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Sasuke's mouth hung open in a silent gap as Naruto stepped away from him. Did that really happen just now? Did his lips touch the other half's in a butterfly peck? Had it all been a dream that he had suddenly had in a daze? Sasuke didn't know, and didn't have time to figure it out as Itachi's eyes narrowed in absolute hate. "You won't ever be able to have or take away what is truly Sasuke's!" Naruto cried out and it was like salt on a wound for the older Uchiha member.

The older raven sighed in defeat for a moment before opening his eyes to reveal the very same icy glare that he had given that night to Sasuke when he was a mere nine years old. The look of a murderer and this time, his target was Sasuke. "If I can't have it, then I'll make sure you never feel it again." He whispered with malice.

Naruto looked over at Sasuke once again and nodded to him. "This is your fight. I'm not gonna stand in you're way." He whispered as Sasuke picked up his fallen sword.

Sasuke nodded as he brushed off the blade and looked at the cut in Naruto's jacket where he had nearly killed him. A pane of guilt crept up his throat and before he could even say anything, Naruto shook his head. He had caught Sasuke staring at the slit. "Just go do what you were destined to do. We'll patch things up later."

Kakashi looked from either boy and couldn't help but smile a bit. They had grown up, finally, into sensible shinobi. "Gaara, Shikamaru, Sakura….stay behind me and don't move unless I have given you the order to do so."

The other ninja nodded as they watched the battle that they all knew would have come sooner or later. Sasuke bit his lip as he stared at his brother with his Sharigan activated. 'You almost made me kill something that was more precious then life to me…twice….I won't let you touch him or anyone near me ever again.' The raven thought as he lunged at his sibling. Itachi smirked as he side-stepped the ravens attempt and slammed the hilt of his own sword into Sasuke's back. The ninja traded blows back and forth, neither landing a hit. From the side lines, Naruto and the others would warn Sasuke of blows he didn't see coming or give helpful advice. If there hadn't been a life and death balance on the line, you wouldn't have thought that it was a battle and more like a sport teenagers played. Finally, Sasuke found an opening. His sword struck home when he faked out a stab and sliced downward onto his brother's shoulder. Blood sprayed from the wound and Itachi screamed in absolute pain, falling to the ground and holding the severed stump. His arm and sword landed beside him with a dull thud.

Kakashi covered Sakura's eyes while the other's gapped in horror. Sasuke walked over to his brother who didn't move. Blood loss had already started to affect him, but there was something else that Sasuke could feel. He held his sword over his brother, ready to swing down and slice him in two. Ready to exact revenge for all that he did. But, he just couldn't do it. Dropping the sword, the raven squatted beside his brother and took off his robe. To everyone's shock, he began to tie up the wound so that his brother might have a chance to live. "…You're too weak." Itachi hissed with delight, but it didn't anger Sasuke at all.

In fact, a slight smile began to appear on the raven's face. "No….I am the stronger one." He said with confidence, "I'm the one who knows when enough is enough…I'm the one who won't kill a family member…" He whispered to his brother.

Itachi tried to sit up but because he had lost so much blood…it was in vein. "Kakashi. I need you to take him." Sasuke asked his sensei who replied with a nod of his head.

Sasuke turned then, to Naruto and began to walk over slowly towards him, ignoring his brother's raspy voice for him to come back. "Finish it you fool!" He screeched at his brother and Sasuke could only smile.

His brother couldn't live with the fact that his Ni-chan had surpassed him, his honor having been crushed as soon as Sasuke found the opening. That and the fact that he thought his brother had finally cracked a bit over the years. It was the time he spent with Naruto that made Itachi's love for his brother surface again. Sasuke could have died quite a few times by his own sibling's blade, which he had also noticed. However, the older Uchiha's exterior had been healed with Naruto's show of affection for the one's he cared about. "You taught me something too, dobe." Sasuke said, speaking out his thoughts and confusing everyone around him.

Sasuke pushed his forehead against Naruto's shoulder and wrapped his arms around the blonde who somehow allowed him to have inner peace. How was it that he, of all people, could do that? He wasn't an angel; he was the worst of ninja, and quite frankly annoying at most times. Sasuke didn't understand it, but he didn't feel the need to. Destiny was something he believed in and he just sort of knew that he and Naruto were to be.

Shikamaru groaned as the two shared another kiss and Gaara merely started towards Kakashi to help him hold down Itachi who was still wriggling in spite. Slowly however, Sakura approached both boys' with tearful eyes. The same thought went through both of the other team member's head as the female approached them. 'Heart break…she's gonna be mad because Sasuke/Naruto's in love with me.'

Instead of the slap that the two braced themselves for, Sakura hugged them both in a tight embrace. "You're coming home with me even if I have to drag you the whole way there…understand?" Sakura finally asked through sobs.

Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other and smiled before either took the girls hand and walking back towards the village.

Sakura had dragged them, holding their hands before when the Chuunin exams had started and she hadn't let go of their hands. This time, it was their turn.

By this time, Itachi had been knocked out and the other member's of the 'Save Sasuke and Naruto' team were trailing behind, smiling at the scene in front of them. Team seven, had finally been reunited after a long time of breaking away from the tree of destiny. Somehow, even the farthest leaf, can return home; if only shown the way.