Why Danny never fights back. A Danny Phantom story by Torgi Frin

Summary: Tucker asks why Danny never fights back when Dash beats him up, but he wasn't expecting the answer that he got.

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny or any of the characters in this story, If I did Danny and Sam would be together by now and Paulina would have "Mysteriously" disappeared.

Warning: This was written at three in the morning.


Danny walked down the street. He had a black eye - and various other bruises - several cuts all over his body, and his clothes were ripped, wrinkly, and very dirty. He turned the corner and - literally - ran into Sam and Tucker. He got up, wiped the dust off him, and then helped Sam up. She gasped when she saw how he looked.

"Danny, what happened to you?" Sam asked, concern swimming in her lilac eyes.

"Dash." Danny said grimly.

"Again! That's the third time this week." Tucker said. "Why don't you ever fight back? Ever since you got," He looked around, "Your powers," he whispered to make sure no one heard him "You've gotten stronger. You could easily beat Dash. So I repeat, Why don't you ever fight back?" He asked.

Danny gave him a blank stare, then said, "Because if I do Dash will tell Lancer. It will be my word against his. Lancer will believe him because Dash is the star quarterback. I get detention, I miss detention because a ghost. I have to redo the detention I missed, plus I get another detention because I skipped the first one. Another ghost attacks, I miss both detention, and get another detention plus the two I already have. This happens again, so now I have four detentions. It happens another time, and I get suspended for a week. I get grounded because I got suspended for the week. Then I have to sneak out because a ghost attacks. My mom and dad find out I sneak out, I get grounded longer. I have to sneak out again and they ground me longer, plus they threaten to send me to military school. This happens a few more times, then I do go to military school. And because I'm in military school instead of here, ghosts attack. Then they destroy Amity Park, and eventually take over the world." Danny said.

Tucker and Sam stood there, mouths gaping open. Tucker was the first to gather his wit.

"Aren't you exaggerating a little bit?" Tucker asked.

"No. It happened before, but I got Clockwork to change it." Danny said simply.


And this is why Danny never fights back. THE END. I was really bored.