Love is Just a Fantasy

Chapter 25

As soon as Jareth closed the door to Sarah's room he began to feel ill. The pain in his chest grew even worse. He opened the door to his room and began to shake. He realized that if Sarah didn't decide soon who she was going to choose, he would die. He managed to get half-way through his room when he collapsed.

"Toby? Is that you?" Sara cried.

"Sarah," Toby cried, "How are you?"

"Oh Toby…I'm ok, but I have a question for you. Do you think you would be ok not seeing me ever again?"

"Will Jareth take care of you?" Toby asked very seriously, which surprised Sarah. For an eight year old Toby certainly was grown up.

"Umm…" Sarah said, slightly shocked at what Toby had just asked. "Well…yes," she said and then blushed at the thought of just how well Jareth would take care of her. Maybe he would even tuck her in at night…

"Sarah, I knew what I wished you away to the Goblin King that you would fall in love with him. I knew I was saying goodbye. It's ok…he will be very good to you, and you will finally be happy. This is what you deserve."

"Oh Toby…I love you! Thank you. Be good. I'll miss you. Take care," Sarah said through her tears.

"I love you too, now go get him and tell him you love him and you never will leave his side again." Toby said rather sternly, but in a loving way.

Sarah nodded and turned from the mirror and ran to Jareth's room. As she entered, she saw Jareth crumpled on the floor. "Jareth," she cried, "Get up! Oh my goodness! Jareth! Please get up!" Jareth didn't move. Sarah lay on his chest and cried, "You silly man, please get up. Do you have any idea how much I love you?!?" Jareth didn't move.



"No, it is the Labyrinth."

"Labyrinth can you help me?"

"No, but you can Sarah."


"You have to give him your soul, but in doing so, you are devoting yourself to him and only him. You two will be connected by an unbreakable bond. Do you understand this?"

"Yes," Sarah whispered, "I want to do this."

"Fine, then grab his wrist and repeat after me: I, Sarah, hereby give my whole heart and soul to Jareth."

"I, Sarah, hereby give my whole heart and soul to Jareth," Sarah said.

"I understand that this totally and completely binds me to him."

"I understand that this totally and completely binds me to him," Sarah said and watched as a pale blue bond encircled around his wrist and her hand.

Jareth began to stir and Sarah held her breath. "Sarah? Did you talk to Toby?"



"Jareth…I love you. That is why I gave you my soul to heal you. I …" Sarah didn't finish, because Jareth grabbed her and pulled her into the most mind blowing kiss of her life. The intensity and fiery passion in that kiss was enough to render a person incapable. "Jareth…where did that come from?"

"Sarah…will you stay with me?" Jareth asked. Sarah slowly nodded. Jareth grinned wickedly and said, "Well then, that kiss from before is just a taste of what the rest of your life will be like."

Sarah smacked him lightly, "Oh you are horrid!" she said.

"I know," Jareth said as he pulled her in for another kiss but this one was gentle and loving, "I know."

End of Chapter

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