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The Ultimate Ally.

A Danny Phantom's story by Acosta Pérez José Ramiro.

-Strange Visitor.

"Come on, Clockwork, let me see it!"

"On the right time, Danielle," The time keeper ghost replied without losing sight of the screen in front of him.

"Oh, but you said my lair is almost done!" The ghostly girl said in a slightly exasperated tone, "Look, I don't want to sound ungrateful or something like that, but being around here with only you and you-know-who trapped inside the thermos screaming every bad word ever invented, well, is kind of boring, especially since you don't allow me to go to the really cool parts of your lair."

Clockwork sighed yet conserved his cool. When Danielle returned to Amity Park, almost a month ago, the ghost offered his help to her and Danny, promising to take care of the little girl. Danielle had gained a lot more control over her powers, so she didn't melt so easily, but this control came at the cost of almost half of her power. Luckily, Clockwork's abilities allowed him to slow down her body's degrading process, at least until her ghostly lair was finished; in the case of normal ghosts, the lairs started forming right after their decease so they could have a place to rest and build their strength, and recover energy when injured, but, since Danny hadn't died, his lair started forming the first time he made a deep exploring at The Ghost Zone, thanks to the dimension reacting with his ectoplasmic signature, and, since he never stayed for long in the zone, his lair was still far from being finished; obviously, he didn't really care because he still lived in the human world. The same thing applied to Danielle, and, according to Clockwork, the best way to help her was staying at the Ghost Zone until her lair was done so she could have a place to gain power and finally stabilize her body.

"I'm sorry, Danielle," Clockwork, morphing into an elder ghost, turned slightly to look at his companion, "Living in different times at all moment, I tend to forget how it feels to be stuck on the regular chronological sequence."

"In other words, how bored can you get after a very short time," Danielle pointed, making Clockwork, who now was on his childish form, to chuckle slightly. He wouldn't admit it openly, but his job was so absorbing he never allowed himself to have a lot of company, so having the girl around was a major source of amusement for him.

"Yes, you are right. Tell you what; I can transport you to the lair of some other ghost so you can play a little as long as you promise not getting out of there until I pick you up."

"Sure!" Danni smiled widely, and then started thinking, "Let's see… Youngblood is kind of funny, for a little brat, I mean, but the last time he told me about something he's building at his lair, so guess I shouldn't disturb whatever he is doing. And Dora is very nice, but I already visited her last week… and I really don't want to visit Ember and Wulf!"

"I thought you liked them."

"Yes, but after an hour or so they start glancing to each other and doing those flirty faces, and I feel a little guilty for forcing them to watch over me when they could be doing… things that I shouldn't see, or even imagine."

"And that they are doing right this minute." Clockwork smiled slyly, making Danni to arch an eyebrow; living with someone who could tell what you're doing at every time wasn't always easy, "How about Frostbite?"

"Cool! Snow boarding, here I go!" The girl exclaimed in happiness; Clockwork nodded, and used his power to create a portal leading right into the yeti ghost's lair.

"Tell him I send my greetings; I'll pick you up in three hours, fifty minutes, and seventeen seconds."

"How about giving me a watch this time?"

"You broke the last one."

"It was Poindexter's fault, not mine! He wanted to check out how it worked; geeks." Danni rolled her eyes and sighed at the last part, but returned to her smile a moment later, and, after thanking Clockwork, jumped at the portal, that disappeared a moment later.

Clockwork sighed and looked down for a moment. It was easy for him to watch every event at any time, and at times manipulating them, but sometimes he hated himself for not revealing some important details to Danny, and, lately, to the girl as well, especially since, even if not knowing it, Danielle was doing a service to her "brother" by befriending some of his former enemies, eliminating a few menaces. He knew his manipulation was for the greatest good, but it didn't mean less suffering or danger for his protégés.

Clockwork, back on his regular form, turned back to his monitors, watching the event he had been waiting for happening today. One of its players was now moving around The Ghost Zone, looking everywhere; he was a tall and well built man, apparently on his late forties, with a little goatee beard, using a black uniform. Like Danny, his skin wasn't blue, green, or totally white, as it happened with most ghosts; it was a regular pale human color.

The man groaned in annoyance after checking another of the many doors floating around the spectral dimension. He closed it angrily, and turned to check another one, when another player appeared to do his part; small, yes, but primordial to the drama that was about to occur.

"Random traveling around The Ghost Zone is a clear violation of rule eighteen, section B, paragraph three." Walker talked in his severe tone, as several of his guards positioned themselves around the bearded man, their weapons ready to strike.

"I don't know about your rules!" The man growled, adopting a fighting stance, "I don't even belong here! I just want to leave this place once and for all!"

Walker looked at his soon-to-be prisoner, and pointed at him with his open hand, that started glowing slightly. The warden ghost frowned.

"You are right." Walker commented, lowering his hand, "You are no ghost; your place isn't here, and the presence of corporeal world's objects is forbidden, including unauthorized personal…"

"I was forced in here!" The man roared, yet calmed down a little after giving a second look to the weapons aimed at him, "I hate this place, and I just want to leave as soon as possible."

"Fine then… Bullet!" Walker directed to his second-in-command, a one-eyed ghost with a long cape and sinister face, "Show this man the way back to the human world, and get sure he stays there."

"Alright, sir," Bullet replied, and then motioned the man to follow him. The stranger nodded, and followed the ghost, getting an evil smirk.

Back at Clockwork's headquarters, the time ghost rubbed his chin, turning into a teenager.

"Time for a minor intervention," Clockwork said to himself as grabbing some of his time medallions. Even if knowing Danielle was sure to accept his offer to go playing, which gave him the chance to act without her knowing, he secretly was glad she had accepted so easily. Danny's next challenge was one she wasn't allowed to help him, at least, not yet.


"Valerie, Sam and Tucker are here," Damon Grey knocked at his daughter's bedroom door. The girl opened it after a few seconds, her shirt totally sweated and her hair a mess.

"Val, what were you doing in there?" Damon arched an eyebrow at the girl, who simply shrugged.

"Just working out a little, Dad," Valerie replied, and then lowered a little her voice. "Relax; I promised to stop going hunting and just use the weaponry if by any chance there's a ghostly attack at the place I am." Valerie exited the bedroom, and waved hello to Tucker and Sam.

"We can return in a while if you want, you know, so you can take a bath or something." Tucker offered.

"Nah, it's okay. I'll just change the shirt and wash a little." Valerie replied, "I mean, Danny is about to arrive, and I don't want him or you guys to wait for me."

"About to arrive, uh?" Sam folded her arms and gave Val a knowing look, making her to blush a little.

"Okay, I have to go. See you later, Val," Damon gave his daughter a little kiss at the cheek and went to the exit door, "Feel at home, you two, and keep an eye on my daughter."

"If I do that, Danny might blast me." Tucker whispered to Valerie, who chuckled a little while Sam rolled her eyes as Mister Grey closed the door.

"I doubt it, Tucker… he heard you, and you are still in one piece." Sam pointed, making Tucker to get a confused look. Valerie smiled and cleared her throat.

"Make yourself visible, Ghost."

"Funny how a word loses its hurting effect when saying it nicely." Danny's voice was heard, and, a moment later, turned visible… showing a few lipstick spots on his face and his neck.

"Wait, you mean… you two at her room… you are my hero, Danny!" Tucker exclaimed, as Danny and Valerie got sheepish smiles and Sam sighed.

"Hey, we were just making out, Tuck… a lot, yes, but nothing more." Danny explained while Valerie cleaned the lipstick from his face.

"Invisibility; the ultimate way for romantic interaction right in the father-in-law's nose," Sam glared at the couple, yet it wasn't as intense as a few weeks ago. Sam finally had accepted that Danny and Valerie were deeply in love, so much they actually revealed themselves to each other the same night, plus she actually liked to have a female friend besides her grandmother and Jazz, but it didn't mean she was entirely comfortable with their displays of affection.

Valerie changed her shirt, washed, and then brushed her hair at her bedroom while Danny made himself a little more presentable at the living room; after a few minutes, the four teens were sitting around the coffee table, drinking some sodas, while discussing a very important issue.

"I think you really should tell your secret to your parents, Danny." Sam pointed to her friend, who sighed and rubbed his temples.

"I almost did it yesterday, but when I entered the lab Dad was testing The Fenton Machine Gun… in his words, 'shoots about 500 blasts in ten seconds', and that kind of ruined my good disposition."

"But your parents know and love you, Danny," Valerie said while placing a hand on her boyfriend's shoulder, "I mean, I was the one who despised the air you fly through, and all that disappeared pretty fast and turned into something great."

"I know, Val, but, as much as you hated my ghostly self, you turned into a hunter like, a year ago or so, while my parents had been obsessed with ghost hunting their entire lives." Danny replied.

"And they had known you your whole life, and that counts as well." Sam added.

"Plus, you have Jazz on your side, and if anyone can reason with your parents, it's your sister." Tucker entered the debate, "Maybe we should discuss this with her too."

"We had been talking about that for a while now," Danny explained, "And she kind of agrees with you guys, but I still feel a little nervous. Maybe I should wait until they realize Phantom isn't a bad guy before revealing. Not to mention that, the moment I do it, I might need to tell about all the dangers we face on a regular basis, and also convince them to keep their cool around Vlad."

"Tell me about it," Valerie groaned, "When you told me that wacko was manipulating me the whole time, well, I was pretty tempted to give him an enema with my ecto blaster."

"I like how you think." Sam grinned at Val's idea, making her to smile as well.

"Remind me to never get on you two's bad side." Tucker gulped at Valerie and Sam's look.

"Anyway, Vlad already got a little lesson with that missile we sent to Wisconsin." Danny chuckled, "Not to mention the problems Skulker surely had when Vlad realized he was among Mister Hunter's weapon's programmed targets." The other teens laughed a little at Danny's comment as images of Skulker's punishment ran on their imagination.

"Back to the topic here…" Sam froze as a statue, as well as her companions. Actually, no living creature or ghost on Amity could move at all. The Goth moved and talked again a few seconds later, but stopped when noticing the medallion hanging from her neck, just like the ones her friends had as well.

"Clockwork!" Danny, Sam and Tucker said at the same time, looking at the ghost in the middle of the room. Valerie shook her head, truly impressed; Danny had already told her about the specter, but still it was very surprising to watch him appear apparently from nowhere, changing his age in front of her eyes every couple of seconds.

"Hello, Danny. Tucker. Samantha. Miss Grey, I assume you know about me, but let me introduce properly; Clockwork, Time Guardian; glad to meet you." The ghost extended his hand at the girl, who nodded and shook it.

"Is Danni okay?" Danny got a worried expression; Clockwork wasn't known for making social visits.

"She is fine, Danny, and I'm glad to inform you her lair is almost completely formed, so she will have a place to get stable and heal properly." Clockwork smiled at Danny, yet got a serious look a moment later, "I came to warn you; a very powerful enemy is about to arrive from The Ghost Zone, one your powers and weapons might prove ineffective against."

"What kind of ghost is it?" Danny got his all-business tone and look.

"He is no ghost."

"Excuse me, but, being a ghost isn't like, a requisite to be at The Ghost Zone?" Sam got a slightly puzzled expression, just like her companions.

"Yes, it is, that's why Walker is kicking him out and back into the corporeal realm." Clockwork explained, his expression becoming a lot more serious, "He isn't from this planet, actually."

"Hold it! You mean this guy is an alien?" Tucker wide opened his eyes.

"Yes, he is, and a very dangerous one," Clockwork continued, "So dangerous his own people decided he was just too risky to lock him at a regular prison, and sent him and his followers to another dimension where he would be powerless."

"The Ghost Zone." Danny frowned.

"In there, he isn't really dangerous because, since he isn't a specter, he can't touch a thing or drain power from The Ghost Zone to develop new skills; the zone gives him some little energy that keeps him alive and unchanged, like a fountain of perpetual youth, but that's all. However, the moment he arrives to the corporeal realm and to this planet in particular, he'll be nearly unstoppable. Luckily, his followers abandoned him long time ago, tired of his abusive leadership and past defeats, so, for now, he is alone, but that's just one of the few advantages you'll have against him."

"And what other advantages we'll have?" Valerie asked.

"You'll not be alone against him, but you'll need to stand on your own against this enemy for a while until the cavalry arrives, and that will be pretty difficult." Clockwork said as looking at Danny at the eye, "I'm sorry can't reveal more, but if you survive this threat, future will get some major improvements on the long term."

Danny sighed and nodded; he knew his friend meant well, and usually Danny learned a lot from Clockwork and his little tests, but that didn't mean he liked solving his puzzles and facing danger, especially if risking his friends' lives as well, especially knowing that, from Clockwork's point of view, the 'long term improvements' could happen in a way distant future, so Danny wasn't sure if he would eventually see them.

"I have to go now; one last advice, to the three of you," Clockwork directed to the pure humans at the room, "Danny is the only one here who can, at least, resist this villain's attacks for a while, so I'm suggesting you to help from behind the scenes and not facing the enemy directly. I'm serious here; this guy is as powerful as Danny's evil future self, and is impervious to almost anything."

"When will he arrive?" Sam asked after a few seconds of silence.

"By the moment I leave so the time can move normally… he'll already be at Fenton Works' basement."


The man walked out of the Fenton Portal, taking a deep breath. It had been a long time since he breathed a normal atmosphere, and was glad for it. Then, he walked around the lab, giving a fast check to everything; he recognized a few chemicals from a shelf, and improvised a little home-made bomb. The man threw it against the side of the lab that had the most blasters on it, and then dashed upstairs.


The man grinned evilly when reaching the house's living room. His smile grew bigger when looking at the window, noticing it was day time, and touched the glass. The man closed his eyes as his pale skin became slightly tanned and his body slowly filled up with energy.

At the street, Jack, Maddie, and Jazz parked the Fenton RV just at the front door. They got alerted by the vehicle's surveillance system that something had happened at the lab, and were more than concerned about the possibility of an intrusion.

"There's a fire at the basement!" Maddie exclaimed while pointing at the thin smoke column coming out from the house.

"A pyromaniac ghost!" Jack growled and he and Maddie took two blasters out from their uniforms.

"Or maybe it was just an accident with unstable chemicals… like that Fenton Gun Powder stuff you were working on last month." Jazz, still at the vehicle, rolled her eyes, noticing the RV's alarm wasn't detecting any ghostly presence around.


The Fentons wide opened their eyes at the man who jumped out from the house by destroying a wall.

"Freeze right there, you ectoplasmic fiend!" Jack snapped at him while he and his wife aimed at the intruder.

"You think your ridicule weapons can stop me?" The man got a wicked smile, slowly advancing at the couple.

"You asked for it!" Maddie exclaimed, and she and Jack started shooting at him.


"Funny; it tickles," The man laughed as the blasts bounced on his chest and forehead. The couple got shocked expressions, and, a second later, the stranger moved at an inhuman speed, grabbing the blasters from their hands, and destroying them effortlessly.

"Don't worry; this will only hurt… a lot." The man drew back his fist, ready to hit Jack, but couldn't connect thanks to a well placed lightning-like attack.


"Stay away from my parents, you creep!" Jazz growled as activating practically all the vehicles' weaponry. Several blasters appeared at the sides, front, and roof of the RV, all aiming at the intruder. Jack and Maddie, taking advantage of their daughter's distraction, dashed away so the girl could attack the now leaned man.

"No… I'm not strong enough… not yet." The man groaned when looking at the weapons. Jazz activated all the blasters at the same time.


"Well done, Jazziepants!" Jack smiled at the huge smoke cloud that now was where the man originally was standing. Jazz sighed in relief but kept the weapons on position, just in case.

"Jack, look!" Maddie pointed up, and Jack gasped. The man was hovering over the RV, and seemed ready to attack.


Luckily, Jazz spotted the man just in time to jump out from the vehicle right before the man dived at high speed against it.


"JAZZ!" Jack and Maddie ran next to Jazz, who was thrown away by the explosion. Luckily, she was alive, but got more than a few burns and bruises.

At that moment, all the neighbors ran out of their houses because of the commotion, and, knowing the Fentons were involved, it could only be related with ghosts or one of Jack's inventions gone wrong; this time, however, it was none of that.

Everyone gasped at the humanoid figure walking out from the destroyed and flaming vehicle. The man was totally undamaged, and even seemed comfortable, as if walking at a park during a sunny day; he then hovered a few feet over the crowd, directing to the people on an authoritarian tone.

"Your lives no longer belong to yourselves. From now on, I'm your one and only true master. You will obey me, and do my will. You will kneel."