Oh shi...

To be woken up at four in the morning, is understandably disconcerting, even more so when you've only had, at most, an hours sleep. It was therefore, in Sam's opinion quite reasonable that the best response she could grunt out was;




"That's not your house..."

"It's not?"


"...oh, hang on"




"Jack, why is Sam at your house?"

"...would you believe me if i said her house burned down?"


"I didn't think so"

"Yeah it's just not very believable is it?"

"No, so what's so important that you felt you absolutely must call me at... four in the morning!?"

"Well, Jacobs in town..."

"Oh shi..."

"Yeah anyway, i was just calling to ask you if you knew where Sam was, because i called her house and strangely enough she wasn't at home..."

"Yes... well you found her, congratulations, we'll be at the base in half an hour"

"Right, we need to talk."

At that Jack heard the cut of tone and turned to Sam.

"What's so important that we've got to be at the base in half an hour?"

"...Dads in town..."

At this statement her eyes flickered down to the shining ring on her finger.

"Oh shi..."