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(1st Christmas with the Truesdales)Alexis and Syris are 8 Atticus is 9 and Zane is 10.

Eight year old Alexis, and Nine year old Atticus along with there Parents are going over their new neighbor's house. The Truesdales where having a small get together, in honor of Christmas.

"Hello? Where here!" Mrs. Rhodes said as her and her family walked through the doors of the Truesdale home.

"Shirley? Hello! We're in the living room." Mrs. Truesdale yelled back.

The two families gathered in the Truesdales living room. Atticus and Zane where in the same class in elementary school, and Syris and Alexis both went to the same ballet class.

The four children sat in awe looking at the sparkling Christmas tree. Mr. Truesdale was really a perfectionist.

"Gingerbread men cookies anyone?" Mrs. Truesdale asked, holding out a tray of steaming hot cookies.

All four children took at once.

"I-I-I like your dress Alexis…" a nervous Syris stuttered.

"I hate dresses… they are annoying" she answered.

"Lexis that was rude! Apologies to Syris! Or you won't get this back." Atticus said, grabbing her cookie

"Hey! Atty give it back that's MINE!" Alexis said, trying to grab the cookie back.

But Atticus just held the cookie higher then she could reach. Alexis tried to jump, but little Atticus wasn't so… well little

Under normal circumstances, she would have just stormed off, but this was getting personal… IT WAS HER COOKIE!

Her eyes welled up, she couldn't hold it in.

"Wahhhhhh" she cried.

She slunk herself onto the couch, sobbing quietly.

"Here…" a voice said

There stood the adorable ten year old Zane Truesdale, giving Alexis her cookie back.

"Thanks…thank you Zane. You're a lot nicer then my brother…" Alexis said… blushing.

But all they heard was Atticus little laugh

"I spit on your cookie Lexis" he said

"Ewwwww!" both Zane and Alexis said at once, throwing the cookie.

Atticus ran out of the room, little Syris toddling after him.

Alexis started crying again." I like gingerbread men cookies"

Zane looked at his cookie; just the leg was bitten off. He broke it in half,

"Here take this; I'm not all that hungry anyway"

Alexis blushed, surprised at his offer,

"Okay, I mean if you really mean it…thanks Zane"

They both smiled, and then something unexpected happened,

Alexis gave the older boy a hug.

Mr. And Mrs. Rhodes, and Mr. and Mrs. Truesdale where standing in the doorway. Smiling at their children.

"Beth, isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?" Mrs. Rhodes whispered.

If Zane and Alexis weren't blushing before, they sure where then.

Atticus and Syris pushed there way past there parents.

"Hey guys look up!" Atticus laughed.

They did slowly…Eyes widening

Oh No! Syris thought… not realizing where his brother and Alexis where sitting.

Directly under the Mistletoe.

There faces turned beat red… and then

"Awww isn't that sweet!"

Zane leaned in and kissed Alexis on the cheek, it only lasted a second but…


Atticus camera went off.

He ran outside instantly… he had planned ahead and was already dressed in his coat and boots.

"Atticus! WAIT UNTILL I CATCH YOU!" Zane said, jumping off the couch… running outside barefoot… Shame it was snowing…

(5th Christmas with the Truesdales)Alexis and Syris are 13, Atticus is 14 and Zane is 15.

Fifteen year old Zane, his little brother Syris, and their parents where walking over to their friends the Rhodes house.

For the past five years, The Rhodes and Truesdales had spent Christmas together. It was a fun time for both families. But… every single year, Zane's best friend Atticus had Tricked Him and Alexis under the mistletoe. It was never anything major, just a Kiss on the cheek. But Zane always had a little thought in his head when it happened.

Alexis and I are much smarter then Atticus, why does he manage to trick us, or are we always letting ourselves be tricked… just so we could share that one moment, that one perfect moment….

But he shook it out of his head, every year, just long enough to kiss his pretty friend on the cheek.

"Big Brother are you going to Kiss Alexis again?" thirteen year old Syris asked.

Thinking because if you don't… I will

It seemed as if both Rhodes boys had a little crush.

"Maybe… depends on how much thought Atticus put into his plan this year" Zane answered

Syris nodded his head.

The Family took off there Jackets, hanging them up on the hangers in the coat closet.

"Hello! Shirley we're here!" Mrs. Truesdale said. Walking into the hallway.

The families greeted each other, happy and smiling.

"Kids we want all of you to come in here!" Mrs. Rhodes said walking towards the Rhodes den.

The tree was fantastic, with tons of Ornaments, a full set of Santa's Reindeer, all fourteen of them.

Atticus was walking around with a video camera, saying that he wanted to be a director and he needed inspiration.

More like blackmail Alexis thought.

"I want all of you to open these presents tonight," Mr. Rhodes said, as each of the parents handed a kid a shiny silver envelope with there name on it.

Alexis took no time opening hers

"Modeling lessons, how thoughtful…"

Then Syris opened his…

"Poetry Workshops? Cool!"

Then Atticus opened his

"Surfing Classes! AWSOME!"

Then Zane…

"What does this gibberish mean?" he asked

"That means that you are going to take dueling classes this semester." Mr. Truesdale answered.

"But I don't need dueling lessons… I'm already the best in the ten to eighteen division…" Zane mumbled

"What was that dear? You where mumbling" Mrs. Truesdale asked

"Nothing…" he answered.

Alexis walked over, jealous…

"How come YOU got the dueling classes? And I got stuck with modeling…" Alexis asked.

"Because you're so pretty Lexis" Atticus cut in.

"Shut up, you got Surfing lessons… why am I the only one who got stuck with something lame!" Alexis cried

The parents stood there, shocked by Alexis's outburst.

"You know what, I'll make you a deal, you duel me, If you win, I'll swap classes with you… but if I win, you have to take your classes, be happy about it, and you have to come to all my duels for the next year so you'll actually learn how to duel." Zane said, smirking.

Alexis laughed at the thought of Zane taking modeling classes… but knew she would probably loose….

"Fine! I'm getting my deck!" Alexis said, running towards her bedroom.

The parents rolled there eyes and went into the kitchen to get more Egg (uhh) Nod.

"Zane you have your deck?" Atticus asked his friend

Zane nodded

"You want to borrow my duel disk?" Atticus asked

"Okay…" He answered

"Kay, stand right there" Atticus said as he grabbed it from on top of the couch.

Zane took a peek up…

Mistletoe he thought

Alexis returned with her deck and her duel disk.

Atticus gave his disk to Zane.

"Will both the competitors please shake hands?"

Alexis took a small peek up while she slowly stepped towards Zane.

Mistletoe she thought

But she kept going

Syris held Atticus's video camera, knowing what was coming next.

When Alexis made it, she held out her hand.

Zane did to.

"Hey guys, look up!" Atticus laughed

"Got you for the fifth time in a row!" He laughed harder.

Alexis leaned in to kiss Zane on the cheek; Zane leaned in to kiss Alexis on the cheek.

They both realized what was happening, but neither stopped.

They Kissed, Square on the lips, and before they realized it, they each deepened the kiss. It felt strange for both of them, but at the same time… a relief. Both of them had gotten over there fear.

Atticus burst out laughing.

"MOOOOM DAAAAD! ALEXIS AND ZANE ARE MAKING OUT IN THE LIVING ROOM!!!!!!!" Syris screamed, dropping the Camera.

Alexis and Zane Finally broke apart. Blushing redder then humanly possible.

"ARE NOT!" Alexis screamed.

Atticus calmed down a little bit

"Really? Let's go to the tape!" Atticus grinned as he grabbed his camera and ran for his life.

"Atticus, I am going to kill you!" Alexis yelled, taking off after her brother.

"And then I am going to dig you up, bring you back to life, and Kill You AGAIN!" Zane said as he to started chasing the Brunette.

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