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On with the story...

The golden light of dawn crept through the curtains, and down onto the floor, slowly flooding the room with warm light.

Dawn's advances threw a large bed into soft relief, turning the normally crimson covers a light pink, and outlining the bed's two occupants in warm contours.

A tuft of black curly hair poked out from under the covers, shaking itself before pushing the covers back and revealing the young man beneath.

With his toned acrobatic body and icy eyes, to say that Red X was cute would be a very sore understatement.

He ruffled the covers quietly, finding his bedmate and gazing down at her with a soft look. Raven's peaceful, slumbering face greeted him, her arms wrapped around a pillow and her legs entangled in the bed sheets.

X frowned as he looked at where her legs came together, noting the subtle signs of the lovemaking they had had the previous evening.

Silently, he slipped out of bed, walking over to a small basin with a washcloth in it. After swirling the cloth in the water, he wrung it, and went back to bed, keeping the washcloth in his hands to help warm it up.

Raven let out a soft moan when X began to gently wipe her most intimate area, legs flinching in reflex. Her lilac eyes opened slowly, taking in her surroundings and the man with his hand in between her legs.

"Morning," the thief murmured with a small smile. "Sleep well?"

"Like the dead," the half-demon grunted, reaching out and gripping his hand tightly. "What are you doing?"

X blinked, tugged his hand from hers, and continued with his task. "Cleaning you."

"We shouldn't have done it last night."

The thief didn't even bother looking up. "Why do you say that? I think it was the best night of my life."

Raven's weight shifted, causing X to look up into sad violet eyes.

"You got what you wanted. Now, all I ask in return, is that you leave my friends and me alone."

The thief blinked at her once, twice, thrice. Raven set her features to icy stoic, and tried to roll out of bed.

X pounced, pinning her to the bed and looking her right in the eyes.

"What are you so afraid of?" He whispered, kissing her neck softly. Raven turned her head, refusing to look at him.

"Please, little bird, answer me. Tell me what I can do to make you feel better," he urged, running a hand along her hip and leg, pulling it around his waist and beginning to rub gently against her.

Raven let out a soft hiss at his intimate touch, her other leg unconsciously wrapping around his torso as well. The air seemed to heat up considerably, and their gazes intensified.

"Let. Me. Go." Raven said, quietly, dangerously.

X's grip tightened, and his gaze grew icy.

"Never. I have you now, and I'll never let you go."

With that said, he began to push his way into her.
Raven moaned, hips bucking as his member entered her, stretching her still semi-sore muscles and filling her completely.

X stilled, watching her reaction with a restrained look on his face. A hand drifted over Raven's chest, massaging her breasts and tweaking the nipples. The mystic gasped, arching under him.

"If you didn't want me, I'd be dust by now," he growled softly, kissing her ardently and running a hand through her purple locks.

"Admit it, my lover. You like me, and you enjoy being with me." He turned his head into her neck, and nuzzled her as he gently began to thrust his hips.

Raven cried out softly as he pushed against her sore walls, her body already beginning to respond to his actions.

Her breathing hitched, her juices began to flow, and her walls began to pull at him, urging him deeper and deeper.

With a grunt, X pulled himself out, and rolled away from Raven.

The mystic blinked, surprised at the abrupt interruption. She looked over at him, brow furrowed in an unasked question.

X shook his head, and got out of bed, gathering his clothing up and beginning to get dressed.

"We both need to get home. Here," he tossed her clothing to her, which she caught. She nodded, understanding and more than slightly relieved, and began to get dressed as well.

As she was about to teleport out, he threw a strange farewell at her...

"We'll finish this tonight."

End of Chapter I

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