Holy crap, I actually wrote shounen-ai. I don't know why I did it (seeing how I only see these two as brothers), but when I couldn't bring in the whole cast into this poem, well, I just did it. Probably sucks since this is my first attempt at shounen-ai and I don't even like shounen-ai unless it's canon.

Looking at last year's Inuyasha Christmas one shot, looks like scenes involving guys and mistletoe are the only things I can write for the holidays.

Takes place before Sasuke becomes so horribly emo that he gets to be at the top of my most hated character list. On the plus side, the filler season is officially over in Febuary! YAY!

Twas the night before Christmas, in the village of leaves

Sasuke wished they'd go away, just this day oh please!

Sasuke was angsting, trying to mind his own biz

But was constantly chased by those damn fangirls of his

They all had mistletoe, abusing the day

An excuse to molest him, too bad he's gay

Of course Ino's in front, goddamnit she's pushy

She kicked the other girls, one right in the tushy

But Sakura fought back, can't lose to the boar!

She shoved her down hard, Ino's face hit the floor

It turned to a fight, all the girls got involved

None could go further, Sasuke's problem was solved

But no, some got out, and chasing resumed

He had to hide fast, or else he'd be doomed

He jumped through a window with a burst of speed

The girls didn't see him, alas! He was freed!

He then just realized, he's at Naruto's place

And there was the blonde, staring right at his face

All alone on Christmas, what a sad looking guy!

(It wouldn't be so if Hinata wasn't shy)

"What the heck is this?" Naruto loudly said

Grabbing it off Sasuke's back and held it overhead

A mistletoe a girl must've dropped on him

Sasuke cursed at Naruto for being so dim

Sasuke found strangely that he didn't really care

Telling Naruto the tradition would only be fair

Sasuke kissed Naruto, and they liked the feeling

They weren't alone, that thought sent them reeling

The two were together, together felt right

Merry Christmas to them, and they had a good night

y awesome, and TV was worth wasting your time on.