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A/N2: P.S. This is A/O. IT's from Liv's POV. S'about Alex. Duh. Rated...um...K?


I saw you in the street and as my eyes followed the sway of your hips until you turned a corner, I thought, 'Wow, she's gorgeous.'

I saw you in your office, burning the midnight oil, writing a closing for a case we both knew no one but you could win and I thought, 'Wow, she's intelligent.'

I saw you in court, some called it your natural environment and after the first time I saw you I could see why, but as I watched I couldn't help but think, 'Wow, she's passionate.'

I saw you toss a finally tossing back a few drinks with me and the guys after countless turned down invitations. I saw you laugh and joke and be crude with the best of them and thought 'Wow, she's human.'

I approached you when you were unapproachable, I held you in my arms as you beat your fists feebly against my chest in an attempt to rid yourself of the guilt knawing at your heart that comes with the job, I cradled you against me as you wept openly in front of me for the first time. I lifted your chin and locked eyes with you, I saw the emotions, all of them, flow across your beautifully broken face and thought, 'Wow, she cares.'

I watched as you turned ever-so-slightly in your sleep and snuggled all the deeper into my arms, your face burrowed in the crook of my neck. I felt a sleepy kiss pressed there and heard your ever so soft voice, "Sleep, Liv, go to sleep." Then your breaths evened out again and I knew you were asleep once again, I looked down at you, moonlight reflecting off of your face and my heart swelled, 'Wow, she's mine."


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