Saeki x Ryoma

Echizen Ryoma ran down the street. It was raining very hard. Ryoma couldn't keep the images of what he saw out of his mind. His boyfriend, Shusuke Fuji had just been kissing their team buchou Tezuka Kunimitsu. He was crying extremely hard. He couldn't believe Fuji would cheat on him even though they have only been dating 3 months, He thought Fuji was happy with him. He now hated Fuji and couldn't store the tears. Ryoma didn't want any pity so he was in luck because his parents went to see his brother Ryoga in America for 4 months and bring him home while his cousin Nanako went to college for an extra activity. She wouldn't be back for 2 months. But while he thought he was lucky that no one was home he didn't realize he was getting a high fever. He pasted the park and decided to sit under the tree to think things over. On his way to the tree everything went black and he collapsed onto the ground

Meanwhile a certain Rokkaku student was on his way home and saw our little Ryoma on his stomach by a tree at the park. 'O my god! Someone is hurt.' He rolled the person over and was shocked at what he saw. He saw Ryoma! "Echizen are you all right"? He got no answer and decided to carry Ryoma to his house. When he got home his sister greeted him. "Oh Kojiro what do you have their" she asked. She looked at what he had in his arms and screamed "Mom Kojiro brought a young boy home to rape." She told. " Nee-chan I did not! This boy is Echizen Ryoma from the Seigaku tennis team." He yelled. " That's the super tennis player we have heard about? Wow he sure is a shrimp, a totally kawaii shrimp." Saeki sighed owing it would be a long day.