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Background: this is the eleventh year with the Truesdales… Zane is 20, Atticus is 19, and Alexis and Syrus are 18. Everyone has graduated from the academy. Alexis is going to college in domino because she has yet to get a Manager to become a pro. She lives with Zane in his apartment because it is close to her school. Atticus and Syrus are both also in College but live in dorms. Atticus and Syrus are both home for the holidays.

Zane seems a bit OOC but its for two reasons, one because he opens up more with Alexis and isn't all cold and hard. And the second reason is because he is in the pro leagues, which also made him come out of his shell a bit. (Also because I had a lot of really funny things in this chapter that I couldn't do with Zane In Character…)

Even though it seems like the next day, it is Christmas Eve a year later.

"Lex, Alexis, wake up" Zane said, shaking her slowly.

Alexis completely ignored him. She was very tired because Zane had a duel the night before that had lasted… well, forever.

"Lex, its 11:30" Zane said, trying to wake her up.

"You gave me the time, what's the weather?" Alexis grumbled.

"Cold with a one hundred percent chance of you waking up." Zane said, pulling the covers off of her.

Alexis groaned, curling up into a ball.

"Alexis… you're not going to win this" Zane said, rolling his eyes.

"I'm sleeping" She said, trying to grab the covers.

Zane didn't argue, he just went into the bathroom and started filling up the bathtub.

Alexis opened her eyes and realized she was in Zane's room, again.

Okay so they had gotten in at about one thirty in the morning after the duel. Zane was overly happy. The duel was against Edo after all, and he had won! And we all know what happens when a guy is in a high streak like that… (Yeah… Atticus is going to have a field day with this one…)

Zane came out of the bathroom and walked over to the bed.

"Alexis I'm warning you, get up." He commanded.

"Nope, I'm sleeping now…" Alexis said, smiling as she pulled the blankets tighter around her.

Zane smirked and lifted Alexis out of the bed.

"AH! What the heck are you doing, put me down!!!!" Alexis screamed.

"I warned you" He said, carrying her into the bathroom.

"Put me down!" Alexis screamed.

Zane didn't say anything, he was holding Alexis next to the bathtub, ready to drop her.

Alexis wrapped her arms around Zane's neck, hoping that she could hold on to him in the event that he really did drop her.

She screamed one more time.

Zane rolled his eyes and put her down on the floor.

"Zane Truesdale I hate you" Alexis said.

"Would you prefer I dropped you in?" Zane said, smirking a bit.

"You are so immature sometimes" Alexis pouted

"Hey, you're awake aren't you?" Zane asked.

Alexis pouted and shoved Zane out of the bathroom.

"Merry Christmas Alexis, oh and your brothers coming over in about ten minutes, By the way" Zane said, going into the kitchen.

Zane sat in the kitchen, eating pop tarts. One of the plusses of living with Alexis was that she actually knew how to cook, so it wasn't like he usually had to resort to eating packaged foods.

Alexis walked into the kitchen, wearing sweatpants and a tank top, her wet hair was piled in a towel on top of her head.

She grabbed the second pop tart out of the package and began eating it.

"Giving me the cold shoulder?" Zane asked.

Alexis didn't answer.

"You know, if I hadn't woken you up, your brother would have." Zane told her.

Alexis soaked in the words, thinking about what would have happened if Atticus had discovered that she was in Zane's bed.

"So why's he coming over anyway?" Alexis asked.

"Because, he says that we cant have a Christmas get together without having a tree…" Zane explained.

Alexis nodded, remembering one year when she was six, they where staying in a hotel in the Alps and Atticus made a big fuss out of not having a Christmas tree.

"And why are we having it here?" Alexis asked.

"Because our parents are in France so we have no other place to have it…" Zane explained.

The phone rang.


"If its my manager, I'm not here…" Zane said, handing Alexis the cordless.

"Nah, I'm still mad at you, you can answer it." Alexis said, hitting speak and handing it to Zane.

Zane rolled his eyes.

"Hello? Oh hi Atticus, she's right here…" Zane held out the phone for Alexis.

Alexis was making slashing movements under her chin as to say I'm not here, but Zane was ignoring her.

"Hello Ni-San, yes I just woke up, huh? No Zane picked me up and threatened to- Oh you want to talk to my brother Zane?" Alexis said grinning evilly.

Zane, once hearing where Alexis was going with the conversation was mouthing give me the damn phone

"Yeah, um, could you… um… No I didn't threaten to do that! Who do you think I am? Atticus you are a pervert. Never mind see you soon… bye, No Alexis just left the room."

Zane put his hand over Alexis's mouth.

"Yes, Okay bye Atticus…" Zane said hanging up the phone.

Alexis broke away from Zane's hand.

"Your brother is so annoying." Zane said

"Yeah I suppose he is, but it doesn't give you an excuse to manipulate him while on the phone… so what did he think that you did anyway." Alexis asked

"You don't want to know…" Zane answered

"Tell me" Alexis said

"Trust me you don't want to know" Zane said

"What?" Alexis asked, her curiosity growing.

"I'll tell you when you're older" Zane said.

"That wasn't nice; I'm going to tell him what you did when he gets here!" Alexis said.

"Be my guest, but then you're going to have to explain you where in my bed…" Zane said, knowing that he had just won the argument.

Ding Dong Ding Dong

"Atticus…" Alexis said, jumping up from the table.

The two siblings exchanged polite hellos.

Atticus was holding a small tube, and put it on the kitchen table.

"Hello Zane." Atticus said grinning.

Zane made a half wave, he was currently digging through the cupboards to find the coffee maker.

"Can my sister even reach that high up?" Atticus asked, sitting on top of the table (sorry I have a really bad habit of that, I have a height complex… it just seems like something Atticus would do though…)

"How would I know?" Zane asked.

"Yes Ni-San, I can reach that high, I'm not that much smaller then you…" Alexis said.

Atticus frowned… hating to be reminded that he was rather, small, in comparison to other fully grown men. Not as small as Syrus, but not nearly as tall as the Kaiser.

"So what happened this morning anyway?" Atticus asked.

"Nothing…" Alexis said, holding back a blush.

"Seriously what happened?" Atticus asked.

"I had to use the Jaws of life to get your sister out of bed." Zane said, monotone.

Atticus laughed.

"How late where you up last night anyway?" Atticus asked.

"We got home at about one in the morning…" Alexis answered.

"Yeah, I know, but how late where you up? I mean after Zane beating Edo and all, I'm sure you two had a little celebration…" Atticus said, suggestively.

"Atticus! That's so… Atticus!" Alexis yelled, blushing furiously.

"Holy crap I'm right? OH MY GAWD!" Atticus screamed happy.

Zane, who was much more level headed at the time cut in.

"You're a pervert, you know that right? So what's in the tube?" Zane asked.

"A Christmas tree." Atticus said.

Both Alexis and Zane looked at him with a complete blank face.

"Come, I'll show you…" Atticus jumped off the table and carried the tube into the living room.

Alexis and Zane both looked at each other, confused. Then they decided to see whatever Atticus was planning.

"Stand Back! 1, 2, 3, Christmas Tree!" Atticus said, pulling the tube open.

A large tasteless tinsel tree popped out, fully decorated.

"That's, one big tree…" Alexis said.

Zane was speechless.

"Isn't it awesome!" Atticus asked.

"Sure…" Zane said, walking back into the kitchen.

He was obviously mad at something.

Atticus picked up on it first.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Atticus asked.

"Oh, I forgot to buy more coffee." Zane answered.

"Are your neighbors home? I'll go borrow some from them!" Atticus rushed out of the apartment faster then a speeding bullet.

Alexis walked into the kitchen laughing.

"At least its not a real tree, then there would be a huge mess." Alexis said.

"Its repulsive, can we just strap it to Atticus and chuck both of them out the window?" Zane asked.

"Funny…" Alexis said, opening another one of the cupboards…

Zane sat at the table, cradling his head in his hands.

"Here, happy victory over Edo…" Alexis said, plopping a chocolate bar down on the table.

Zane cocked his head, confused.

"Caffeine…" Alexis answered.

"I'm Back… Oh my Gawd your neighbors hot!" Atticus said, walking back into the apartment with coffee in hand.

"Mrs. Crabmyerstealfeicantthinkofaname? Isn't she like, pushing eighty?" Alexis asked.

"no, she cant be any older then Alexis, and my gosh is she hot!" Atticus said, handing Zane the coffee.

"Her granddaughter… Hannah?" Zane asked, putting the beans in the maker.

"Oh yeah, nice girl, doesn't follow dueling at all, but she's smart." Alexis said.

"And she's Hot!" Atticus said.

"You know Atticus, there are times where I think that you're gay, and then you start talking about girls…" Zane said, amused.

"You think I'm Gay!!?" Atticus said.

"Sarcasm Ni-San…" Alexis said

"Oh… So can I invite Hannah over here tonight?" Atticus asked.

Zane rolled his eyes, pouring himself a cup of very black coffee.

"Yeah, whatever…" Zane said.

"Awesome because I already did!" Atticus said grinning.

Alexis sighed…

"Atticus, aren't you supposed to be studying for your midterms?" Alexis asked.

"Yeah… CRAP! I was supposed to tape last minuet shoppers on Christmas Eve… Thanks for reminding me… got to go!" Atticus said as he ran out the door.

"Goodbye" Alexis and Zane both said.

"It is times like this where I am so happy that Atticus is forgetful…" Alexis said, walking into her bedroom.

Zane just sat there, trying to absorb the bitter liquid.

(Later… about six thirty PM)

Alexis knocked on Zane's door, hoping to get access to their shared bathroom; the door leading in from the hallway was locked.

Zane was sitting on his bed, making sure he had all the gifts he had to give out wrapped.

Syrus: A new laptop for college… Check.

Atticus: Special computer software for editing videos… Check

Jaden: A gift card to a game shop, and his personal tips for handling the press… Check

Alexis: …………………..

He had Alexis's gift, but he just didn't want to wrap it yet. He wasn't sure if he was ready to give it to her… okay so he was he was just scared to… Yes Zane Truesdale was scared.

"Zane! Unlock the bathroom!" Alexis yelled.

"Fine…" Zane said, going into the bathroom and unlatching the door.

"Happy?" He asked.

"Considering, that now I can wash my face? Very." Alexis said, turning on the sink.

Zane ran back into his room and hoped he had left Alexis's present out of sight.

He decided to see if Alexis had wrapped everyone's presents.

I'm not spying… I'm just curious. He told himself.

Alexis's room was on the other side of the apartment; its door was in the kitchen.

It used to be his storage room, so it was decent sized, but now the walls where painted purple and there was a bed and a dresser.

Alexis had left the presents on her bed.

It was some random stuff, and Zane really couldn't tell what was for whom.

But something caught his eye… it was hidden behind her night stand, peeking out from the pile of books.

A home pregnancy test box… and it was open.

Zane panicked, until he saw the post-it note on top. Written in Alexis's handwriting it said.

8/13… Atticus's going away to college present… that pervert…

Zane rolled his eyes, knowing Atticus would be the type to give his sister something like that.

But he still was a bit scared… but this was Alexis after all… it couldn't be

Zane walked into the kitchen, eyes bugged out…

"hey… where's the fire?" Alexis asked, walking out of the bathroom looking like a goddess with her hair blown out and her makeup on.

"In your brothers car… he scared me today, that's all" Zane said, picking up a gingerbread man cookie and biting its head off.

"Tell me what he said on the phone… its been annoying me…" Alexis said,

"Oh… OH… I told you I'll tell you when your older…" Zane said, blushing from the memory of Atticus's wording.

"What did he say, if you tell me, I'll tell you something really important!" Alexis said, running her hands through Zane's blue hair.

"No, its to perverted to even consider telling you… especially considering you're his sister and all" Zane said, truth was he was worried about what Alexis was going to tell him in return.

"Please!" Alexis said, kissing him on the cheek.

"Nope…" Zane said.

"Not even for my Christmas present?" Alexis whined.

"No… I won't tell you until you're older." Zane said.

Alexis paused for a second…

"I'm older… tell me what he said!" Alexis whined.

"Will you stop whining?" Zane asked.

Alexis nodded.

Zane rolled his eyes and whispered it into her ear.

"EW! That's so gross!!!!! I am going to kill Atticus for even thinking of something so perverted…" Alexis said.

(I'm leaving it up to the reader to make up their own version of what Atticus said… I have an idea but its more fun this way!)

"Told you…" Zane said.

"Do you want to know the thing I was going to tell you?" Alexis asked.

"Uh… s-sure…" Zane said, his stomach flipping over.

"Well you remember how I've been doing all those minor league tournaments lately…" Alexis started.

Zane was relived, glad it wasn't going… well there….

"And winning them all… yes" Zane said.

"Well, when I got home from class on Friday I got this call from the pro league… and they want me to become a professional duelist! They said I could start this spring when the new season starts!" Alexis said grinning.

Zane's eyes bugged open.

"No way… that's awesome!" He said, giving Alexis a hug.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong!

Alexis opened the door, to reveal Jaden and Syrus covered in snow and holding several presents.

"Hey Alexis!" Jaden said

"Nice to see you Haden, how are the pro leagues?" Alexis asked.

"Sweet!" Jaden answered, dropping the presents with a satisfying THUD.

Syrus walked over to his brother, handing him a package and whispering something to him.

Zane looked confused at first and then nodded his head.

Syrus rushed over to whisper something in Jaden's ear.

"Merry Christmas Alexis!" Syrus said, obviously not planning on telling her the secret.

"You to" Alexis said, confused, what's going on? She thought.

"Wow what a sweet tree!" Jaden said.

Alexis and Zane sweat dropped.

"Its repulsive jay…" Syrus corrected.

"I think it's awesome!" Jaden said, admiring the horrible tinsel tree.

The other three turned around, Jaden all of a sudden fell on the floor, banging his head.

"Oh my gawd! Zane you beat Edo phoenix last night! Wow Congratulations!" Jaden said.

"Thank you." Zane said.

"Whoa… Syrus your hair is blue!" Jaden said, as if he had just realized it.

"Alexis… oh my gosh you have brown eyes!" Jaden said, shocked.

Syrus, Zane, And Alexis all looked at him confused.

Atticus then walked into the apartment… thank goodness he was empty handed, a petite girl with pale purple hair followed him. Atticus was correct… Hannah was very pretty.

"Hey guys… Jaden, Syrus, This is Hannah; she's Zane and Alexis's neighbor." Atticus said.

Jaden instantly turned around and waved, Syrus was confused but said hello as well.

"…H-h-h-h… Hi…" Hannah squeaked.

"OH MY GAWD! Atticus! Atticus! Atticus!" Jaden said, jumping up and down.

"Oh my gawd Atticus… your hair is brown…" Zane muttered to Alexis.

"I vote for Atticus, you're short…" Alexis muttered back.

Both of them smirked and held back their laughs.

"Jaden, Jaden, Jaden, WHAT?" Atticus said, half amused.

"Well during the first year at the academy… we went on this trip with professor Banner… to the tomb keeper's world… you know where we both got the spirit pendants? Well when I was there and there was this girl… I cant recall her name… she was pretty… right before I left she told me that if I see Atticus to tell you she was waiting for you… now what was her name…" Jaden said.

Atticus looked confused, then upset… and then… Mad.

"And you waited until after I graduated and left the freaking island to tell me?" He asked.

"I just remembered it… we where kind of preoccupied for the rest of the year…" Jaden said, backing up slowly.

"Jaden I swear I am going to pummel you!" Atticus said, angry.

"Atticus… s-s-s-stop…" Hannah told him

Jaden took a few steps back, then a few more.

Atticus followed him, ready to beat him into a bloody pulp.

Hannah reached hold of Atticus's sleeve, trying to stop him.

Alexis looked at the scene before her… horrified.

Zane stepped in.

"Hey Atticus, look up" He said.

And sure enough, Atticus and Hannah where standing directly under the mistletoe.

Atticus's mouth Hung open.

Syrus Jaden burst out laughing… Soon followed with snickers from Alexis and Zane.

"I told you I would get you…" Zane said.

Atticus grabbed a startled Hannah and gave her a kiss in front of EVERYONE.

"Jaden, I'm still going to kill you, but its Christmas… lets celebrate!" Atticus said.

And that year had to be the best year yet!

(Later that night… or maybe it was the morning… screw it, it was a time where most normal people are sleeping.)

"Can we get rid of that horrible tree?" Zane asked, they had just finished cleaning up.

"Yeah, sure… I hate it…" Alexis said.

Zane lifted it up and chucked it in the hallway.

Alexis was sitting on the couch, resting her head… she may have hit the cookies a bit too hard.

"Zane, can I talk to you about something..?" Alexis asked.

"Yeah, sure…" Zane asked.

"Do you think… that I… what I'm trying to say is… never mind…" Alexis said, going towards her room.

Zane looked at her walk away.

Now or never Zane... he told himself.

He grabbed Alexis's gift from the pile.

The door to her room was locked.

"Alexis, hey I want to ask you something…" Zane said.

"Just a minuet…" Alexis said, you could tell from her voice something was up.

She opened the door smiling.

"I want to give you your present now…" Zane said, handing her the small unwrapped jewelry box.

"Oh, thank you." Alexis said.

"I'll be in my room…" Zane said, shutting the door.

Alexis looked at him confused, but let him walk away.

Zane sat on his bed, shutting his eyes waiting for Alexis to scream…

Three… Two… one… he counted down in his head.

Alexis screamed

Zane smiled, predictable

She ran into his room about a second later.

"Oh, my, are you serious…? No seriously… are you kidding?" she asked.

"No" Zane said smiling genuinely.

Alexis reached out and hugged him.

"So I take that as a yes?" He asked.

Alexis smiled and nodded.

Then she frowned.

"What's wrong?" Zane asked.

"Um… Zane…I, I'm…" Alexis bit her lip.

"Yeah…?" Zane asked.

She took his hand and smiled.

"Zane merry Christmas" Alexis said.

"What are you actually trying to tell me?" He asked.

"Zane I'm pregnant." Alexis said.

Zane stared at her for a second before giving her a kiss. Well what's a Christmas without a surprise?

Wow bet you didn't see that coming… I tried to hint at it… but I also tried to make you forget… I actually wasn't planning on doing that… I just liked it after I wrote it...

Happy Chrisamahannahquanzaka!