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Ryuichi paced back and forth in his living room. Kumagoro was sitting on the couch watching his troubled friend. Finally fed up, the pink stuffed animal asked his friend what was wrong. Ryuichi stopped pacing and sighed, "Oh, Kuma. I don't know what to do. I can't make it go away."

Can't make what go away? Kuma asked.

"This feeling in my stomach. It only happens sometimes, but I don't know why," Ryuichi replied. Fear struck the singer and he rushed over to Kuma with wide eyes and knelt in front of the bunny. "You don't think I'm sick do you?"

Kuma boped Ryuichi lightly on the head and said No silly, you're not getting sick. How else do you feel?

"Well," Ryuichi thought, "I get hot and cold, there's a tingly feeling in my body, and I get happy and sad all at the same time."

Kuma thought hard and asked When do you get this feeling?

Ryuichi looked confused a little and then replied, "When I'm with Tatsuha-kun."

Kuma laughed and Ryuichi asked, "What's so funny na no da?

Kuma replied Ryu, you're in love with Tatsuha.

Ryuichi's eyes got big and he looked at Kuma and said, "Kuma, you're so smart!"

Kuma just sat there and smiled.

Ryuichi jumped up and turned back into his happy, carefree self after such a serious conversation and went to go get ready for the party at Yuki and Shuichi's. When he was ready to go, he grabbed Kuma and called Tohma to come and pick him up. The ride over was mostly silent, save for a few comments from Kuma and Ryuichi, confusing Tohma.

They arrived at Yuki's house and got out of the car.

"Now Kuma, remember what I said, we're not going to tell anyone, not even Shuichi, na no da."

Alright, Kuma replied.

Tohma shook his head in confusion and proceeded to ring the doorbell. All three stood and waited until the door opened.

"Ah, come in Tohma and Sakuma-san," Tatsuha said, with a slight tinge of pink on his cheeks.

Ryuichi froze in front of the door.

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