Love is Just a Fantasy

Chapter 1

Sarah fell into a deep sleep once her head hit the pillow. It was nighttime and she had just completed the Labyrinth. In the room next to her, Toby lay in bed in a deep sleep too. At the same time, a crystal entered into both of their rooms. It floated towards them, and landed on their foreheads. It popped, and instantly the magic began to work. These weren't crystals that Jareth had sent; instead, these were crystals sent by the Labyrinth itself. Their sole purpose was to wipe Sarah and Toby's minds of any memory linked to the Labyrinth. It was the Labyrinth's form of damage control.

"Toby," Sarah called out as soon as she opened her eyes. It was morning and Sarah was sitting in her room. Her head felt fuzzy and she couldn't quite remember the night before. She sat trying to recall what had happened, but oddly drew a blank. It was as if someone had erased the night before from her mind.

"Well I guess it isn't important," Sarah sighed to herself. What Sarah didn't know was a snowy white owl sat in the tree branch outside her window, watching her every move.

End Of Chapter