allowed her thoughts to be over come by thoughts of what the demon had done of the lives it had destroyed.

"You want me you asshole then here I am come get me" She goaded thinking for a second that the demon wouldn't, that it was to smart to fall for something so simple, but she hoped that the demon would only see her and her fake amulet and that his greed would be its downfall. She almost smiled when she saw the demon making his way towards her.

Dean rounded the corner Sam and his father in toe just in time to see the demon make its way over to Max, her name died on his lips when he saw her hand on her jeans his gun, the gun with the bullet, hanging loosely in her hand.

He surged forward trying to reach her to get her out of the way but the demon had completely consumed her, he yelled out in fear but it was muffled by the gun shot that seemed louder then it was.

He reached her just in time to catch her falling body, he knew she was dead so he didn't have to check her pulse, no one could survive I close contact gun shot wound to the head, but it didn't stop him checking her pulse.

He found himself oddly surprised that there wasn't more blood, he thought there would have been more. His breath caught in his throat and he found it hard to breath as he looked down at her face, her perfectly un flawed face, her eyes were slightly open and with a shaking hand he closed them.

He didn't even register that he was crying until he saw a tear land on her cheek; he took in a gulp full of air and held her closer to his chest the blood seeping into his chest.

"Dean" Sam questioned hoarsely as he fell to his knees behind his brother, his hand going to his shoulder as his eyes fell to Max and the tears fell from his eyes to.

Dean turned his head slightly and Sam was shocked by the raw emotion in his eyes and for a spit second their roles were reversed, and Sam knew that this is what Dean must have felt when he rescued him from the fire. Completely helpless unsure of how to help him through the pain, un able to do anything to make it better.

"Sammy" Dean chocked his arms tightening around her body and he was only slightly comforted by his brother's tight grip on his shoulder. He chocked back another sob as his eyes turned back to Max; he bent down kissing her on top of the head his hands smoothing away her hair.

He turned his head back to Sam begging him to make it better to make the dull ache in his heart go away, to just make it all go away, because if this was what Sam felt after Jess survived then he's surprised that he survived.

"I didn't even get to tell her I love her"

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