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Unforeseen Future

Part One: The Journey

Summary: (AU, OOCness) Part One: Sakura, Hinata, and Chouji have left Konoha in search of their own ninja-ways and to escape the binds of home. Hinata's uncaring family, Chouji's low self-esteem, and Sakura's struggle with the Kyuubi locked inside her.

Pairings: Sakura/Multiple, one-sided Chouji/Sakura, Ino/Chouji/Hinata, Ino/Mystery/Hinata, Lee/TenTen, Mystery/Kakashi/Shizune/Genma, and Mystery/Temari.

Warnings: Out Of Characters, Alternate Universe, mentions of sex, foul language, and crack-pairings.

Dedicated: To my loves AijinMegami and Moonbeam Great Goddess of the Night! You two are my bitches!! I OWN YOU!! WHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Prologue: Running

A young girl with cropped blueberry-purple hair struggled to keep her breathing even as she ushered her legs to go faster as she ran in the dark and isolated streets of Konoha—she had a back-pack secured tightly that held clothes and personal items, her holsters that held all her weapons in their designated area on her body.

Her breath escaped her lips and rose slightly and into her vision before vanishing in the cold night. The girl gave off a small gasp when she lost her footing and fell. She braced herself for the impact, but was grasped by the shoulders stopping the upcoming injuries. With another startled gasp her white eyes shot up and found herself staring at one of her best friends.

"Chouji-Kun!" She rasped out, her throat burning from her run from the Hyuuga estate.

He gave her a nervous grin as he straightened her up, keeping her steady on her wobbly feet. "Careful there Hinata-San."

Hinata returned the nervous grin with one of her own, her body twitching nervously as she tried to keep herself focused on his face. "P-please, Ch-Chouji-Kun—I want y-you to call me Hinata o-or H-Hina-Hinata-Chan." She brought her fingers close to her lips and began to play with them, unable to look at the male square in the face any more.

"And I want you to look at me when we talk. You're one of my best friends, Hinata-San…" He bit his tongue. "Hinata …You don't have to feel so uncomfortable around me." He rubbed the back of his neck. "We've known each other since we were eight."

She giggled as her pale cheeks went red with embarrassment, "So-sorry Chouji-Kun, old habits and all." She licked her chapped lips and looked up towards the Hokage monument. "A-are y-you r-ready for this? I mean you h-have such a wonderful family—you sh-shouldn't leave them."

Chouji looked down very uncomfortable at the topic before he too looked up at the monument, "I guess—my dad and mom are great. But this is something I have to do. They'll be worried—I know they will, but I think they know what I'm doing, and I'm pretty sure my dad watched me leave. They understand I'm doing what I have to do."

The girl nodded before tears began to gather in her eyes, "F-Father is going to be furious and worried tha-that the Hyuuga family secret will be discovered and—and…" She brought her hands up to her eyes and allowed herself to be consumed with sobs. "He-he's not go-going to-to care! He-he n-never does!" Chouji listened to her sobs and wrapped his thick arms around her bringing her close to him, allowing her to let everything out.

"It's ok, Hinata. It's ok." He rubbed her back in a comforting motion. "We'll be ok—I know you can do this." He reached into his pack and brought out a tissue, handing it to the girl who dabbed the corners of her eyes and blew her nose which was stopped up. Seeing what she did she instantly began apologizing.

"I-I'm so sorry Chouji-Kun! I sh-shouldn't have do--"

He laughed at her apology, "Its ok, Hinata! I have more, and besides that's what they're used for!" He gave her a playful wink, earning another giggle. She continued to use the item. He held out his hand to her with a grin, "Come on! I bet Sakura is already there!" The girl gave him one of her brightest smiles, reached up and grasped his hand and they both ran towards the front gate.


She was leaning against the thick wood of the gate, her hands pillowing her head, her legs crossed, and her lips whistling a tune. When they came up she gave them one of her thousand-watt smiles and a frantic wave with both of her hands, "Chouji-Kun! Hinata-Chan!!" She sang out as she bounced up and down, her pink hair pulled back in a stubby-pony-tail that was bouncing right along with her.

Reaching down she picked up her back-pack and slug it over her shoulder and scurried over to them, practically skipping. Upon getting to them she jumped and landed in front of them with a, "Ta-Da!" and a pose. Her sea-foam-green eyes sparkled with excitement and mirth—showing she was not the least bit worried or upset.

"So are you guys ready to get this started? We are going to kick so much ass out there! Come on now! We need to leave before the guards wake up from their sleep." The two were shaking but nodded; however they turned and looked at their home once more for a few more moments, fear and uncertainty settling in their stomachs.

Already feeling homesick and nausea at the thought of what was to become of them.

Sakura gave their shoulders a comforting squeeze, "Come on—it's not like we'll never see this place again." She looked up at the scene with a grin. "We're doing the right thing—we're choosing our path and finding what we want to do with ourselves." Her grin grew. "Don't worry so much! I'll look after you!" The girl teased before she pushed the two down more to her height and proceeded to give them both noogies.

Instant comfort swept over the two as the girl hugged them, with a grin they nodded and proceeded to get out of the gate, leave Konoha, and escape the binds of their beings.

Hyuuga Hinata—age eleven, heiress of the Hyuuga clan, and has absolutely no love from her family.

"You are the heiress of our esteemed clan." Hiashi Hyuuga hissed coldly as he looked down at the panting girl. A seven-year-old Hinata fell on her knees, gasping for air as her body fell consumed with tremors as she tried to pick her worn out body up. "Hinata—get up."

"Hai…" She whimpered her voice no softer than a whisper. Placing herself back up in a shaky stance she faced the training log that was chipped and indented after being kicked and punched do many times. Licking her lips she proceeded to slap the large piece of wood with the Hyuuga Gentle Fist. "Hah! Hah!" The small girl exclaimed with each slap against the thick wood.

Gritting her teeth she had to bite back a gasp of pain as her bloodied and raw hands made contact and splinters dug deep in her skin. Tears were threatening to spill over as she forced herself to remain standing as she made another round of Gentle Fist attacks. Her bare feet dug into the earth as she breathed out, "Hah-Ha-Hah!"

Hinata's voice was beginning to grow hoarse and she could barely remain standing.

"Hinata—remain standing." Her father's voice was not warm and encouraging—it was cold and demanding. He has never once smiled at her, never once gave her a loving hug or held her hand—he has never acted like a father.

The girl gave off a strangled gasp and fell to her knees and hands, trying with all her might to pick herself back up—to show her father she loved him enough to keep trying—to become the best heiress. But she couldn't…

He sighed, as if he was not surprised that she failed him, "That is enough. Go inside and wash up—I shall be training your sister while you eat lunch." And with that he turned heel and walked off to find her younger sister. He didn't have to say anything—it was obvious who he preferred.

Hinata's eyes narrowed, her fist clenched, and she bit the inside of her cheek—try as she might she could not stop the tears from flowing down her face. 'Not any more, father. That won't happen anymore…I won't allow it too.' She looked up at the starry night as her only two friends and herself ran off into the woods surrounding the village. 'No more father—I will become stronger…I'll show you!'

Ackimichi Chouji—age eleven, has a loving mother and father, has been placed in the hospital several times from other children.

Chouji's soft brown eyes watched the soft-white butterfly flutter around in the air. He sat on the bench munching on potato chips, barbequed flavor, as he gazed at it—wishing he could be that light and being able to fly. It wasn't necessarily the fact he was hefty that made him upset—or even the wish to be so light one could fly—he just hated the teasing and the mockery that came with it.

Looking down at the bag of chips in his hands the male sighed before he took another one out and popped it in his mouth. His clan was hefty for a reason—it was part of their main technique, and he was quite pleased to admit that he was getting quite good at the attack.

Laughter came down from below in the streets, he didn't even need to look down to know they were playing hide-and-go-seek or tag, something he was banned from doing by the kids—he was always pushed away from the other kids. He was too fat to play—to slow.

"Hey fatso!!" A voice barked off. With a wince he looked back and saw around three bullies—the usual who, when they were bored, went after him to pick on.

He grinned sheepishly, "H-hello Ki-Kiba-San! Oh and Shikamaru an-and Naruto are with you as well…Hello." Being polite never hurt anyone, and Naruto was the son of the late Yondiame—the Fourth Hokage.

The blonde huffed, "That's Naruto-Sama, tubby!"

Chouji winced, "A-Ah! Right—sorry Naruto-Sama…" He looked down as the Kiba, and his dog too, and Naruto poked fun at him. Shikamaru just let everything happen, his hands stuffed in his pockets as he looked up at the sky. 'Traitor…' He thought out with tears in his eyes. 'Am I really so pitiful that you won't even be my freind?'

'Shikamaru—you were once my friend, our fathers, along with Yamanaka-San, all hung out together. We grew up together.' His face contorted as if he was in pain. 'Bastard—I hate you…I hate all of you! Besides my parents these two were the only ones who believed in me.' Inhaling and exhaling it felt as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. 'I won't let you all and your words drag me down.

Sakura watched her friend's faces as they seemed to go from stiff and unsure, to relaxed and confident. They gave her a smile which she returned with a grin.

"Haruno—you truly are pathetic." Neji snapped as she fell back, her tiny body bruised and scrapped after picking a fight with him. "Come after me when you actually grow talent."

She growled, her long pink hair falling out of its tie—him and Uchiha Sasuke, both stuck-up prodigies. Then again; Uzumaki Naruto, Nara Shikamaru, Inuzuka Kiba, and Aburame Shino were all prodigies and she has challenged and been defeated by them all.

Rubbing her bleeding lips and chin—'Crap!' She winced as her sea foam green eyes began to swell slightly with tears. Pushing herself up she glared at the long-haired older boy. 'Just because he is ten—he thinks he owns the damn world!' She whined internally as she got back into a fighting position. "I have plenty of talent!"

He snorted, "All you are is a stupid little girl who doesn't have any friends or family. Fate is not with you—you are not meant to be a shinobi." And with that he turned and walked away from her.

Sakura gasped at this insult, "Get back here, Neji!! Get back here and fight me!! Don't turn your back on me! Don't ignore me!" 'Don't leave me alone!'

Her bottom lip trembled and her baby-ways came into the open. She was always ignored—always hated—always looked down upon. Clenching her teeth against one another she wiped her tears away.

"Don't go near her."



"She's cursed."

"What a dead-last."

"Stay away from her."

"Leave her alone."

She looked back at the gate village that began to grow smaller and smaller, 'This is it! See-ya Konoha!'

"Come on you two! Let's go kick ass!!"

"Yeah!!" They chirped and they rushed off into the distance.

Haruno Sakura—age eleven, no family, the container of the nine-tail-demon—Kyuubi.


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