Summary: Derek contemplates Meredith's towels. GA Oneshot, Slight FutureFic. Sort of MerDer and Lexie.

Disclaimer: I do not own Grey's Anatomy.

A/N: Sorry for being so demented that I made Derek the type of freakazoid to be interested in someone's towels. Also for making him ask Meredith to buy him his own towel, like he couldn't afford one himself. I mean, he's a doctor, for God's sake! What was I thinking??



Meredith Grey has three towels in one of her upstairs bathrooms, because, Derek guesses, Meredith Grey just likes it this way. The fact that Meredith keeps three towels in this bathroom would make sense, seeing as there are three residents of the house and they all share that particular bathroom.

Derek himself has never been in this bathroom, which Derek reflects on as being odd. But he has spent most of his time in Meredith's own bathtub, which thankfully she shares with no one but him.

There are also three towels in the bathroom that belongs to only Meredith, but these towels are special. They are so special that Derek has been standing in the shower, trying to decide which one to use, for over twenty minutes.

The first towel that Derek sees is lying on the ground, bunched up in the corner near the toilet. The strange thing about this towel is that, although it has been carelessly tossed on the floor, Derek can clearly see the creases from continuous, practiced folding- obviously the work of Izzie. Derek now knows that this towel belongs to both Alex and Izzie. He does not use this towel because it belongs to them, and Derek is not the sort to intrude.

Plus, it's dirty from Alex tossing it on the floor.

Next Derek examines what must be George's towel. It's hung up on the rack, but not very neatly. It looks as though George had very pressing issues to attend to while he was hanging up his towel. It hangs haphazardly, and it reminds Derek of George himself. In an attempt to keep things neat and tidy, George has gotten distracted and not given this towel the attention it deserves.

Finally Derek comes to Meredith's towel. This is the towel that logically, he should use.

But he can't.

There is something about Meredith Grey's towel that is fragile. It's methodically folded, but does not show evidence of the natural perfection with which Derek has seen Izzie fold her own towel. Meredith has tried, and it is obvious as Derek examines her towel. Like Meredith herself, the towel needs space, no matter how comfortable or fluffly or nice smelling it may appear. This is why Derek cannot use Meredith's towel. At least, not yet.

Now Derek feels like an idiot because he has just spent thirty minutes of his Saturday off looking at towels, which he figures is pathetic. By this time his analysis is pretty much a mute point, seeing as he's totally dry.

Derek pulls on his clothes sheepishly and heads downstairs, hoping his breakfast isn't cold because Izzie is really a good cook.

He keeps in mind that he needs to ask Meredith to buy him a towel.