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Ryu presents: Awaken the Fighter


After the second chunnin exam...

Naruto walked home in silence. He wasn't jumping up and down because he beat Kiba in the first round. He was still mad on the count of that Hyuuga bastard almost killed Hinata. Sure she was a weird girl but she was practically the only who cared about him. Plus she didn't deserve it. And top it all off, the conflict with Kakashi-sensei set it off.

Kakashi-sensei made some damn excuse to not Naruto and dumped him on that weak-ass jounin named Ebisu who he beat with the Sexy jutsu, and he was the dead-last so that show you how weak he was. If Kakashi knew weak he was, he wouldn't do that or maybe he would. He was probably more or the same in heartlessness to him like the villagers. And just for what... the Kyuubi? Didn't anybody see him as a person and not a vessel?

...he guess nobody. He also guessed the rookie nine would flip on him for that like in a second if they knew. That didn't discluded Hinata either.

All he wanted to do is go home and sleep on it even if it was like 3:00 PM. He's NOT going to train with such a weak ninja like Ebisu in his life. Looks like he was going to fail the exams.

Suddenly he saw a lady getting mugged for her purse by some teenagers. Naruto was about to step in until...

"AHHHHHH!!!" "S-Stop it!" "Who are you..."

After that he seen three bodies K.O. on the floor.

The shadow had a white headband on his head with a matching ripped up kimino shirt and baggy white fighter-like pants with no shoes and red gloves. His hair was total brown and had tanned skin. He was about 5'9 or 5'10 and he looked pretty serious. Then he smiled at the surprise lady.

"Here you go miss. Here's your purse."

"Oh thank you kind sir."

"Oh it was nothing."

Then he just up to the rooftops and jump away. Naruto had only one thought in his mind.

' Wow! He's good! I want to ask him if I can be his student.'

Naruto jump after him but keep his distance.

This keep up until two hours later. The man suddenly stopped.

"I know of you're there. Come out."

Naruto looked shocked and was amazed yet again.

"Hey! How did you beat those kids back there? You didn't even use chakra. Are a shinobi?"

The man blinked and laughed soon. "No. I'm not. I am simple a fighter. I only use my fist and the power of the Hadou principle."

"What? You're a taijutsu user?"

"Hmm. You can say that."

"What Hadou anyway."

"Hadou is kinda of like ki and that thing you ninja use. Chakra. It's like a force of complete power that can be used in any way that offense of defense."

"Oh. I want to know something. Do you..."

"...think that you can teach me, right?"

"Y-yeah. So can you?"

"Hmm. I usually don't take students..."

"Oh..." Naruto said a little saddened. The man looked at him sadly.

"But I see in your eyes that you have great potential. Tell you want. I will take you as my student."

Naruto beamed suddenly. "R-Really?"

The man nodded. "Yes but you got to promise me something."

"Yeah anything!"

"Promise me that you will use your powers for good only. I can't have anybody who's learning my style use it for evil. That would be disgraceful okay?"


"By the way. Tell me... what's your name?"

"Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki. And you mister?"

"Ryu. Just Ryu."


A month later...


The exams had started very quickly. An hour ago, Shikamaru fought Temari and quit, complaining that he had no more chakra even though he enough to defeat Temari. Because of Kankuro quitting, Shino won by default. Shino, even though he didn't show it, was itching to fight. Now that the hour pass and people was looking forward for the Uchiha's match but he didn't come yet so the Sandaime held the match back being generous like he was. Which led to Naruto's match with the Hyuuga. Now the hokage was a generous man indeed and was going to hold it back too but the crowd was getting too anxious and that was the only match besides the Sasuke-Gaara match-up. If Naruto didn't come in a few minutes, he would have to foreit.

Two minutes had passed and the time of foreit was apon. One of the Hokage's ninja, an anbu guard came up to him and said, "Sir the Uzumaki is not here yet. What should we do?"

The Hokage sighed. He knew this might come to this.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Naruto Uzumaki is-"

"-Is here and ready!"

All turned their attention to the loud voice that was coming from the arena. A tornado came from the arena and out came two built guys. One with brown chestnut hair with all white on and red gloves and a man or teen with long blond hair (which looks like Super Saiyan 3 Goku) and all black. In fact the attire was the black verison of the first man's outfit except he had a red spiral on his.

Ryu and Naruto stared at the Hokage and crowd which included Neji.

"Naruto Uzumaki is here. I'm his new sensei, Ryu. Just Ryu."

The Hokage looked shell-shocked for one minute then smiled and nodded.

"Then let the competition begin!"

The crowd cheered and yelled for the fight to start.

Naruto turned his attention to Neji. Ryu jumped to the stand of the Hokage. The Hokage looked serious and stared at the man.

"Did you teach Naruto the..."

Ryu nodded.

"And the..."

Ryu nodded again.

"So he must know about his bloodline abilty then."

"Yes. The Go-ruden no Tenshi (Golden Angel) has been unlocked inside him. I personally should know. I have the same abilty."

"So he is able to achieve the Reido Youshiki (Zero Form) then."

"Yes. It is possibly for him but it strains so much on his body. With a few years, he can master it and the effects wouldn't be very fatal."

"Well let's see how good he is now."

Ryu nodded. He wanted to see how good will his student do but he already knew of the outcome.


In the arena... Naruto Verus Neji


Naruto looked impassive at his oppenent. He had showed no emotions on the battlefield. Like a true shinobi but only better. He wasn't just a shinobi now. He was a fighter, just like Ryu-sensei. He had a intensive training time with Ryu and learned the style of him.

The Ansatsuken (Murderous/ Assassin's fist) was a very strong and fearsome style. Ryu had been cautious of him using the style. He couldn't use the style to kill somebody unless that person was threatining another's life. And the Hadou power...

Neji stared at the grown boy. He had to admit, Naruto looked like he could tear him in pieces and that alone put fear into Neji's heart. Even though he was scared inwardly, he put a facade of fearlessness.

"Hmmph. Even though you changed your look and gain some muscles, you can not defeat me. Fate has chosen me to win this fight. A fool you are of fight me. You should just give up now and maybe I'll spare you."

Naruto made no response. Only he did was go into a stance that was unfamiliar to him and most of the crowd. Gai however new this style.

Gai narrowed his eyes at the display of Naruto going into this stance of fighting. Lee, seeing this fully and looked weirdly at Gai.

"Gai-sensei. What's the problem?"

"Lee, my student. Look at Naruto-kun's stance."

Lee averted his eyes from the green spandex clad man and looked at his friend down in the arena. He did admit. The stance was weird but familiar.


"That's the famous style of the great Shodaime-sama. The Ansatsuken. It is the most fearful and rarest fighting style in the world. Nobody has lived feeling the power of it. I hear Ryu-sama the fourth sennin had master that style at the age 14."

"Hey. Didn't the guy down there say he was Ryu-sama?"

"Yes. He did. Naruto-kun has the Ansatsuken style on his side. If mastered, he could kill him anybody with a single finger. Even at the the point where he's a newbie at the style, he could seriously hurt Neji."

Lee had wide eyes. He was amazed that Naruto could at least master a little one of the most styles in the world.

"Naruto-kun's youth is burning with such passion!"

"Lee my lovely student. Look at Naruto-kun's power explode!"







The manly and creepy hug expressioned by the two, scared the audience in the back of them.

(Back to the fight)

Genma the referee for this match looked ready and so did the two.

"This is the third match. Naruto Uzumaki Versus Neji Hyuuga. Ready?"

Both nodded.


Naruto and Neji stared down each other. Measure each other and trying to come up with techinques to defeat each other. The measuing was too much for the crowd and Neji, so Neji decided to attack Naruto head on which was very out of character for him.

Neji tried to palm Naruto in the head but all Naruto did is shift his head to the right from the move at the last minute. Neji tried to hit again but Naruto shifted again. Palm after palm, left to right, Neji could not touch Naruto. So Neji used the Kaiten and spinned himself to hit Naruto.

A explosion was made. It looked like Naruot got hit finally. That was the thoughts running in Tenten's head and others.

'Good job Neji-kun. You hit the blond boy finally.'

But as soon the smoke clear all it left was a crater filled with a Hyuuga in it and a boy with a fist out. This amazed the people and put Tenten's thoughts in a loop. How in the hell did Naruto stop Neji with one single punch?

Naruto looked emotionless at the boy. Oh course Neji came out the cratter with minimal cuts and little wounds on his face and arms. Neji looked like he was fighting the devil himself.


"Easy. I punched the tornado with the right point. You seem the weakest in the chest area. Now you tried your turns. Let me try now."

Naruto breathed in deep and and ran rapidly at Neji. This amazed everybody except Ryu. After all he taught Naruto the techiques and the style.

Naruto almost flew to Neji and hit him with one finger. The pointer finger and Neji flew back to the exams floor. Neji held his stomach in pain. Naruto then mad dashed to Neji and elbowed him in the face. That knocked out some teeth or two and made him bled out his forehead. Neji looked angered and started to actived his Byakugan and limped up to thirty-four feet away from Naruto then he got into his stance.

"Fate is on my side! Take this: Hakke Rokujuyon Sho ( Eight Trigrams Sixty-four Palms) !"

With the speed that Naruto displayed, the audience thought he was going to miss it but Naruto surprised everybody by take the move.

"Two palms."

"Four palms."

"Eight palms."

"Sixteen palms."

"Thirty-two palms."

"Sixty-four palms!"


Naruto's body went crashing on the floor. The crowd was bewildered so did Neji but he quickly covered it with confidence and arrogance.

"Hm Hm Hm! I knew it. Fate is on my side. You lose, you dropout."

Neji walked away with a smug look but then he stopped by Naruto's laughing.

"Neji you fool. Turn you idiot."

Neji did turn and looked back to Naruto. Standing with no wounds or scratchs, nor was knocked out. Neji again looked like he was in hell.

"W-Who the hell are you?"

"I have many names. Naruto, Naruto-kun, demon boy, demon spawn, dobe, dead last, dropout. All are my name and belong to me but when you doubt yourself or overmest yourself, you will lose your conviction. What I mean is you can blame fate for everything that happens to you."

That angered Neji to the max.


Neji threw of his headband and it showed his curse seal that looked like a swastika (you know the one from the manga). Then he looked at Naruto.

"This is my curse. I have to burden this seal that holds my fate. I believe that we are all controlled by fate. My fate is to show up the Main house branch and defeat them. You can never understand!"

Naruto's eyes were shadowed in his long hair. Then his eyes flashed yellow for a second and you can see yellow chakra coming out of him which bewildered most adult in the stand. Wasn't the Kyuubi's chakra red?

"Oh I understand. You see Neji, you're not the only who bears a seal. I do and so wahy! You think you can live life being rule by fate? No. If live was ruled by fate, I would dead a long time ago. I say we can defy fate and make our own fate. You can't possibly believe you will die when fate choose you to. That's why you are going to lose this battle. That and your born with your greatness. There are two kind of people out there. Those that are born with power and other who work hard for it. You're the only one here who can't understand. Just you."

Naruto chakra started leaking out so much Neji could see.

"H-How could you mold chakra?"

"Hehe. Well let just say this is my bloodline."

Naruto's whole body was shining with golden chakra. All of the people amazed especially Sakura and Ino and the rest of the rookie nine except Sasuke which still wasn't here.

Naruto started runing back to the wall and ran up the wall. Again he shocked the people except Ryu. Then he did something surprising, he put his two hands in a monster sense (like the Kamemeha). Ryu taught this devasting move and could blow back the strongest of foe.

"Neji Hyuuga. Take this! Ha!"

Naruto started running down the arena wall and the blue light aura in between his palms started get larger. And larger.

Neji, trusting in his instinct started running back but Naruto was too fast. Then shining Naruto jumped in the air with made him directly over Neji and the light was over his hands now.

"Feel the power of...Hadouken!"

The techinque hit Neji with such force it put another explosion in the arean but this time bigger and harder. All the people looked shocked.

Shikamaru stopped standing lazily over the pole and stood up straight. Temari looked stupified. Shino didn't show it but he was stupified as well. Gaara had wide eyes of display of such power. The Uzumaki surprised him again. Who was Naruto Uzumaki?

Sakura and Ino had wide anime eyes. Hinata was blushing like mad and amazed by her idol again. Kiba had wide anime eyes too and Lee and Gai yelled for Naruto's name in happiness. Especially happy and in awe that Naruto did such a youthful move on the Hyuuga boy though he was their student/ teammate. If his sensei was here, he probably be amazed.

The hokage was shocked as well. So was the crowd. The only person who wasn't shocked was Ryu who was smiling.

The smoke cleared and it showed that Naruto was over the body of the knocked out Hyuuga. Naruto didn't stared at him with angry eyes nor sad eyes. Just a emotionness face.

"I used to be like you once. Just blame fate and complain about life but the diference was back then and now I still try to change fate."

Everybody was quiet. All focusing on the standing boy.

"Also there another difference. You aren't a dropout."

Naruto started walking away. Genma the referee smiled.

'Good job kid.'

"The winner is Naruto Uzumaki."

The crowd cheered but not because the boy but the amazing match that took place."


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Awaken the fighter's theme song: Awaken by Disturbed


Stripped of life, alone

In the midst of something that I

Want to play with your evil inside

wanting, letting go, of what never could be again

Lost and alone

Imprisoned now inside your mind

With the way you tried

To destroy me again

You were waiting and living for no one

With the way you tried

To completely refuse all your life

Feed on nothing

You'll never live up to me

Awaken you

With a little evil inside

Feed on your nothing

You'll never live up to me

I've stricken you

Feed on your nothing

And you'll never live up to me

There isn't a thing that I can do

Watching the whole thing just wash away

Making me long

Making you strong

Awaken you

With a little evil inside

Feed on your nothing

You'll never live up to me

I've stricken you

Feed on your nothing

And you'll never live up to me