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It was a cold afternoon, snow falling to the ground gently and the wind pushing the snow flakes to scattered destinations. People walked along the busy streets of Tokyo, most of them holding cups of hot cocoa or bundling up with there lover. However, one soul was not.

A young woman stood outside of the neighborhood Shinto shrine, sweeping the steps and porches. She wore a white and red priestess outfit with the appropriate sandals and stockings, making her demeanor more serious and exotic. The winter sun shone upon her head, making the violet hues come out of her raven-black hair.

She was a very reserved girl, quiet and emotionless. Her posture and gestures were elegant and refined, making her stand out in a crowd. The woman would have kept sweeping if she hadn't heard the quiet whimpers and sobs coming from behind the Cherry Blossom tree the resided by the shrine.

Before walking over to the sad sounds, she rested her broom against the door of the shrine, making sure it didn't interfere. Then she made her way to the tree, hoping that she could help the person in need.

Behind the tree sat a young girl, around the age of seven, crying vigorously. She had a small body, very petite and fragile. She had long, black hair, oddly similar to hers in hue. But possibly the most captivating feature on this small child was her eyes. They were a mixture of light and dark blues, creating a cerulean color that shone even through the gallons of tears.

"Are you alright?" The woman prodded, rubbing the little girls shoulder. "Where is your family?"

"I don't have a family anymore." The girl managed to get out in between her gasps for air.

"What happened? Where did they go?"

The girl rubbed her eyes with her little fists. "They came here and told me to stay, not to follow them." The girl then stood up and wrapped her arms around the priestess. "My name is Jocelyn. Will you take care of me?"

The woman smiled and hugged the girl back. How could I say no? Her parents' obviously abandoned her. "Indeed, Jocelyn. You may stay with me. My name is Rei Hino"

"Can I call you mommy?"

"You may."

With that, Rei picked up the young girl in her arms and carried her inside the temple, thinking about her new role as a mom.

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