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He couldn't believe he had agreed to this. Hell, he couldn't believe Star had agreed to it as well, with such enthusiasm. Robin led the alien girl down the hallway silently, Raven's doorway slowly making itself visible in the darkness.

He didn't even get a chance to knock; Raven was waiting. "Come inside," she murmured softly, smiling at the look on Robin's face when he saw what she was wearing.

The mystic had donned a simple, elegant black negligee; eerily similar to the one Starfire was wearing save the pink color. Inside, Red X sat on Raven's bed in some pajama bottoms, looking slightly nervous as Robin and Star made themselves at home, settling on the bed next to him. Raven stood before the trio, a no-nonsense look on her face.

"Alright, we made an agreement. No means no, otherwise, it's okay. I'll go first, you watch. Got it?"

Everyone nodded. Was it just him, or were the girls not nervous as he and the thief seemed?

His thoughts flew to the wayside as Raven strode over, and straddled his lap, hands gripping at his back and her covered breasts pressed up against his bare chest. Robin stared up at the mystic, breath caught in his chest.

He'd been having this wet dream since he first met her; yet he had fallen hard for Star, so he thought he'd never get the chance to have a little fun with the seemingly cold mystic.

That had changed recently, thanks in part to the thief.

"Raven," he groaned as she began to move up and down in his lap, his dick immediately standing at attention, trying to violate the mystic through his trousers. Raven merely chuckled, leaning her head down to start placing licks and nibbles along the Boy Wonder's neck.

Hesitating, Robin's hand strayed towards Raven's chest. Sensing no resistance, he gently started to massage them, earning a low moan from the girl. Taking this as a good sign, Robin upped the speed of his ministrations, whispering unintelligent words and phrases as she continued to sensuously move up and down him.

It wasn't until some time later when Raven started to bite at his neck that he realized he felt like he was going to die unless he did something about his boner.

Hands gripping the girl tightly, Robin kissed her on the lips passionately, body leaning totally into hers. The mystic wasn't expecting this, and with mutual surprised yelps, both teens fell to her floor, Robin on top.

Growling angrily, the Boy Wonder started to rub his hips against Raven's, earning some degree of pleasure and a lustful smile from the mystic. Not wanting to fool around anymore, Robin removed her negligee, ripping it to shreds in the process. Spreading her legs forcefully, his fingers found her clitoris and started rubbing it ruthlessly.

Raven's moaning was continuous, her hands reaching up to stroke her breasts, her hips arching in pleasure with each rub of the Boy Wonder's fingers.

She let out an unhappy whimper when Robin ceased his ministrations, then fell silent as he yanked down his pants and underwear in one fell swoop. Erection hovering proudly over her belly, Robin offered the mystic a feral smile before leaning down and kissing her passionately. She returned it, hands clenching his hair by the roots, wordlessly speaking of her need.

Pulling back, Robin gripped her knees, and pushed them up, Raven's bottom leaving the floor, offering the Boy Wonder more depth and X and Star a wonderful view of the action. Without preamble, Robin pinned the mystic, lined himself up, and shoved himself inside his best friend, his testicles slamming against her bottom.

Raven's yelp was echoed by X's tortured moan as he and Starfire watched from behind, both teens intent on the junction between Raven and Robin. Wordlessly, X reached out a hand, still watching Raven and Robin, and started to tweak and stroke Star's breasts. Star sighed, and started to rub X's thigh as Robin began his movements.

Raven felt…heavenly, the Boy Wonder thought through a haze of lust, the mystic's walls squeezing him with each slow, heavy thrust. Hands holding her knees down by her shoulders, Robin had the pleasure of going as deep as was possible while being able to reach her mouth with his, kissing her deeply with every other thrust, growling happily as her moans vibrated through his mouth.

"Robin," she groaned, gripping at him tightly, head banging back against the floor. "Faster…"

The Boy Wonder was only too happy to oblige, and soon enough Star and X were watching lustfully as Robin pounded into the mystic's willing body, liquid from both of their bodies co-mingling and squeezing out from between them.

Star and X looked at each other. It would be breaking the rules, but…

Three seconds later, they were both naked on the bed, X lining his dick up to Stars slit and pushing himself inside to the hilt. Without preamble, he bit at the alien's nipples while he started to ride her roughly, giving into his need to just fuck.

Star's body and mind told her this was right and it felt so good to her to open herself for his deep thrusts. She could hear his grunting as he increased the power behind each thrust driving her backside hard into the mattress as she lifted her hips to receive him. His name forced from her lips with every violent thrust from his body into hers. Her nails sank into the skin of his back as she arched her body trying to give him more of herself to burn with his flesh.

His teeth sank into the skin of her neck in retaliation for her nails driving into his back. She started to scream his name as he buried every inch of his hardness into her willing and needing body.

He was building a crushing force deep inside her body with every movement. The friction of his flesh sliding deeper and harder inside of her caused her to shake beneath him. The rage in his thrust frightened her. Star's eyes flew open, she searched his blue eyes for an answer… and he gave her one.

Helpless is what she felt when it consumed her, robbed her of everything except her scream. He held her down and let his lust overtake him.

Robin too, had reached the end of his endurance, and with a roar of passion, shoved himself as deep as he could, panting.

Then everything changed.

He, Robin, was the one under, crying out obscenities as the thief took him forcefully, roughly shoving in and out of the smaller fighter.

Raven and Starfire, bellies bulging with the seed they had just received, merely sat quietly, smiling as they watched their men go at it like crazed animals.

"X!! BLEEP!! BLEEP!! YES!! BLEEPing BLEEP ME!!" Robin screamed…

Wait…that wasn't him. That was a machine, wasn't it?


Robin awoke from his nap, mentally cursing his hormones and blinking under his mask at the blinking light in front of him. Ah, they were going to be landing soon…

He pulled out a notepad and pen from his belt, and scribbled a little memo to himself for a later date. 'Kill Red X for being a dickwad and faggot in my dreams. If I get rid of him, the problem will resolve itself.'

Meanwhile, in Raven's part of the ship, the mystic sat in her chair, perfectly calm and collected on the outside; her hair was as it should be, her mouth was set in a determined frown, and her foot tapped impatiently on the metal floor as she waited.

If only Robin knew how close she was to cracking and going into a maniacal fit of laughter.


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