Behind Your Eyes

Loosing myself in your eyes,

Just the simple thought of them.

I comes to no surprise.

When I think of you...

And I see those beautiful deep sea-green eyes,

My love for you is renewed.

Everything around me dies.

Just when I look into your eyes.

Nothing else matters,

Nothing else is important.

The truth of the latter is,

The deep truth behind your eyes,

Is like bliss.

There's no tears, no fears, no lies.

The sinking feeling I get,

I know this ain't nothin' yet.

Behind your eyes,

I am free.


Sorta for BartimaeusPtolemy and NatKitty, depending on what color eyes you think each character has. Written for Sanishal...for some reason. ;-) Well...Just a little poem I came up with and I originally thought it had something to do with the Bartimaeus Trilogy, but now that I'm typing it...Anyway, enjoy!