My humorous solution to the pairing wars.

Let's face it, growing up and becoming a teenager sucks. You get zits, you get cravings, you get mood swings, you become the butt of every adults' joke, and best of all, you develop the bizarre attractions to people to whom you should not be attracted. Announcer on the radio has a sexy voice, you blush whenever he talks. You see a guy with a particularly nice hair color, regardless of his body or personality, and you swoon.

Try throwing in being a teenage mutant on the run.

Add the fact that the two oldest male members of your flock are having a 'secret' affair with each other that you have known about from the very beginning.

You figure this out shortly after it dawns on you that you have feelings for both of them.

To top it all off, this affair begins shortly after you make the realization that one guy is hot, two guys is hotter, and two guys doing the dirty deed is hottest.

So what does your average sixteen year old female mutant do when she walks in on the aforementioned males making out, while she is wearing only a towel, and they are both half-naked?

Some lesser mutants would run screaming from the room. Others would begin snapping pictures for future enjoyment, and your business-savvy mutant would sell tickets. In fact, the really smart female mutant would snap pictures for later sale AND charge for viewing privileges.

Arguably, Max's choice was the best possible option.

She dropped her towel.

The only drawback to this was that when the young Angel began to casually flip through their memories, and encountered this one, she became unable to look at any of them without wincing.

I think that this is the ideal solution to shipping wars. ORGY!