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What lingers in the eye, shall not always remain within the heart


"Prince, Princess. You must get inside."

Flames spurred from each hand, one a dull orange, the other such a vibrant shade it had no true color yet hinted towards the legendary blue flames. Like a blur of designs they snaked around each other as if the sun and moon were battling one another, the arrogant leading male, the sneaky underhanded female, the balanced cycle never proclaiming a true winner, never leaving one behind in the dust to die. As if the two were being mocked by the cosmos, forced into this epically long battle..

His hand was out to strike her, inches from her cheek; her flaming foot was bared in position and already nearing his own legs to trip him...

"You are in danger."

They froze instantly, both trembling slightly as the adrenaline raced through them, causing the flames to increase then lower as if in mourning of the battle ending. It was Azula who relaxed first, for she turned sharply on the guard who had come to them, her hand on her hip.

"What are you talking about?" she said sharply, her tone always nearly cruel to the workers of their home.

Zuko lowered his position slowly and calmly, taking a few deeper breaths to settle his racing heart, still pounding furiously from the hope of beating his sister in a fight. She was better than him at Firebending, yes, but it seemed that slowly he was gaining on her. He would never be a Blue-flamed fighter, that he knew, but his martial ability may one day make up for his lack of fire power...

His hands cooled slowly, yet still he felt that burning pulse at his palms- the chakra there still as hot as lava. There were never cool, the power that flooded through them could never be tamed.

"You are both in danger. Guards outside reported an intruder at the main gate. He has made his way inside. Your father commanded that both of you be taken to the safe place." Of course he was referring to the underground chamber made of metal with only torches bearing flames. No other element but fire. Nearly invincible.

"Intruder? That's it? Bah, we'll take him. Let me guess...he's a puny Earth-bender who wants to be a martyr for his people.." She snorted, sneering at the idea.

Zuko was silent, golden eyes flickering to the walls around the courtyard they stood in. Easy to scale, a perfect entrance- Zuko knew from experience how simple it could be to sneak into the castle. It was something of little worry...for very few people dared to enter the domain of the Fire Nation. But to come in by the Main Entrance, and even more astonishing, to get past the guards when they're aware of him?

"How did he get past the guards?" Zuko asked suddenly.

The guard motioned for them to follow and sullenly Azula did so, Zuko immediately coming to the guard's side, eager for his question answered.

"He killed the guards."

Zuko's eyes widened, and even Azula seemed surprised. "We must hurry," he continued. "The guards are searching for him now."

"Why can't we fight?" Azula asked sharply. "We're more powerful than all the guards put together! I could take him easily!"

"Princess, this is more than just a mere intrusion. We have reason to believe this is an assassination attempt on your lives."

Azula's eyes narrowed. "Even better." Without a second word she spun on her heel quickly darting away down the hall and towards the Main Entrance.

"Princess!" the guard cried, obviously terrified that should anything happen to her, it would be his head. Zuko shot him only a momentary glance before taking off as well.

He caught up to her quickly, the pair running side by side through the decorated halls and from the screams of the guard, pleas for them to return. Both wore the same eyes, flawless golden eyes narrowed in determination, matched with thin lines for lips.

There were yells and cries, agony rippling through some of them, anger flooding through others. The hall was illuminated by bright flames as they skidded around a corner, coming into view of the sight. Narrowed eyes widened.

Bodies lay everywhere. Some bleeding, some burnt. Some unconscious. Some dead.

There was a swarm of flames and fighters, all surrounded around a single figure. Only a little more than half the size of a single guard, the fighter moved with the grace and poise of a cat, yet the viciousness of a serpent, constantly striking powerful blow after blow. Donning Fire Nation clothing, he wore the armor of a soldier with the blaring emblem in perfect view of all. A single blade was in her hands, traced in flames as he wound it through the air decorating the sky with smoke from burning flesh.

Over the face rested a mask, a dragon's face snarling openly with fangs gleaming and preparing to sink into its victim, scalding red eyes and the most disturbing hate-filled expression.

Then it hit Zuko. This assassin was a Firebender. Of all people he'd expect to attempt to murder them...he never once thought it would be one of his own people.

Azula charged in, her bright flames causing the guards to move aside instantly. The battle became a duel and though Zuko's hands were quickly alight with flames, he did not charge in.

"Bastard.." Azula hissed, sending a wave of flames towards the assassin.

"Bitch," he replied, his voice so flooded with anger it sounded inhuman as he dodged the flames and swiped forward with his blade.

Astonishing. He could keep up with Azula.

Suddenly a streak of flames soared through the air in a burning bolt, striking into the armored attacker and sending him flying against a wall. The shoulder was singed, the uniform burnt away to reveal smoldering skin, burnt and smoking.

"Seize him." Zuko turned, eyes falling upon the General, whose hand was outstretched towards the assassin.

Azula was fuming, so much that her hands were still on fire. At the sight, Zuko's were quickly cooled. "How dare you mock the Fire-Nation? You traitor!" The guards pulled the smoldering and weak creature to his feet and his knees buckled, almost sending him flying to the ground.

There was a soft sound, a murmur, and Azula's face twisted into misunderstanding. Moving forward, she was inches from the attacker.

Her voice was low, dangerous. "What did you say?"

The attacker lifted his dragon-masked face towards her. There was a pause, and then he spoke in a curt, clear, and calm voice.


In a fit of rage Azula moved forward and with a flaming hand smacked the mask clean off his face.

There was silence..the only sound being that of the mask falling to the ground with a metallic clang.

"Surprised..?" the attacker murmured, amusement at the edges of the cold but hateful voice. A pair of golden eyes, tinted red with anger and not unlike the smoldering eyes of the mask, were narrowed. Copper hair hung down, some hanging into the sweaty face, the rest falling down over the shoulders in a long braid.

The assassin was a girl. No older than Zuko.

Azula's eyes narrowed instantly. "Bitch.." she said softly. "Traitor."

The girl began to laugh. "Traitor?" The laughter continued until one of the soldiers slapped her sharply and even then she simply hung her face angled downwards to stare at the smoldering wound. Copper hair hid her expression for a long moment before she raised her head back to them, the strands falling over her face like a thin curtain, designed to shield her from their harsh gazes, but not them from hers. For a moment those amber eyes rested on Azula, but then they moved onto Zuko and remained there..

Her gaze was so harsh. Powerful, it caused Zuko to feel the urge to shrink back into nothing- it was as if her eyes could see each horrible thought in his twisted soul. Yet he didn't move, meeting her eyes with his own not confidently, but forcefully.

"The Fire Nation will fall.." she said with a snarl before spitting on the ground before Azula's feet.

"Kill her." The General's command was harsh and the guards yanked their prisoner away, dragging her. Zuko turned, lowering his eyes to the ground before looking up at his sister. Anger was replaced by satisfaction.

"And to think Father believed we couldn't handle ourselves.." she said smugly as she walked by Zuko.

He blinked, attempting to rid the burning amber eyes from his mind. And just as the sight faded, a shriek ripped through the room causing them to burn with renewed ferocity.

"I am Dragonfire! And I will never die!"

- - - - - - -

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