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Chapter 27: The Demon's Cherry Blossom

His teal eyes narrowed in agitation as Baki coughed hoping to encourage the speaker to speed up his presentation. Baki held back his laughter as he looked around at the bemused faces of the rest of the council, the speaker, and a representative from the Land of Waves, took no notice and proceed to show his charts to the KazeKage, who clearly wasn't paying any attention to the man anyway.

"So you see, KazeKage-sama, this would show a drastic increase in the ninja wages of your missions…" He drummed his slender fingers on the table in front of him and ruffled the few sheets of paper. His new ring shone in the room's lights, as Sakura's name glistened across it. Damn him for being KazeKage, and damn the council for this stupid meeting. They could decide matters like this without his consent. Gaara growled deep in the back of his throat. Today was a very important day for him as he glanced at the clock, showing his clear displeasure at the matter at hand, the speaker's face went pale as he himself became tuned in the KazeKage's aggressive aura. "I apologize KazeKage if this plan displeases you, there is another course of action…"

"NO!" Gaara bellowed finally as the clock's hand moved. He was already forty-five minutes late. "The proposal is fine. I accept this course of action." He swept his hand to the other older gentlemen across from him. "If you have any questions ask them." He stood up quickly and went for the door before the poor man could even open his mouth. Baki laughed as Gaara slammed the door shut behind him. He stood and shook the man's hand.

"Is he always like that? No, but today is very important for our young KazeKage. Is he married? You saw the ring? He's engaged." Baki grinned as the man started packing away the charts. "His fiancé gets out of the hospital today and He's forty-five minutes late…"

"Oh my goodness I had no idea, I would have stopped." Baki patted the man on the back and motioned for the door.

"There are a few papers that need to be signed this way, if you will." The man nodded as they left the room and went into the KazeKage's office.

"DAMN THEM!" Gaara roared as he stormed down the street. She had already gotten out and there was no way, because he knew Sakura, would she wait this long for him? He wanted to be the first thing she saw when she woke up from slumber. He had been there every night after work since she was put in. He watched her toss and turn screaming out meaningless names into the night. He had comforted her, watched over her. Stayed by her side every night after he got off from work. He wanted to be there, and that damn batch of old fools was determined that he would not. Gaara's stopped his pace when he looked towards his left briefly. A small flower shop. He could afford to waste a couple more minutes, its not like it would matter anyway. He snorted and crossed the street and opened the door as the bell at the top made a small ding.

"Hello sir…" the girl said not looking up from her book she was reading. Gaara strolled over and closed the book with one finger. The girl's head shot up an angry look in her eyes, but she lost all color in her face when she saw who her costumer was. "KazeKage-sama I …."

"Save it. I am short on time." Gaara cut her off as he glanced around the shop with interest. "I need those." He pointed at the most expensive ones. They were blood red and pink mixed in together.

"Ok course sir." She bowed and retrieved the flowers for him. "Will that be all today, KazeKage-sama?" Gaara threw a handful of coins on the desk and briskly walked out the door with the large bundle of flowers in both arms. He should proceed to the hospital but chances are Sakura had already gone home with Temari and Kankuro. He sighed and started again for the hospital. He was surprised to see Naruto standing outside with Lee as he approached them.

"Where have you been?" Naruto placed his hands on his hips and resembled an angry pose of Sakura's. "Your late, do you know how long Sakura-chan's been waiting on your lazy ass?" Gaara would have cocked an eyebrow if he had one. Rock Lee flashed him a dazzling smile and a thumbs up.

"Naruto, I sure Gaara was very busy. We must not forget that he is Suna's KazeKage after all." Gaara smiled from behind the flowers at Rock Lee.

"She won't let any of us see her. Told the nurse you're the first one she wants to see, isn't that stupid?" Gaara remained silent after staring at the two with an unreadable expression on his face. His heart swelled as he walked pass Naruto and Lee into the double doors where he was greeted by Temari, Kankuro, Shikamaru, and Kakashi. Who all told him the same thing, Sakura wouldn't see anybody else, until she saw him first. Gaara smiled at his lover's determination and refused to keep her waiting any longer. He shifted the flowers and followed the nurse down to Sakura's room. The door of course was closed, so the nurse opened it for him. His eyes softened as his anger vanished completely. She had never looked so beautiful to him. Sakura's green eyes lit up when she saw the huge bundle of flowers he carried in his arms. She smiled as he stood in front of her and handed them to her.

"Gaara, their beautiful." She whispered inhaling softly, and nuzzling her nose in them.

"Not as beautiful as you." Gaara muttered kissing her briefly and pulling away as she swatted him on the arm. He smiled watching her, she was so breathtaking.

"Gaara, don't lie to me, I look horrible." Gaara bemused smile only made Sakura's hit him more. Her hair was matted to her face, thick with oil from not being washed. Her make-up smeared, her body color was finally healthily. She hadn't had a bath in weeks.

"The KazeKage doesn't lie. I wouldn't waste my time trying to make you feel better." Gaara stated raising his nose up in the air and closing his eyes, his smile growing wider.

"Sabaku no Gaara! If you don't stop teasing me I refuse to leave this room with you." Gaara's eyes flashed open as something flickered across his playful teal eyes briefly.

"Try it." Sakura opened her mouth to let out an angry retort but his lips and hands were a lot faster. His hands wrapped around her waist smashing the flowers between their chests as Sakura moaned into his lips. She gasped as he took advantage of it and tasted every inch of her, claiming her to be his. She broke the kiss gasping for air as Gaara leaned forward capturing her lips again. Sakura felt herself going lightheaded as he broke the second one, and trailed hot, butterfly kisses down the side of her neck.

"Ga….a….r….a…" Sakura moaned as her teeth chattered together at the sensations he was causing. It was like he was a freakin' natural at making out. Sakura knew he didn't have anyone before her, how in the hell could he be this damn good? She tilted her head back more as the skin of her neck became hotter, and more demanding. His fingers now underneath her shirt, tracing her quivering stomach muscles as they tightened. She felt him smirk against her skin and soon his kisses stopped. Sakura was about to protest when his teeth soon replaced them, as he sucked gently on the sensitive skin of her earlobe. Her fingers curled into the material of his robes as her nails dug into his skin. He started sucking harder and soon crawled on top of her, on the bed that had been neatly made. He pulled back suddenly.

"Blossom…." He rasped looking her into her glazed over eyes, mirroring his own lust. "If you want me to stop, you better say so now, if we continue I won't be able to…" he trailed over bending closer to her lips, fingers brushing over her bra. "Do you want this?" He whispered eyes guarded. "Do you want me?" Sakura laughed.

"After all we've been through…" She licked his ear, as he shivered closing his eyes moaning. "You think I wouldn't want you after all of this?" She asked as Gaara's body and fell on top of her.

"Good." He whispered unbuttoning her shirt. "I wouldn't have known what to do with a no." Sakura laughed and then gasped as his lips attacked her stomach. Something fluttered in her heart as her pulse accelerated. Her muscles tightened, as something grew warmer between her legs, as she rubbed them together. Gaara snorted, and stopped kissing her stomach and parted her legs with ease, stepping between them. He was back up to her eye level as he suddenly grinded into her, making her fully aware of how aroused he was. Eyes clouded over with lust he kissed her again, slipping a few digits under her bra to touch her soft skin. Sakura buried her head into the junction of his neck and moaned into his skin as her fingers gripped his crimson hair. The pleasure he was giving her was surely too much. Suddenly Sakura's eyes widen as she heard footsteps rapidly approaching.

"NO!" She screamed suddenly as she realized what was about to happen to them again. Gaara pulled back mouth opened in shock staring at Sakura. Sakura looked up at him in surprise too. Then both looked towards the door as the handle started to turn. "I refuse to wait to see my youthful blossom anymore!" Sakura started to yell for Rock Lee to stop but it was too late, the door opened up as Rock Lee stood in the doorway smiling until he saw Gaara on top of Sakura, shirt unbuttoned, Gaara's slender fingers underneath Sakura's bra, tan flesh melting into pale, both faces flushed. Rock Lee's eyebrow quivered. As he shrieked as blood ran out his nose.

"NOT AGAIN! GAI-SENSI WHY ME!" Gaara's nostrils flared as his hands suddenly curled into fist at Sakura's side. He stood up as his sand swept from his gourd slamming the door shut. "WHY ME? WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME?" blood gushed from Rock Lee's nose as Sakura wrapped her fingers around Gaara's wrist.

"Gaara…" Sakura said laughing at the irony of the situation. Seven years ago she would have pushed Gaara away and run into the nearest bathroom stall. Gaara swirled around completely ignoring Lee.

"He interrupted me the last time!" Gaara hissed at Sakura as his attention turn back to Lee. Sakura smiled and buttoned her shirt up. "He's doing it on purpose!" Gaara snarled as Sakura covered up her mouth and giggled softly. Gaara obviously hadn't forgotten Rock Lee's last similar encounter with them together. "I let it slide last time, this time I won't let you get away with it." Gaara snarled as his sand swirled. Sakura got up from the table and stood in front of Gaara.

"Gaara." Sakura said biting down on her bottom lip, knowing if she laughed her effect on him would be over. "You know he didn't mean it."

"Get out." Gaara commanded rage barely in control as Rock Lee nodded bowed, and left quickly. He turned quickly to Sakura, grinning as something deviously flashed crossed his memory. "If I recall correctly." He muttered kissing the side of her neck, as his hands made it way up to her bra again, fitting underneath it, stroking the soft skin. "I told you the last time you started something, you better finish it." Sakura's face lit up as red as his hair as he smirked, seeing she remembered as well.

His sand pushed her down again against him, as she gasped at the contact. A small smirk drifted to his lips as he leaned up against her, opening his mouth clamping it against her ear, while the sand was stroking her everywhere. His mouth moved away from her ear and grazed the soft skin of her neck, sucking and nipping, while his hands moved towards the zipper in the front of her outfit. The cold air startled Sakura as his warm hand soon replaced it. His warm hand glided over her small breast as she sucked in her breath, desperate to remain calm.

"Gaara." She moaned as he pushed down the top part to her mid-waist pulling back panting. He grabbed her hands and forced them to his the front of his attire waiting for her. Her hands shook as she slowly unclipped the clips and untied his white robe. Slowly his shirt was removed and all that was there was bare chest and s fish net shirt. Slowly he helped her remove his last article of clothing over his chest. Her hand reached out to trace his muscles. He closed his eyes moaning at the contact, as she felt his muscles spasm underneath her touch. He couldn't control himself anymore, he flipped her over where she was underneath him, and gasping, panting, and he yanked off her outfit completely as his enthusiasm grew. He didn't even want her to remove his clothing, snatching as he threw his pants away in the pile of their clothes, returning his attention back to her exposed body. He licked his lips watching her squirm underneath him.

"You don't wear…" He smirked leaning down pressing his forehead against hers, watching her lust filled eyes stare back at him.

"Anything." He finished for her, taking her lips, and he pulled off the last of her clothing. She pulled away as her arms locked around his neck, nails digging into his soft skin in anticipation. He pulled back and pulled her legs apart. Sakura's eyes shot open as she felt him near her. Her heart was thumping so loud she knew he must hear it. Slowly he eased himself into her, a little at a time listening to her gasp and moans, as her fingers gripped his hair. He felt the barrier and grinned pressing his lips against her skin. He felt her tighten against him. She was his. Just a little more and he would be fully inside her. After he broke her barrier of virginity there would be no going back. She would belong to him. He gasped and nipped at her neck.

"I need you." He whispered in a strain hoarse voice as her fingers dug into his scalp. "I love you." He whispered again, nuzzling her neck with his face, as his own body trembled. "I love you." He pushed farther earning a small cry from her. Her eyes were widened and dazed with lust as she felt the true length of him, filling her.


"Next time don't start something you can't finish."

Gaara pulled away from her snorting as he ruffled her hair with his fingers. It wouldn't do to go out looking all messed up, not for the Leader of Suna at any rate. Sakura sighed and closed her eyes resting against his frame. Gaara was taken back by her suddenly lack of energy and wrapped his arms around her to steady her just in case she fell.

"You are unwell?" He asked lust vanished into thin air as his concern for her shone clearly in his eyes. Sakura shook her head.

"I'm just tired. It's weird, but all I want to do is go back to bed, after I take a nice long shower." Gaara nodded and picked her up bridal style.

"We will go to the KazeKage Mansion then, you will shower, and rest in my bed." Sakura stopped Gaara from walking out the doors.

"My flowers." She muttered as he took her over there to then and she picked them up. Gaara nodded and strolled through the door, holding his blossom close. Sakura closed her eyes and leaned into his chest resting while holding on to the flowers. Gaara looked down at her with an unfathomed expression on his face before composing it.

"I am glad he interrupted us for once." Gaara stated as he carried her out the doors of the hospital. He narrowed his black-rimmed eyes briefly at Rock Lee who was talking to Naruto.

"Why?" Sakura asked looking up at his surprise etched on her face. Gaara looked down at her his eyes softening.

"You promised your Sensei." Sakura raised an eyebrow at Gaara who smirked with a mirthful expression.

"You do not remember?" He asked his playfully expression shifted to painful as Sakura's eyes widen.

"Of course I do."

"Kakashi always taught me that in order to have sex like that, you should be married. I'm not old enough to be married, neither Gaara, nor do I want to end up pregnant like some of the females here in this town at the age of thirteen. It's kinda like a promise I made to Kakashi long ago, and I 'd feel horrible about breaking a promise, I am a girl of my word. Once I promise something I kept it, does that help?"

Sakura giggled at the memory. The look on his face had been so terribly adorable at the time.

"I am glad you remembered too, Gaara." Sakura said after a while of silence smiling looking up at him as he continued walking. "It makes me so…" she yawned and closed her eyes nuzzling into her flowers. "Happy."

The sun slowly started to set as Gaara looked out the window. He had let Sakura bath and she had been resting since four. He had never seen her so utterly exhausted before like that. She had been through quite a lot recently.

"Where's Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked as all of them returned to the house that evening. Gaara glared at the loud blonde. Snorting Gaara got up and stood as all the ninja's filed into the living room.

"Be silent, she's sleeping." Gaara commanded as Naruto nodded. Temari went to the kitchen and starting cooking them some dinner for tonight. Kakashi sat down at one of the chairs and motioned Gaara to sit across from him. Gaara narrowed his eyes at the copy ninja who smirked at him.

"You know she is still a Leaf ninja." Kakashi whispered as Gaara stiffly nodded, raising his nose at the copy ninja. "Tsunade is coming here, leaving from the Leaf Village to ban Sakura from our village if she chooses to be with you, which apparently is the case, since she's marrying you." Gaara knew deep down in his heart this would hurt Sakura, and there was nothing he could do about it. He would be ripping her from her village that she loved to come and live here with him. He felt so horrible for it, he was really a monster for tearing her away from everything she knew and loved. He vowed to make her happy if she agreed. He'd be there when she needed him regardless of his duties as KazeKage; her happiness would always come first for him.

"You are angry with me." Gaara stated bluntly as Kakashi looked surprised. "For taking her away from you and the village." Kakashi smiled. "Naruto will be as well."

"No, KazeKage, I am happy for my student, she is in good hands." Gaara looked up in shock at Kakashi. "I trust you with her, KazeKage, you make her so happy. You do not know how good it is to see her laugh and smile again." Gaara sat there dumbstruck; his outer appearance showed no sign of confusion, but inside his head swirled with confusion at what the copy-ninja was telling him,

"I'm not mad either." Naruto said taking a seat beside Gaara placing a hand on Gaara's shoulder. "She's less mopey now, and you can expect a lot of visits from the future Hokage." Naruto pointed at himself as Gaara stared at both of them. All Leaf shinobi were insane. Here he was taking away their friend, and they wouldn't see her that much anymore and they were grinning about it? Gaara closed his eyes and sighed. Being normal, more human was so confusing.

"I just wanted you to know about the arrive of the Fifth Hokage. She should arrive in the next couple of days." Gaara nodded and stood up from his seat. Shikamaru was standing beside Temari gently stroking her arm. Gaara smiled. His sister was happy and so was he. It would be best to wake Sakura up now for dinner, she would need to eat. He made his way up to his room door and stopped looking off to the side. Her ex- sensei trusted him? After all the hell he had put them through as children.

Apparently being close to Sakura makes them feel that you are more approachable.

Gaara froze as the demon's voice filled his head. He hadn't heard it in so long. He had trained himself over the years to drown it out and ignore it, and now Shukaku was returning to him again after all those years of hard training.

Relax a little. I'm not here to cause trouble.

That would be a first. Gaara thought bitterly as his head stung as the demon laughed in his head. Gaara snorted. He didn't need this, not now. He couldn't let Sakura know he was hearing the voice again.

I wanted to give my thanks to you and that woman. Both of you have proven to be more powerful than I could have predicted. From now on, you and her have my blessing. I will watch over her as if she were my own. Almost being extracted changed me in many ways; think of me now as a guardian. I will allow you to sleep.

Gaara could see the yellow eyes glistening as Shukaku opened his mouth and licked his lips.

On one condition… She has to be there with you…

Gaara's mouth twisted in a grimace as Shukaku roared with laugher inside his head.

What brought this on? Gaara asked, as the voice remained silent. He shrugged not really caring either way. Shukaku was a demon bent on destruction and bloodlust; Gaara knew he couldn't trust him either way. He pushed open the door and flick on the light switch waiting for his eyes to adjust. He smiled as he looked at her. Arms wrapped around his pillow, drooling slightly, hair tossed everywhere. She was sleeping on one of his shirts, it was too big for her, and her creamy white shoulder was revealed where the shirt had slipped down during her tossing and turning. He hated himself for having to wake her up.

"Sakura." He cooed gently brushing that shoulder with his long fingers. "Wake up, Blossom, its time to eat." Sakura moaned something and nuzzled her face deeper into the pillow. He should have known it wouldn't be easy to awaken her. He sighed and pulled the silk black covers off of her with one tug. Sakura shot up glaring mouth open about to yell at the person who dare disturb her, when she saw whom it was she coughed to cover it up. Gaara looked anything but angry he looked bemused. "It's time to eat." He said as Sakura groaned and stretched out on the bed, as a small blush appeared on Gaara's cheeks as his eyes roamed over her legs, leading up to her crimson panties. He groaned and had enough decency to look away as she stretched again and sat up, dangling her long legs over the bed. He shut his eyes tightly. What he would give to be between those legs.

"Gaara?" He turned around walking towards the door.

"Get dressed. My shirt is not decent on you." He heard her giggle and then shuffled around. He sighed and stayed turned around waiting on her. He heard her hasp and fought the urge to turn around. Could she have been in pain back at the hospital and not tell him? Normally he wouldn't haven given a damn about other people, but with Sakura it just came natural. Gaara stared at the back of the closed door. That was it. He wanted to put her happiness before his. He felt a hand on his shoulder as he turned and saw her fully dressed.

"I'm starved." She said as his nodded and laced fingers with her. He helped her down the stairs; her legs were still weak for such climbing.

"About time." Naruto commented as Gaara placed her in a chair and then took the empty one beside her. Sakura glared at the blonde and he looked down sheepishly at his plate. Rock Lee flashed Sakura a blinding smile.

"Glad to see your skin is healthy again, Sakura-chan." Rock Lee's chair suddenly cracked underneath him as the green beast ended up on the floor. Naruto doubled over laughing as Sakura's noticed the strands of sand going back into Gaara's gourd, which was propped up against the wall. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, he was drinking his water with his eyes closed, but one hand had been under the table. Sakura's eyes narrowed as her nostrils flared. He was making hand signs. How immature.

"Gaara…" Sakura hissed as the man beside her put down his glass and lazily opened one eye to look at her.

He puts that tough, big, boy front up with people, so they won't think him as weak.

A small smile broke out over Gaara's pale face as his eyes glistened with mischief as Kankuro helped Rock Lee to his feet and proceeded to get another chair.

He's learning though, one step at a time, how to be human. He's thought himself as a demon for so long. It's all thanks to you Sakura; can you believe how far he's come since the first day you met?

Sakura smiled and placed her hand over his knee under the table, squeezing it gently. Gaara turned his head a little to look at her with child-like confusion.

"Just because." Sakura said as Gaara nodded in understanding. Temari grinned as they started passing the plates around the table. Everybody had settled into his or her meals when Naruto suddenly looked at Gaara, strangely.

"How did you get Sakura-chan to love you?" Gaara 's eyes widen as Sakura stopped eating at looking at Naruto. The blonde popped a fried shrimp in his mouth and eyes his fellow demon-container with eyes of weariness.

"Nani?" Sakura asked voice rising dangerously. She dropped her fork and glared at Naruto. "You make it sound like I was forced." Naruto shook his head and ignored Sakura's comment and he cocked his head and looked at Gaara.

"You're anti-social, you use to go crazy on anybody that looked at you funny, and you showed no interest in girls at all. How did you get Sakura-chan to fall in love with you?"

"If this is some sort of joke, Naruto…."

"I don't understand you." Gaara said putting his fork down, leaving the meat unfinished staring at Naruto, brow creased in concentration.

"I'm very social, not going to go crazy and kill people, and I've proven that I like girls, so why can't I get Hinata to love me like Sakura loves you?" If it was even possible Gaara looked even more confused than when Naruto had first asked the question. Sakura suddenly smiled and laced fingers with Gaara's hand that was lying on the table.

"Naruto, just ask her out." Naruto blinked as his face flushed and he went back to eating. Gaara looked at her as Sakura shook her head. "If it doesn't work out then it just wasn't meant to be."

"But if Gaara can get a girlfriend I know I can." Gaara 's eyes narrowed. He might not know much about love but he did know an insult when he heard it.

"What do you mean by that, Uzumaki? Are you insinuating that I'm not good enough for her? " Naruto froze at the threat laced underneath Gaara's low voice. Sakura glanced at Naruto with a worried look.

"No, not at all. I was just saying if you, "The demon who loves only himself." Can get such a wonderful girl like Sakura that accepts Shukaku, hopefully I can find one that will accept mine." Gaara didn't respond and picked up his fork and started eating again. Sakura looked at Naruto with a strange look and she reached across the table and patted his hand.

"Don't worry, Naruto-kun you'll meet somebody." She told the blonde as Naruto nodded and went back to eating. Her gaze fell on Gaara as she gently squeezed his hand one more time. If she could find somebody as amazing as this, then someone as deserving as Naruto could too….

A Few Months Later…

The Streets on Suna had never looked so beautiful. Baki smiled and nodded to the other council members as they lined up and took their placed near the alter. The normal orange, dusty, town had magically transformed overnight thanks to Temari's amazing planning skills. The entire city had been adorned in streaks of white silk. Rose petals were scattered across the ground marking the way of the approaching bride. The wedding was taking place after Lady Tsunade had come just two months ago. Gaara felt a swell of pride as he stood there he face turned towards the corner. He was wearing black silk robes that were fluttering in the wind. He had been dying to see Sakura all night, but Kankuro had reframed him. Temari said it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Gaara never had the best of luck in his life anyway why should he start now. He sighed and briefly glanced at his best man. The bright blonde hair stood out as Naruto's blue eyes caught Gaara's gaze and the blonde whistled and winked at him. Gaara sighed at the blonde's antics, but a small smile graced his lips.

The pink shimmered in the moonlight as the rose petals whirled up in the wind. Kakashi held his students arm with pride as pink lip-gloss coated lips parted.

"It's beautiful." Sakura's eyes glanced at all the intricate decorations that Temari had managed to put together magically overnight. Huge dessert flowers adorned the seats and corners of every nearby building. Shades red, white and pinks blended together as Sakura's sighed in happiness. Then her gaze landed on her future husband and it took her breath away. Gaara hair had been slicked back neatly, and his crimson bow on his robes along with the crimson flower matched his hair perfectly. His eyes, as intense, as ever focused only on her as she blushed and looked away.

"She's beautiful." Gaara muttered gently unable to take his gaze from her. Kankuro at his side smiled at his brother.

"You are lucky to have her." He commented lightly as something passed over Gaara's eyes.

"Where she came from I cannot follow." Gaara hissed as Kankuro's eyes widen in shock at his brother. "The gates of Heaven will not allow me to her. I'm snatching an angel from the world and being so selfish."

"That's not true, Gaara." Kankuro whispered. "You deserve her, and whose to say that you cannot go with her when we leave this world. Only God can judge us, Gaara. You might as well push those thoughts into the back of your head and enjoy your moments with her, looked how amazing she is." Gaara nodded. The thoughts had been plaguing him for sometime now. When they died. He would not be able to go where she would be. He was taking her delicate, beautiful, heavenly body, and soiling it, ruining it, tainting it. He looked down at his hands and then back up at her. He wasn't fit to touch her. "You're just nervous." Kankuro hissed to him as Gaara dismissed it. He knew deep down in his dark heart that is wasn't nervousness. He wouldn't dwell on it now though. He looked at his bride that was now at his side. He nodded to Kakashi and took her hand from the copy ninja. It was so delicate in his. He would love and cherish her for as long as she lived. Her dress was strapless, and of course, pink, to match her hair. Patterns of flowers had been sewing on the dress, and she wore the necklace he had given her. He looked at their rings, and grinned.

"This will be our third set." He whispered gently in her ear smiling as she flushed. He stroked her hand gently with his thumb as he straightened up and looked at Lady Tsunade.

"Go Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled as Hinata blushed at his side. Their hands intertwine. Sakura's eyes widening.

"When did they…" Gaara glanced at the couple and shrugged.

"It happened when Hinata came over here for your wedding, two months ago, Naruto all but shouted his love for her for all of Suna to hear." Sakura smirked.

"Sounds like he took lessons from you." Gaara grinned and kissed her hand that was in his on the palm.

"I had to alert the council of course."

"Bullying them by threaten to use sand coffin on them if they disagreed with you is hardly fair at all." Gaara didn't say anything as he turned his attention towards Tsunade.

"We are gathered here today to unite these two people in holy matrimony." She started out Sakura zoned out on the first few words as her heart fluttered madly against her chest. This was it. This was her big moment. She was finally getting married to Gaara. After seven longs painful years, after everything they had been through. It really had all come down to this. Sasuke posed no threat to them anymore. Naruto and Hinata could be happy; the council got what they wanted from her and Gaara. She felt Gaara tug on her arm uncertainly troubled his face as Sakura flushed.

"I promise with this ring." Gaara held up a new ring and replaced it on Sakura's finger. He then tossed the old ring over his shoulder. "To love and cherish you forever. I will be there when you require me, and I promise to always keep you happy. When you came into my life I was lost, a slave to my own darkness, but you, my angel, came and lit up my way I love you." Sakura smiled through the tears that were building up.

"I promise…" she stuttered and her mind went blank. She had memorized the stupid speech and now she'd forgotten it. Gaara saw the fear in her face and terror shook him. He thought she might have been having second thoughts. Sakura sighed and slipped the ring on his finger and tossed the old one. "I promise with this ring to love and cherish you forever. All this time when I was alone I thought I had everything I wanted until I met you. Everything changed when you walked into my life and I knew I would never be able to leave you. I promise to be everything you deserve and more." Sakura finished as Gaara nodded at her. Tsunade smiled and closed the bible that lay open in front of her,

"Then I pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Gaara lips were instantly on Sakura's as they melded perfectly into one another, breaking only for air. The crowd roared as Sakura laughed and threw up her flowers into the crowd. Poor Hinata never saw it coming as it fell practically in her hands. Naruto blushed beside her as Gaara squeezed her hand. Sakura nodded as they both went off to enjoy the party in celebration of their marriage.

Sakura blushed as she realized how fast the celebration had flown by. She was exhausted but Gaara didn't seem affected by any of it at all. Everybody had already gone to bed, but Temari had given Sakura an early present, and down Sakura blushed as she looked at herself in the mirror. The red lace shone in the mirror as she traced the bra lightly. She wasn't exactly use to wearing thongs either.

"It won't be on long." Sakura blushed as Temari laughed looking at Sakura's face.

Temari's right after Gaara saw her in this it wouldn't be bothering her much longer anyways. She sighed. Gaara was already in bed, eyes closed when she had started to shower. He had kept his silk bottoms on. He looked so peaceful for the first time in a long time.

"Ok Sakura, you can do this." She nodded and suddenly open the door. Gaara cracked an eyes open at the light that flooded the room. Sakura shivered at the cold. It was nipping at her exposed skin. Gaara hadn't really been planning on mating with Sakura tonight she looked so tired when they had made it back to the house, and it was rather late, but as Gaara's eyes focused his breath was caught in his throat. Standing in the light arms wrapped around herself shivering was Sakura. Almost nearly exposed for him. His eyes trailed to the thong and red lace wrapped around her long slender legs. His mouth watered as his eyes ran over her chest, the lace in place there, and the see-through fabric over her entire body. Gaara sat up quickly growling deep in the back of his throat. As Sakura looked up noticing him sitting up watching her. She blushed and quickly looked away.

God, I'm not ready for this. Why in the world did I even think this was a good idea? I'm inexperienced and cold, tired. What in the hell was I thinking?

Gaara snapped his mouth shut as Sakura heard his teeth click together as she cautiously watched him. His eyes stopped on her face and continued to stare at her until a small smile broke out across his face. He threw the covers off himself and stood quietly beside the bed. Slowly he moved towards her with a gleam of mischief in his eyes that make Sakura's stomach knot up. Her breath caught as he stood right in front of her trembling form and spoke nothing. He licked his lips gently before wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into his body.

"You….look…." She heard his breath catch again before he sighed and kissed her forehead. "A little cold, care for me to warm you up?" Sakura blushed deeper as Gaara chuckled a low rumble in her ear, as his traced it gently with his mouth. "Blossom." He rasped sending his warm breath over the shell of her ear as Sakura purred gently in the back of her throat. "I thought you were tired…" His voice trailed off as his fingers delicately traced her curves, until they stopped as he slide a finger down into what little underwear Sakura had on. "But apparently your not, or you're very good at acting." Gaara hissed pulling the sheer, visible fabric off of Sakura's form as his sand switched the bathroom light off incasing them in darkness, as the moon shone through the open curtain. "I don't think it's the latter." He hissed kissing the nape of her neck, unable to stop himself from drinking in her beauty.

"I take it you like this then?" Sakura asked wrapping her arms around his neck as he bent down to press butterfly kisses against the exposed skin. "Temari thought it would be a good wedding present for you." Gaara grinned and pressed his lips once again against hers, nibbling on her bottom lip. His left hand found it's way towards her leg and pinned it around his waist, and did the same with the right. Sakura gripped her legs around his lithe body tightly as he walked slowly back over to the bed. He gently placed her down on it and hovered over her with an uneasy expression on his face. "What's wrong?" Sakura whispered as her lips formed into a frown as she watched some strange emotion flicker over Gaara's face.

"If we start…." Gaara looked uneasy. " I won't be able to stop." Sakura's eyes widen as Gaara bent down and pressed his forehead against hers. "Do you want this?"

Do you want me?

Sakura continued looking up at Gaara when suddenly it clicked in her head. He was warning her. If she agreed to be with him physically and mentally, she would be bound to him forever, and him to her. He had Shukaku still inside him. They would mate and he would leave his mark on her. She'd never be able to go anywhere without him knowing. He'd follow her to the ends of the earth. Once they crossed this stage in their lives. There would be no going back.

"Gaara." Sakura said tracing his jawbone lightly with one finger. " I want you." Those three words unraved what little self-control Gaara had over his demonic instincts and his body suddenly went rigid and he dropped on top of her, gently. Sakura didn't expect him to suddenly rip off the outfit like that. She blinked and it was gone. Gaara's pants had vanished too. Clearly he had been waiting too long for this to delay at getting what he wanted. Her eyes widen, she swore she could see his irises deep in those jade orbs glowing at her. The black rims on his eyes had thinned, and suddenly, small marks appeared across his skin. Gaara froze in his movements, as the marks faded, the excitement died, and his jaws harden, as he finally looked her into the eyes.

"I'm sorry." He whispered kissing her lips briefly sitting back where he could see her reactions clearly. Sakura was too busy focusing on the large bulge now resting against her open legs. "I did not think the demon's instincts would be so hard to control." Gaara closed his eyes as a muscle spasm in his shoulder. It continued twitching as Sakura leaned up, kissing it gently. Gaara eyes slowly opened as he looked at her, eyes full of shame. He couldn't control it. He wanted to simply throw her on her back and ravish her senseless. She deserved so much better than him. When they were children the pull hadn't been as strong as it was now. The desire to simply take her, mark her, and mate her was becoming almost too hard to ignore.

"Gaara." Sakura laughed out his name as his eyes narrowed into slits. Was she making fun of him now? Laughing at his weakness? Did she not know how he could rip her to shreds without meaning too? "We've got all the time in the world to do this right." Sakura said a blush appearing on her lips. "I don't mind if you're…" She giggled a little eyes sparking with a desire for him. " a little rough the first couple of times." Gaara blinked unable to process what she had said, but her actions were speaking louder than her words were. Sakura pushed herself gently against him as Gaara stiffened up, his body tight with tension as Sakura stuck her tongue out at him.

I could make better uses for that….

Gaara forced himself to relax as he smiled gently down at his lover. He wouldn't hurt her; he wouldn't give into his dark desire. He would make this night something she would never in her life forget. Gaara nudged her legs wider for him as he nuzzled against her.

"Blossom?" He asked hesitantly as Sakura smiled and pressed her lips roughly against his.

I can't believe after everything we've been through he's still asking for permission.

Sakura screamed into his mouth as he ripped through her, Gaara cringed and wiped away some tears that had fallen from her eyes. Never again. He vowed to himself as he pulled back needing air. Never again would she feel pain from him. It had been better and worse than Sakura had imagined. He was just so large and he really hadn't given her time to adjust to him, instead of easing gently into her, he did it in one fluid motion. Not that Sakura could imagine him doing it any other way. It was in his nature to be blunt, and get down to the point.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. Resting his head on the pillow beside her waiting for her to adjust to him. It seemed like hours to him even though he knew it couldn't have been. He felt Sakura shift herself against him sending out small waves of pleasure over his body.

"I'm ready." She wrapped her arms around his neck, digging her nails into his back, gently brushing some of his hair with her left hand, stroking his scalp.

"Are you sure?" So close. He was so close to being accepted fully by her, she nodded and Gaara started moving. Sakura closed her eyes biting back a moan as Gaara groaned gently into her neck. It was like the pain suddenly had vanished, Sakura knew it was still there, but the waves of pleasure crashing down on her body had so much more of an effect on her. She screamed his name until she lost her voice, as Gaara kissed her whenever he could to silence her. Her body tightened around him as he would push and suddenly release him when he went back. It was a steady tempo until Sakura felt something building up between them. Gaara growled her name into her chest as his arms tightened around her waist. Sakura's nails were gripping his tan skin so hard that she was starting to leave marks in them. Gaara fell out of tempo as Sakura felt the tension between then build up more and more, and suddenly. She was filled with the most wonderful sensation. She closed her eyes as white flashed across her eyelids as Gaara groaned out her name, his lips melding into hers. Sakura bit down on his lip tasting blood, as he filled her. It was something Sakura never thought she'd be sharing with Gaara, of all people. He moved a few more times before collapsing, panting, on top of her. Sakura grimaced at their bodies as they stuck together. Gaara gasped for air, as his teeth went to her neck and he bit down. Sakura gasped at the sudden pain, but it slowly vanished and Gaara licked the mark, gently, grazing it with his hot mouth. They laid there in silence simply enjoying the reality of their actions, Gaara finally rolled off of Sakura, placing her on top of his body, exiting her and letting her rest. He enjoyed watching her sleep, he watched over the mark, watching it form and take shape. His mark, if another were ever to come near her, they would smell it and know whom she belonged too. Gaara smirked at the thought of Naruto trying to hug his mate.

The sun slowly rose up in the sky as Gaara remained motionless in bed, listening to the steady rise and fall of his lover beside him. She slowly stirred as her green eyes sparkled looking at him.

"Hey." She whispered stroking his chest as Gaara gave her a quick kiss. He gave her a curt nod indicating he was listening. It hurt for her to talk. Gaara stroked her throat, as Sakura grinned. "Last night was amazing, Gaara." She whispered voice breaking every now and then. She blushed as she looked at their discharged clothes on the ground. She then looked back up at him something glistening in her eyes. Gaara smiled not able to believe that he held her attention. She was his angel, his mate, and his life. He vowed to protect her. He would love and cherish his Cherry Blossom for all eternity. The moment was so peaceful. Gaara did not believe such moments could ever exist for him. These kinds of moments never lasted long ,not with a lover like Sakura. He watched asSakura parted her lips licking them, he prepared himself for whatever question she was sure to ask.

"Can we do it again?"

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