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Daughter of the Blood Trailer

-Camera pans across the barren landscape of an island in black and white, where a little girl sits on a rocky outcrop. She opens her hands, and a brilliantly colored butterfly flies out across the screen.-

Voiceover: For thousands of years, the Realms have been waiting for the next Witch.

Lucivar, outside the slave pens in Pruul.

Lucivar: Just once, I'd like to serve a Queen I could respect, someone I could truly believe in. A strong Queen who wouldn't fear my strength. A Queen I could also call a friend.

-Jaenelle drops from the Winds beside him.-

Jaenelle: Hello?

Lucivar: You're a spitting little cat, aren't you? What's your name?

Jaenelle: Jaenelle.

Lucivar: I think Cat suits you just as well.

-Daemon and Cassandra at Cassandra's Altar.-

Cassandra: The girl means everything to us, Prince, and she means nothing to you.

Daemon: Nothing? Do you think that someone like me, having lived as I've lived, being what I am, would destroy the one person he's been looking for his whole life? Do you think me such a fool I don't recognize what she is, what she'll become? She's magic, Cassandra. A single flower blooming in an endless desert.

A girl of great power...

-Jaenelle dumps all her Jewels onto Saetan's desk.-

-Everything in Saetan's study comes flying towards Saetan and Jaenelle.-

Jaenelle: Stop stop stop!

And vulnerability,

-Jaenelle, dirt-covered and sobbing, floats up to Daemon's window, and Daemon attempts to comfort her.-

Daemon: What- Who?

Jaenelle: Rose, he killed my friend Rose.


-Jaenelle and Daemon enter the garden alcove. Jaenelle indicates a bed of witchblood.-

Jaenelle: Did you know that if you sing to them correctly, they'll tell you the names of the ones who are gone?

Daemon: No. I didn't know.

Jaenelle: Well, they can. As long as Chaillot stands above the sea, the ones they were planted for won't be forgotten. And someday the blood debt will be paid in full.

And innocence.

-Saetan takes Jaenelle to the gate between the Realms. The wall behind the altar turns to mist.-

Jaenelle: Ooohh. Why's it doing that?

Saetan: It's a Gate.

Jaenelle: A Gate?

Saetan: A Gate between the Realms.

Jaenelle: Ooohh.

An extraordinary child.

-Surreal meets Daemon and Jaenelle in the Angelline Gardens.-

Jaenelle: Titian sends her love.

Surreal: But… Titian is dead.

Jaenelle: I know.

Some would do anything for her.

-Tersa traces a triangle on Daemon's hand.-

Tersa: Father cut to Saetan… Brother cut to Lucivar… Lover cut to Daemon. The father came first.

Daemon: He usually does.

Tersa: The Lover is the Father's mirror. The Brother stands between.

Some don't understand her.

-Phillip and Jaenelle at the Angelline Estate.-

Phillip: Jaenelle, we're not doing this to be cruel. You're a sick little girl, and we want to help you get better.

Jaenelle: I'm not sick.

Phillip: Yes, you are. You can't tell the difference between make-believe and the real world.

And some would destroy her.

-A meeting between Dorothea, Hekatah, and Greer.-

Dorothea: Promise Sadi 100 years of freedom if he kills the child – 100 years for him and the Eyrien.

Now, she is in great danger.

-Tersa and Daemon in the park in Draega.-

Tersa: The chalice is cracking.

-Jaenelle locked in a pen at Briarwood.-

Jaenelle: Nooo!

-Screen flashes black.-

Fiery white writing on black screen: Daughter of the Blood. Coming soon to theatres.

-Writing fades to leave an image of a mist-shrouded crystal chalice. As the chalice cracks and implodes, it too fades to reveal Daemon and Tersa in the park in Draega. Tersa disappears on the Winds. Daemon looks around for her, but she is gone. Her voice drifts back towards him.-

Tersa: She has come….

-Daemon leans against a tree in frustration. The tree dies instantly, its leaves turning to green powder that sprinkles down onto his suit. Screen goes black.-