Your whispers send excited chills down my spine

You, like the wind, are intangible, unseen,

Yet you're always there, inside my mind.

You're always there, and always have been.

Intangible guardian, sing me to sleep

Your lullabies are a soothing balm to the pain of strife,

And carry me closer to the infinite, the deep,

And help me go beyond myself, to transcend life.

Oh, angel surely you must be,

Masked in all your hidden mystery

Why prevent yourself from being free,

Since freedom is what you have granted me?

I hear your voice, I almost see you,

But you are so subtly sensed, I wonder if I dream.

How can you be so silent, so secret in all you do?

How can you be not mystical, as you seem?

Oh, wondrous angel, beautiful, fair,

Show to me your true form!

It is not wind or shadow that warns me, "beware"

And hides me in its safe and sacred warm,

But it is you, my thorned rose,

My ghostly guardian, my sweetest protector,

Who sings to me that madrigal so morose,

Yet sweet as a young spring flower's nectar.

Some may think I have an imagination too rich,

And perhaps my senses are doubly deceived.

Yet, when I see that brush of black as dark as pitch,

A gleam of white in the night—I know it is you, and my soul is well relieved.